Sotomayar the Conservative?

Verum Serum brings up a good point, noting that ¡Olé! Sotomayor Hearings Have Advanced Conservatism.  After all, if our ideals for judging weren’t sound why did she strain so hard to sound like a judicial conservative? 

Why didn’t she say that instead of picking people who can interpret the law properly, judges should be chosen based on President Obama’s standards?

We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.    (Barrack Obama, pre-election)

Why did her views agree with the McCain supporters from this pre-election Rasmussen poll instead of the Obama supporters?

While 82% of voters who support McCain believe the justices should rule on what is in the Constitution, just 29% of Barack Obama’s supporters agree. Just 11% of McCain supporters say judges should rule based on the judge’s sense of fairness, while nearly half (49%) of Obama supporters agree.

From the link above:

But the fact that Sotomayor went out of her way to declare her absolute fidelity to the Law, and deference to Congress as the only legitimate law-making body under the Constitution, says something very important. It says that she needed to at least sound like a conservative in order to be confirmed. It says that fundamentally we are right, and that the majority of the public agrees with us, which from a political standpoint is even more important.

And in the process of sounding like John Roberts, Sotomayor directly refuted the President’s standard of empathy as a necessary or desired trait in judging. Of course it’s gratifying that she made the President look somewhat foolish over this. But more significantly, it will be that much harder for any future nominees to rely on “empathy” as justification for a progressive interpretation of the law. And I’d bet that we won’t hear the President speaking about this again either.

Why did she do a 180 from the video below?  All you need is 26 seconds to know that Sotomayar is unqualified:

This wasn’t some slip of the tongue or misstatement.  We should be charitable to anyone who makes an innocent misstatement and let them correct it.  But as one blogger put it, this was pure wink-wink-nudge-nudge.  She made no secret of how she really felt and the audience laughed along. 

Given her errors on the role of judges, she is not only unqualified to be a Supreme Court justice, she isn’t even qualified to judge a local dog show.  I mean that in the most literal sense.  Judges interpret laws, they don’t make them.  It couldn’t be more simple.



“And folks look, AARP knows and the people with me here today know, the president knows, and I know, that the status quo is simply not acceptable,” Biden said at the event on Thursday in Alexandria, Va. “It’s totally unacceptable. And it’s completely unsustainable. Even if we wanted to keep it the way we have it now. It can’t do it financially.”

“We’re going to go bankrupt as a nation,” Biden said.

“Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said. “The answer is yes, that’s what I’m telling you.”

The MSM and the ill-informed people who think we should “celebrate” Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidency should never stop apologizing to Sarah Palin.  Whatever she is, she is way better than Obama and/or Biden.  Whether it is their un-Constitutional economic efforts, their radical pro-abortion policies, their idiotic spending, their general corruption, etc., they are the worst. 

It is hard to imagine Biden saying something more stupid than he already has, yet here we are.


Randy Alcorn on fasting — talking about fasting always makes me hungry.  I really need to try this.

Albert Pujols is one of those guys who makes a consistently great witness for Christ.  I’ll pray that he keeps it up.

I know Steven Crowder’s Canada health care video has been around a lot but it is definitely worth watching.  And see the Wintery Knight’s comments as well.

Sarah Palin on Cap and Trade – good stuff. 

The ironic beauty in this plan? Soon, even the most ardent liberal will understand supply-side economics.

Saw this good reminder at the Humble Offerings (he was the primary encouragement to start my own blog, so blame him!)believerjerk

Emails from Chuck

After my last post that referred to Chuck Currie and some of his false teachings, he responded to an email containing one of my comments.  It became quite entertaining.   Seriously, I’d love to see him be honest and apologize someday.  I think it would do him good.  I wouldn’t gloat, I’d just accept it.  But some people won’t admit wrongdoing no matter what the evidence.  I see it all the time at work when the investigator on my team is interviewing suspects.  Once they are on record with a lie they’ll dig in their heels defending it despite overwhelming evidence against them.

It is good to remember what he’s like when he blasts Christians for being pro-real marriage and pro-life and saying that we need to repent of the sins of holding those positions.

You can click on the first link to see the original comments from him and me.  My last comment was this one, and the email thread takes off from there:

Hey “Rev.,”

Another option you have would be to actually address the claim in my post instead of just launching into your usual personal attacks.

Why is that you teach that Jesus is not the only way to salvation, especially when the NT teaches that truth about 100 times?

Why do you teach that we have as much to learn from other religions as they do from us, when the whole Bible couldn’t be more clear that you are wrong?

