False teacher on Palin

The “Reverend” Chuck Currie wrote this post about Sarah Palin, which contains the lie that she “slashed” spending for teen moms when the truth was that she approved a three-fold increase.  She merely reduced the original request, which was more like a four-fold increase.  (Chuck is the false teacher who believes the opposite of Jesus on countless issues, including the teaching repeated one hundred times in the New Testament that Jesus is the only way to salvation).

Anyone in business who would call such an increase a “slash” would be rightly laughed out of the room.  Unlike the fantasy world of liberal theologians and politicians, funds are always limited and tough decisions have to be made. 

Let’s say Chuck’s church committees all ask for 400% increases in their budget, but Chuck can only afford 300%.  Then you could say he slashed giving across the board, right?

My guess is that he knew about the distortions it contained but wrote it anyway.  Even so, he refused to be corrected when someone pointed out the obvious math errors in the comments section and again after someone showed how even the recipient of the funds denied the allegations!  He stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the facts.

Here’s what Chuck said:

Sarah Palin is a hypocrite.

The Governor says that she is pro-life but that apparently only extends to fetuses in the womb.  Once babies are born and young mothers are in need the last person who they should turn to help from is Sarah Palin.

As I have written about separately, pro-lifers do much after kids are born but are under no obligation to do so.  You can protest spouse and child abuse without being obligated to marry all the women and raise all the kids to adulthood.  Still, pro-lifers do much to help with their own money and time.

What is sad but not surpising is Chuck’s concession that he doesn’t care about those in the womb.  If someone tries to crush and dismember a toddler, is Sarah Palin oppsed to that?  Yes, she opposes killing the innocent regardless of their location.  But the good reverend offers no protections to the unborn.

The New Times reports on how she cut funding recently for programs meant to help babies and young mothers:

“Our house is full, help us build a new home,” proclaims the Web site for Covenant House Alaska, a program that helps younger people, including teenage mothers. The Alaska legislature decided to allocate $5 million in building funds, but Gov. Sarah Palin cut that to $3.9 million with a line-item veto in June….

…the lost $1.1 million may delay a $22 million project to expand an emergency shelter, which is open 24 hours a day and provides food, counseling, medical care and a place to sleep for troubled youths ages 13 to 20 years old. Some teenagers later move on to transitional housing, including Passage House, which serves young mothers with babies.

The group is also banking on money from the state to help leverage private donations.

Since he is so concerned about these teens, I wonder how much of his own money Chuck donated?

John McCain and Sarah Palin want to take away a women’s right to make her own health care decisions. 

Complete the sentence, Chuck: She wants to take away a “woman’s right to make her own health care decisions” that involve destroying her unborn child.

Palin has been clear that she is opposed to sex education for teenagers. 

Another distortion on Chuck’s part, but we’ll save that for another time.

The bottom line is this:  Palin is pro-life until the child is born and then she is willing to throw that life away. 

No, here’s the real bottom line: Chuck is lying and he knows it.  He is pro-abortion and proud of it, yet calls himself a Christian pastor.  He is willing to let that life be literally destroyed and thrown away.  And he is so wrapped up in his politics that he is willing to lie to get Obama elected.

Fact: Palin approved a dramatic increase in this funding, and Chuck denies that even when corrected.  He said this in the comments section:

Palin cut funds for kids when she had a chance to make a difference. Supporting teen mothers and other young girls out of the streets is one of the most important things we can do but Palin doesn’t seem to agree.


I think Obama would be a horrible President but I don’t spread lies about him.  For example, I think he misspoke recently when noting his “Muslim faith.”  I don’t think he’s a closet Muslim (I don’t think he’s a Christian, either, but that’s another topic).  But I don’t run around pushing a story that is questionable.

But keep the lies coming, “Reverend.”  More attention for Palin is great for the Republicans, especially when your accusations are so transparently false.

BTW, here’s a recent list of the lies and the truth about Palin.  Yes, the lies are spreading rapidly but I think people are onto the MSM (at least 51% appeared to be so in a poll last week) and the Obama campaign.  I think they’ll start to filter out the new lies more quickly.

19 thoughts on “False teacher on Palin

  1. Good job here Neil. I keep asking for a retraction from Chuck, but he is in denial….soon he will have to start deleting my comments (again).

    Anytime a social gospelist suggests they are pro choice, and care for the unborn as much as the born I like to give them this suggestion:

    Since we agree that life in the womb is important AND that life after birth is important, lets cut Planned Parenthoods funding of $300 million a year and give it to the impoverished living. This would prevent PP from advertising, lowering abortion and give money to the living. PP is plenty profitable anyways, lets use Gods resource wisely and prioritize accordingly.

    I look forward to reading your posts (Im an apologetics freak).

    Grace and Peace

    Funny, I never get any response back.

  2. Thanks, Bret.

    Chuck wrote this on a piece he did attacking Jews for Jesus. It is typical of him and exposes that whatever his views are, they aren’t Biblical Christianity. They are something he made up and calls Christianity. You can’t take the OT or the NT seriously and make claims like this.

    Are non-Christians doomed to the fires of hell for their lack of faith in Jesus? No. I can say that Jesus is the truth and the light and feel confident that I’m hearing God’s word. However, God is obviously bigger than human understanding and I feel confident that God speaks through many religious traditions. Christians have as much to learn from other faiths as we have to share.

