This post is illegal in 52 countries

I’m not big on “Jesus junk,” but I like this t-shirt and wear it to work out sometimes.  It was a good conversation starter the other day when a guy asked me about it.  We briefly talked about the persecuted church and matters of faith and church in general.  He was looking for a church home so I invited him to visit ours.

From their web site:

Stop people in their tracks when they catch a glimpse of your T-shirt: “THIS SHIRT IS ILLEGAL IN 52 COUNTRIES.”

Wearing this unusual T-shirt will cause others to consider the cost of following Christ for Christians around the world.

The front of this T-shirt also states “Restricted Nations: 38″ and “Hostile Areas: 14.” On the back, Romans 1:16 proclaims, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel…”

Countless Christians risk their jobs, health, property and lives each day for the cause of the Gospel.  Check out Voice of the Martyrs for more information on the persecuted church.

Hebrews 13:3 Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

25 thoughts on “This post is illegal in 52 countries

  1. Just ordered my shirt, I am looking forward to wearing it to Sunday School class. The Olympics made my class think I am exaggerating what Christians are exposed to in some parts of the World.

  2. Great idea – I hope that generates some good discussions. Randy Alcorn’s “Safely Home” novel offers a great perspective on persecution in China.

    • The Following 53 countries and 2 areas are considered as hostel or restricted:
      •South America (3)
      Chiapas, Mexico
      •Africa (13)
      •Europe (1)
      •Asia (37+2, including the Middle East)
      Sri Lanka
      Burma (Myanmar)
      Mindanao (Philippines)
      North Korea
      •Middle East (21+1)
      United Arab Emirates
      Saudi Arabia
      Gaza and the West Bank*

      *Areas marked with an (*) are not countries
      Source:The Voice of the Martyrs

      • I think you mean “hostile.” A “hostel” is essentially a cheap, no frills dorm-style motel for traveling students.

        Sorry to nitpick…

      • The bible is NOT BANNED IN any stretch of imagination. I am a practicing catholic, Bibles are distributed on street corners, kept in hotel rooms, sold at ALL bookshops. More easily available in India then even the US ( and I have stayed there so I know how hard it is to buy a bible in one sells them) This is really just a list that is passed on from idiot to idiot without anyone bothering to check and just promotes some sort of fake persecution and is extremely narrow minded with no checking of actual facts!!

      • Leon, I think you might have misunderstood something. The claim was not that the Bible is illegal there. But there is certainly persecution — in some areas more than others.

  3. But dude, the Bible isn’t illegal in most of those countries at all, even a little bit. They print their own and distribute them openly. I thought Christians believed in being honest? In many of the countries where it is supposedly illegal, the “persecution of Christians” amount to a few nut cases who hate their neighbors. You might as well say that it’s illegal to own a Koran in Georgia, going by those standards. I mean, it’s simply a complete blatant deliberate lie. Does that not even slightly bother you? God cares about honesty, even if you don’t. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian. Spreading lies for kicks is not okay.

    You believe the Bible is illegal in Egypt? Do you have any idea how many Christians live there and worship openly? They’re about 15% of the population. You believe it’s illegal in Nigeria, where 50% of the population is Christian? In Ethiopia and Colombia, both Christian nations? In Malaysia? I’ve lived in Malaysia, there is no persecution of Christians there, unless you count the fact that Muslims get a minor tax break. I mean, if that’s persecution, bring it on. Please get a sense of reality. There are probably two or three countries left in the world where the Bible is still illegal. It might be interesting to know which ones they are, but this is just ridiculous disinformation, and everyone involved should be embarrassed at their own thundering ignorance.

    You might as well have a t-shirt with a picture of a kitten saying “This kitten is illegal in 52 countries.” Wow, it would be shocking if it were true, but it’s so not true that you’re just making a fool of yourself. Surely someone has told you this?

    • Please re-read the post and note that I never claimed the Bible was illegal. Please do some more research on Christian persecution before commenting again.

      Oh, and go to those countries and pass out Bibles and encourage people to convert.

    • We spend so much money as a nation to teach literacy and reading comprehension, and yet in some cases. it’s not enough…

    • I’m a bit surprised by some of the entries myself (Chiapas? Ethopia? Belarus?), but I did notice that the majority of the nations on the list are either Muslim-majority or communist.

      The communist consider Christianity a threat to the integrity of their social or political structure (China, Cuba, and North Korea would highlight THAT list); communist countries have always been notorious Christian-haters. It’s completely at-odds with what they believe.

      Muslim-majority countries aren’t noted for religious tolerance. Saudi Arabia and most other parts of the Middle East is particularly bad on this count. Passing out Bibles is a jail sentence there; conversion away from Islam is a death sentence. Egypt is another example; the Coptic Christians living there have been harassed and killed by the government for decades.

      It is true that there are *some* Christians living in all of those nations (Gaza for example is said to have around 300 Catholics, and about 15% of self-identified Palestinians are in fact Christian), but I’d wager the majority of them conduct their worship activity “underground,” not openly like in Westernized countries.

      Interestingly, there are also Jews living in Iran, but not many, and I’ll bet that they don’t build synagogues in Tehran like they would in New York City.

      I did notice that the list included a big handful of the ex-Soviet Muslim countries in central/Southern Asia (Kazakhstan, etc) but not Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, or the three Baltic states. Russia also didn’t make the list, interestingly.

    • WOW…..before you start slamming this dude, maybe you should look at what the website he refers to says….it has a map of the world with “restricted” and “hostile” nations. Where the shirt may emphasize “illegal” if you look at the map, it clearly defines each individual place as either restricted or hostile, which I’m sure is probably true. Restricted means limited, not illegal.

  4. I’m so saddened by the way some of us speak to eachother..whether or not we are right about the statistics, we should speak to echother with love and respect. We all want to learn more but we will never know all there is to know because things are always changing. Please let’s not speak in a hostile manner to eachother…Jesus is watching an listening. There will be a time when we are all held accountable for our actions including our words and intentions.
    Be nice :)

  5. I am Christian, but in fact, Both Atheists and Christians insults against me. Atheists insults me for that I being a Christian, and Christians insults me for that I being a weak Christian. If I am not a Christian but they still insults against me anyway. When I am a Christian, they will force me to be a person suitable for Jesus and to stay away from other religions and everything, because if I reject Jesus I will go to Hell forever.

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