The email thread:


What happened to cause your heart to be so hard?  Really, let it go.  Let the hate and judgement go.   The love of Jesus is there for us all.  I don’t get the feeling that you’re a bad person but that you’ve somehow been hurt.  Life doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it.  Let the light in.


Chuck, you are too funny. It is almost as if you think that by sending these silly emails that I’ll say, “Golly, Chuck is so nice. Why did I think he was such a hypocritical liar?”

But of course you know that I know your little secret. You are a transparent liar and far too proud to admit it. When you were getting bested in a debate you took the easy way out and falsely accused me of leaving comments that were racist, sexist, homophobic and with offensive language. You thought you were so clever. After all, who would ever know you were lying . . . except you, me and God (the real one, not the one you teach about).

But as with great literature like the Telltale Heart, Crime and Punishment and MacBeth, I hope that you are haunted by your duplicity. Maybe then you’ll stop doing such things.

I am really a softy at heart. I’m quick to forgive. In fact, I forgave you of your sin of lying about me long ago. I just want to teach you a lesson so you won’t do it to someone else. It is that “love your neighbor” thing that I try to employ at all times – i.e., if I really love my neighbor I’ll try to prevent Chuck from libeling them.

You see, I focus on the real agape love that has the other person’s long term best interests at heart. I don’t worry about being popular and loved by the world, so I’m not afraid to tell the whole story about the real Jesus. I don’t use the fake kind of “love” that you do, where you tell people that abortions and homosexual behavior are OK, and where you think that it is generous of you to take other people’s money via taxes to fund your pet projects. I’m one of those old fashioned types who gives out of his own pocket.

You aren’t fooling me, Chuck. I can only surmise that you are trying to fool yourself.

Oh, and spare me the “Jesus talk.” We both know that you teach the opposite of what He does.


No, I really think you can be turned from the Dark Side.  You just haven’t let God into your heart yet


The “Dark Side?” Really now. Tell me then, how does repeated, unrepentant libel fit into the “bright side?”

And I didn’t realize it was a requirement to “let God into my heart.” Does Hinduism teach that? Islam? Etc.? You know, the religions that have as much to teach Christians as we have to learn from them? Got any verses for your assertion?

I am saved because I repented and believe that Jesus rose from the dead. I trust in him for my salvation. He is the only way.


All you offer is hate.  So opposite from Jesus.


Did Jesus have anything to say about lying?

I do hate sin, that is true.

And truly Chuck, you say that “all” I have to offer is hate? I know a “few” people who would disagree with that hyperbole.

And since Jesus is one of many options, why do you even bring him up? If you think I’m not saved, why not offer up any old religion? Why are you being bigoted against them in private when publicly you’re such a pluralist?


I’ve given you more than enough of my time today but I’ll keep you in my prayers.


You might try repenting when you pray. And not just for libeling me. That’s small potatoes. You should repent of all the lies you’ve told about Jesus and then commit to speaking the truth.

Just sayin’.

You’d think that if Chuck had any evidence — anything! — proving that I left comments at his site with “racist, sexist, homophobic” and “offensive language” that he’d offer it up.  Yet here we are.  Why be surprised that a false teacher would make false statements?

Postscript: After this was originally posted I got this email from Chuck. Consistency isn’t his strong suit.

Since you published what I thought was a private exchange between the two of us I’ve blocked your e-mail address. You’ll not be able to communicate with me in this way again. Really, I pity you for your beliefs and actions. You are free to share that with your readers.

Chuck, that’s odd that you would be offended, considering that I applied your policy about publishing emails, located in the upper left hand corner of your blog:

E-Mail sent to my address may be published.

Chuck, you pity my beliefs? The ones that say Jesus is the only way to salvation?

Chuck, you pity my actions? Please explain why any of my actions are to be pitied above yours, which involve serial unrepentant libel?

I pity you, but I really pity those who you mislead with your lies.

More random thoughts from daily Bible readings

I was reading chapter 7 from the Book of Acts the other day.  Stephen has been brought before the Jewish council to address charges brought by false witnesses. 

Verses 1-50 contain a clear and concise summary of the whole Old Testament — sort of like, “Read the OT in one easy chapter!”  I encourage everyone to read it closely and share it with others who are new to the Bible. 

I imagine that the Jewish leaders had no issues until Stephen got to verse 51.  They were probably thinking, “Amen, brother!”  Then he exposed them, so they became enraged and had him killed.  Stephen was the first martyr (someone who dies for their faith). 

Christian martyrs are radically different than Muslim martyrs.  The Christians don’t take out innocents when they die.  They die rather than deny Jesus.  These persecutions still go on around the world (see here and here for excellent ministries and information). 

This chapter introduces Saul (aka Paul).

