Weekly roundup

Public Service Announcement: Your Mom told you not to sit too close to the TV!

Reality changes minds: Ohio State Representative changes positions on gun control after being confronted by a gun-wielding criminal.  Note: Changing your mind just because it now benefits you isn’t necessarily good; changing it because you are exposed to new facts you hadn’t considered before can be good.

Keith Green was a Christian music artist with a real passion for Jesus.  He died in a plane crash a couple decades ago.  I came across these this week: Bananas for Jesus and Keith Green on divorce.

In yet another proof that it is good to maintain a degree of humility when drawing conclusions from the current body of scientific knowledge, it turns out that junk DNA isn’t junk after all.   

Pro-Darwinian evolutionist Ken Miller had previously stated:

. . . the designer made serious errors, wasting millions of bases of DNA on a blueprint full of junk and scribbles. Evolution, in contrast, can easily explain them as nothing more than failed experiments in a random process…

I’m sure he’s busy updating his textbooks as I write.

School board finds gay gene even though scientists cannot.  One school offers special protections to gays but not to ex-gays. 

Of course the real problem here is bullying, which is wrong in all its forms. We don’t need special anti-bullying laws for gays, ex-gays, the obese, the smart, the dumb, etc. Just simple no tolerance rules that are enforced equally. Otherwise you get into ridiculous scenarios like the ones above.

What rules apply to someone like “Lyle, the effeminate heterosexual” (a former SNL skit where Dana Carvey played a straight guy everyone – including his family – thought was gay) – the anti-gay bullying rules or the anti-regular person bullying rules?

These groups don’t just want to stop bullying. There are more effective ways to do that. They are trying to normalize perversions, entice kids and silence anyone who disagrees with them.

12 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Re: Reality changing minds. It’s called education and enlightenment. ;) It would be sad if we were to retain the views we had as, say, teenagers (unless, of course, you are Tieki Rae).

    The problem with specialised protection is that it, like all enumerated protections, will always exclude certain groups who may be in need of it. I was often bullied in high school, mostly for getting good grades and for being a varsity track runner (albiet one with an odd stride – except that, if you’re into the physiology of running, is incredibly efficient). What groups would I fall into? Overachieving underpronators? Sorry, that’s not on the list, so deal with it?

  2. Neil:

    As always, thanks for the gems above. I love the PSA and pic. The same can be said for our household. BTW, thanks for the e-mails. I will check my account more frequently than I do and make every effort to respond in a timely fashion.
    Since reading your blog (late March) my Bible reading and devotion time has increased and more importantly, has been more consistent. I also began a fitness routine that coincided with a post of yours and a conversation with a group of “brothers” that I meet weekly with for Bible study. I began at 245lbs and presently am at 220lbs. I have read and enjoyed the offerings of blogs and other resources that you link. Thank you for all of the above! May you and your family have a great weekend, and Happy Father’s Day!


    I love your sense of humor! “Overacheiving underpronators” had me guffawing. I can’t wait to share that with my Orthopedic friends.


  3. Hi Joseph – thanks so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

    And congratulations on dropping 25 lbs.! Have you visited Total Transformation’s site? He’s been going through a similar process. http://totaltransformation.wordpress.com/ You must have some good tips to share.

    Blessings to you and your family, and happy Father’s Day!

  4. That first story in particular hacks me off!

    Just anther example of politicians expecting us plebes to take what they give us… Until they get a taste, that is!

  5. You’re right on with the last item. Since when did we get the idea that being rude to some groups was worse than being rude to others. Being mean is just being mean. If I call a homosexual an offensive term, that is un-Christian not because I used “hate speech” but because I am simply being mean to others.

  6. Good articles.
    I liked Keith Green on divorce. People should actually get that information before marriage. I married with the idea that divorce was not an option. There have certainly been rough times, and there may be more. But I thank God every day for my wonderful wife, and for giving me the strength to stick through the tough times.

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