Here are couple must-reads by Ms. Green

Not-so-nice laundry list of Obama’s foreign affairs mistakes.  And he’s just getting started!

The “Day of Silence” is going national:

There is a resolution before Congress asking the federal government and all public schools to officially recognize and celebrate the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s Day of Silence and its pernicious goals, which extend far beyond the elimination of bullying.

As I’ve said before, here’s the only anti-bullying message you need to give to all kids, and then enforce: If you physically or verbally harass other students on or off school grounds you will have swift and serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are bullying because they are gay / straight / fat / thin / smart / dumb / pretty / ugly / etc., or if it is just because you are a jerk. Zero tolerance. Training over. Now go to class and learn something.

It is all part of the gay agenda.  And yes, there really is a well documented gay agenda, and the movement’s leaders and their accomplices in the media and in liberal churches are executing it quite well. 

Hat tip: Marshall Art

Excellent and thorough analysis of the William Lane Craig / Christopher Hitchens debate about God

Birth control still not terribly effective: “More than half of Australian women who unexpectedly get pregnant are either on the pill or using condoms at the time, a survey has found.”  But don’t worry, Planned Parenthood will let you buy an abortion when their birth control fails.

A very thorough and revealing list of what many scientists have had to say about science.

4 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. Neil, You found some interesting stuff. I liked the thing about birth control it made me think when you try to change want God has established you can’t be successful at it. One of the purposes of sex is procreation trying to change that does not work, with out a cost. I like the article about the Satan and evil, it’s a topic must people don’t want to address.

  2. Neil,

    I agree with your anti-bullying message. Well put. people are mean to each other period. They will always find something wrong with you. Your too tall, too skinny, too smart, too stupid, too macho, too gay, etc. Bullying is wrong …
    Zero tolerance. Training over. Now go to class and learn something.

  3. Good wording on the “bullying training.”

    Hard to even get a discussion going these days on whether these things (day of silence, same sex marriage, etc) are good…just raising a question or announcing skepticism can draw considerable ire.

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