Stephen’s Speech to the Sanhedrin

7     Then the high priest asked him, “Are these charges true?”

2 To this he replied: “Brothers and fathers, listen to me! The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham while he was still in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran. 3 ‘Leave your country and your people,’ God said, ‘and go to the land I will show you.’

4 “So he left the land of the Chaldeans and settled in Haran. After the death of his father, God sent him to this land where you are now living. 5 He gave him no inheritance here, not even a foot of ground. But God promised him that he and his descendants after him would possess the land, even though at that time Abraham had no child. 6 God spoke to him in this way: ‘Your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own, and they will be enslaved and mistreated four hundred years. 7 But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves,’ God said, ‘and afterward they will come out of that country and worship me in this place.’ 8 Then he gave Abraham the covenant of circumcision. And Abraham became the father of Isaac and circumcised him eight days after his birth. Later Isaac became the father of Jacob, and Jacob became the father of the twelve patriarchs.

9 “Because the patriarchs were jealous of Joseph, they sold him as a slave into Egypt. But God was with him 10 and rescued him from all his troubles. He gave Joseph wisdom and enabled him to gain the goodwill of Pharaoh king of Egypt; so he made him ruler over Egypt and all his palace.

11 “Then a famine struck all Egypt and Canaan, bringing great suffering, and our fathers could not find food. 12 When Jacob heard that there was grain in Egypt, he sent our fathers on their first visit. 13 On their second visit, Joseph told his brothers who he was, and Pharaoh learned about Joseph’s family. 14 After this, Joseph sent for his father Jacob and his whole family, seventy-five in all. 15 Then Jacob went down to Egypt, where he and our fathers died. 16 Their bodies were brought back to Shechem and placed in the tomb that Abraham had bought from the sons of Hamor at Shechem for a certain sum of money.

17 “As the time drew near for God to fulfill his promise to Abraham, the number of our people in Egypt greatly increased. 18 Then another king, who knew nothing about Joseph, became ruler of Egypt. 19 He dealt treacherously with our people and oppressed our forefathers by forcing them to throw out their newborn babies so that they would die.

20 “At that time Moses was born, and he was no ordinary child. For three months he was cared for in his father’s house. 21 When he was placed outside, Pharaoh’s daughter took him and brought him up as her own son. 22 Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action.

23 “When Moses was forty years old, he decided to visit his fellow Israelites. 24 He saw one of them being mistreated by an Egyptian, so he went to his defense and avenged him by killing the Egyptian. 25 Moses thought that his own people would realize that God was using him to rescue them, but they did not. 26 The next day Moses came upon two Israelites who were fighting. He tried to reconcile them by saying, ‘Men, you are brothers; why do you want to hurt each other?’

27 “But the man who was mistreating the other pushed Moses aside and said, ‘Who made you ruler and judge over us? 28 Do you want to kill me as you killed the Egyptian yesterday?’ 29 When Moses heard this, he fled to Midian, where he settled as a foreigner and had two sons.

30 “After forty years had passed, an angel appeared to Moses in the flames of a burning bush in the desert near Mount Sinai. 31 When he saw this, he was amazed at the sight. As he went over to look more closely, he heard the Lord’s voice: 32 ‘I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’ Moses trembled with fear and did not dare to look.

33 “Then the Lord said to him, ‘Take off your sandals; the place where you are standing is holy ground. 34 I have indeed seen the oppression of my people in Egypt. I have heard their groaning and have come down to set them free. Now come, I will send you back to Egypt.’

35 “This is the same Moses whom they had rejected with the words, ‘Who made you ruler and judge?’ He was sent to be their ruler and deliverer by God himself, through the angel who appeared to him in the bush. 36 He led them out of Egypt and did wonders and miraculous signs in Egypt, at the Red Sea and for forty years in the desert.

37 “This is that Moses who told the Israelites, ‘God will send you a prophet like me from your own people.’ 38 He was in the assembly in the desert, with the angel who spoke to him on Mount Sinai, and with our fathers; and he received living words to pass on to us.

39 “But our fathers refused to obey him. Instead, they rejected him and in their hearts turned back to Egypt. 40 They told Aaron, ‘Make us gods who will go before us. As for this fellow Moses who led us out of Egypt—we don’t know what has happened to him!’ 41 That was the time they made an idol in the form of a calf. They brought sacrifices to it and held a celebration in honor of what their hands had made. 42 But God turned away and gave them over to the worship of the heavenly bodies. This agrees with what is written in the book of the prophets:

“‘Did you bring me sacrifices and offerings forty years in the desert, O house of Israel?

43 You have lifted up the shrine of Molech and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship.

Therefore I will send you into exile’ beyond Babylon.