  3. Neal, I had a friend who was a Republican since 1972 but changed to Democrat because he was so upset that Palin was selected as VP.

    He sent me emails which supposedly had Palin saying racists remarks. I don’t want to post that because it’s from a source that I can’t confirm.

    What I’m wondering, does Palin have a site that debunks these rumors, similar to what Obama has? I’d rather send this info directly to her camp to see how they respond.

  4. Chuck Currie is the UCC’s go to false teacher.
    He is wrong on every corner he turns as you pointed out Neil.

    When liberal gays and feminists whine about how conservatives are not feeding the hungry and breaking their neck trying to solve all the social justice issues in the world, I put them to a simple test.

    Please cite the last time you personally handled one of these areas when there was no TV camera around.

    All of a sudden they get really humble and dont want to tell what they have “done”. Right. Sure.

    Currie moans about troubled teens. The “troubled teens” need to go back to their families and stop getting in trouble and causing troubling. Then they wouldnt need to allocate 5.5 million dollars to house and feed them. For 5.5 million being at “troubled teen” looks really inviting.

    Stop feeding the problem super sized ice cream sandwiches Currie and become a solution.

  5. Hey Carlotta, what is the friend’s source for the rumor? Is it a credible source? You know I hate to say it but us black folk can get so bent out of shape about racism, but we allow people to denigrate our Christian faith and we get deep and spiritual to the point only “letting God handle it”. I hope he isnt using that as a smoke screen to jump to Temple of Obama Worldwide Christian/Muslim oops Cult.

  6. “Gosh, I keep spelling your name like my nephew’s. Sorry!”

    Hi Carlotta – don’t worry, it takes a lot more than that to offend me. As long as you don’t start it with a “k” I don’t mind.

    “He sent me emails which supposedly had Palin saying racists remarks.”

    This site debunks some of the rumors, but even with as many awful things that they have made up or exaggerated I hadn’t seen that one – http://www.stoptheaclu.com/archives/2008/09/07/the-swift-skirting-of-sarah-palin/ They have so consistently struck out and distorted things just like Currie did that I don’t know why anyone would give them the benefit of the doubt.

  7. GCM – great comments and very well said. I’ll let you write the next post!

    Good idea, that is a handy test for them. They are usually quite skilled at spending other people’s money at the point of a gun (it isn’t robbery if the gov’t does it at the point of a gun and calls it taxes, right?) while releasing endorphins and telling themselves how charitable they are.

    It is also good to ask the pro-legalized-abortion Christians if they support Crisis Pregnancy Centers. After all, the centers are not involved in politics, they just help them women make a better “choice” and provide lots of goods, services and training in their time of need. We also share the Gospel with all clients who are interested in hearing it, and there is no coercion.

    i’m still waiting to find a pro-legalized-abortion Christian who donates to CPCs.

    What I have consistently found is that they are in lockstep with the Planned Parenthood types and they consider CPCs the enemy.

  8. This is not a political blog so I will focus on the good Reverend Chuck Currie’s comments only.

    It sure is funny how so many have focused on this cut as an example of hypocrisy when it actually is a great example of good stewardship. She gave a significant increase but not the entire amount requested. That is what executives do. It is easy to throw darts from the outside when you do not have to meet a budget.

    Somehow, I suspect Mr. Currie does exactly the same thing when people make requests to his church. I doubt everybody who asks gets the full amount requested. Is that heartlessness on his part? Hypocrisy?

    I find it amazing that so many who attack Sarah Palin seem to either demonstrate their own faults or her strengths or both.



  9. Neil thats the libs biggest and loudest gun: so called hypocrisy of the conservatives not to mention their so-called unconcern for the suffering of the poor masses.

    What a sham. The simple test I suggested (if you could get them to be honest) would prove that the wolf cries of hypocrisy are nothing but attention deflectors off themselves. People like Currie spend the majority of their time whining about conservatives not caring when the truth is, they dont care.

    Ask Currie when is the last time he took some food to a poor black family in the ghetto.

  10. Well said Neil. The liberals in my area have been playing this card for years, claiming that because they didn’t get as large of a budget increase as they wanted, somehow that is a budget cut. If I asked my parents to raise my $10/week allowance to $20/week, and they responded by raising it to $15/week, and I claimed they cut it by $5/week, they probably would have backhanded me across the room, and cut my allowance to nothing – and rightfully so!


  11. GCM, it was the “Sambo” rumor that Bret rightly figured I was talking about that.

    It was so slanderous that I refused to write the word until I found out about it. I’ve already sent my friend one of the many links that debunked it:


    Because he had a waitress’ name and restaurant I thought there might be some validity to it, but I just didn’t trust it and glad I didn’t.

    According to these articles, it appears that the waitress was even made up! Wow, the Obama camp is very desperate – and the looks at the latest polls I can see why!

    and Neil:

    “Gosh, I keep spelling your name like my nephew’s. Sorry!”

    Hi Carlotta – don’t worry, it takes a lot more than that to offend me. As long as you don’t start it with a “k” I don’t mind.

    LOL! Don’t worry, I won’t!

  12. Jeff, can you expand on that? Did you find something here that was mischaracterized or a partial truth? I’d be glad to address any specific objections that you have, but as it stands your comment doesn’t say much.

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