Weekly roundup

Ten reasons we believe the Bible – Thorough but readable summary on why you can trust the Bible.

Rising illegitimacy rate tied to legalized abortion – counter-intuitive, but true.

A series of responses to “god is not Great – How Religion Poisons Everything” by Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens is an “evangelical atheist” who is a sharp-tongued, bright guy who nevertheless makes one logical fallacy after another.  He is such a good debater that most people don’t catch them.  Mark Roberts does a great job in dissecting the book.

Then there’s Richard Dawkins, who thinks “we have got to look very carefully at the rights of parents-and whether they should have the right to indoctrinate their children.”

60 Second Review – Can We Trust the Gospels? – This is a terrific book – written by a brilliant scholar yet very readable.  It will give you a quick and fresh look as to why we can have so much confidence in the Gospels.

Pro-life views in cinema – there appear to be more “life affirming,” if not explicitly pro-life, movies coming out.  It included a quote from a NY Times writer that “because studies show “nearly two-thirds of unwanted pregnancies end in abortion,” these movies  “go out of their way to sidestep real life.”  Hmmmm . . . but 1/3 don’t end abortion – is that not real life?  And has the writer ever considered that just because something is in the majority that it isn’t ideal?

The Velvet Hammer had a great tip on BlogBackupOnline.  It is free and very easy to use.  You all do too much hard work on your posts to risk losing them.  Go back up now!  I’ll wait here.

2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Neat article on Pro-Life Blogs.

    I’ve been meaning to research the out-of-wedlock conception rate. These days, almost 40% of children are born out of wedlock; given how many are aborted, I would not be surprised if well over 50% of children are conceived to unmarried parents. This is especially strange, as (in theory) one spends more time married than single.

    Anyway… good roundup, as always. :)

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