44 “Our forefathers had the tabernacle of the Testimony with them in the desert. It had been made as God directed Moses, according to the pattern he had seen. 45 Having received the tabernacle, our fathers under Joshua brought it with them when they took the land from the nations God drove out before them. It remained in the land until the time of David, 46 who enjoyed God’s favor and asked that he might provide a dwelling place for the God of Jacob. 47 But it was Solomon who built the house for him.

48 “However, the Most High does not live in houses made by men. As the prophet says:

49 “‘Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. What kind of house will you build for me? says the Lord. Or where will my resting place be?

50 Has not my hand made all these things?’

51 “You stiff-necked people, with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are just like your fathers: You always resist the Holy Spirit! 52 Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him— 53 you who have received the law that was put into effect through angels but have not obeyed it.”

The Stoning of Stephen

54 When they heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him. 55 But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. 56 “Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

57 At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, 58 dragged him out of the city and began to stone him. Meanwhile, the witnesses laid their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul.

59 While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” 60 Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he fell asleep.

The Holy Bible : New International Version. 1996, c1984. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Stephen’s arrest, trial and final words are similar to that of Jesus.

Super creepy Obama appointee, even by his standards

Among other things, Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren Considered Putting Sterilants in Our Drinking Water

And be sure to read this by the Wintery Knight.

I am not making this up. 

On forced abortions:

Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.

On government confiscation of babies:

One way to carry out this disapproval might be to insist that all illegitimate babies be put up for adoption — especially those born to minors, who generally are not capable of caring properly for a child alone. … It would even be possible to require pregnant single women to marry or have abortions, perhaps as an alternative to placement for adoption, depending on the society.

On targeted involuntary sterilization:

The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births.

And much more to be found in the links!  What will it take for the Liberals to wake up to what Obama is all about? 

But the good news is that as a “Science Czar” he doesn’t have to report to Congress.  Oh, wait, that’s even worse . . .


Do you back up your blog?  When I thought about how many hours I’ve put into writing posts I figured I should back this up regularly.  You never know when things could get lost or destroyed. 

On WordPress, you can go to your Dashboard and select Export from the Tools menu to download a file to your PC.  It takes about a minute.

Sotomayar is empathetic?  That’s not what firefighters, dyslexics, wrongly convicted people and the unborn say. 

BTW, have you noticed how no one is concerned that she is Catholic and that would bring the number of Catholics on court to 6?  (I think)  That’s because the MSM doesn’t really care about religious beliefs as long as the nominees are pro-abortion.  It is only when you are pro-life that they trot out the “separation” canard.  It is funny to watch them chastice believers for voting in line with our religious views while they completely ignore pro-abortion religious groups.

If she was a pro-life Catholic they’d be breathing fire against her and would actually research her background for dirt instead of Frank Ricci’s

Germany persecutes Christian parents for homeschooling — Got this from Wintery Knight who got it from Miss Marprelate who got it from Life Site News.  Now that’s teamwork. 

That is creepy stuff from Germany, though.  I bet the teacher unions are dreaming of doing that in the U.S.

Lone Wolf Archer had a thorough review on the movie Up.  I saw it with my wife and agreed with his review.

I think Christine is right on: Many of the Palin haters do so because of Trig, her son who has Down Syndrome. From an article she quotes:

There is something about a Down syndrome child in plain view which has exposed the moral and emotional bankruptcy of the left-wing of the Democratic party. And they hate Sarah Palin because deep down, they hate themselves for being who they are.

Will they ever admit that?  Of course not.  But when their beloved abortion rights result in 80-90% of Down Syndrome being destroyed in utero for the sole reason of their having Down Syndrome, Trig is a living, breathing mockery of what they hold dear.

Ann Coulter had a good column on Palin as well and Verum Serum had a great summary of the gross media bias against her.

No proof that there’s no proof - The Pugnacious Irishman offers some good analysis and questions to ask of those who insist there is no proof of God’s existence.

If you play tennis, you must try these Tretorn Micro X Tennis Balls – Sleeve of 3 – Solid Yellow: Sports & Outdoors

I used these balls for a couple years at a previous house and then moved.  Six years later I’m moving again and haven’t used the balls once. 

I compared them to a freshly opened can of Wilson’s and they bounced the same!  These balls are an unbelievably good value.  Extremely consistent and long lasting.   They cost almost 2x what regular balls do but they pay back almost instantly.

You can buy them in bulk on Amazon as well and the cost per ball comes down dramatically.

One commenter elsewhere said they seemed a little harder but that they didn’t affect his game.  I don’t see any difference.  One person I played with long ago thought he didn’t like them, but for the record he was losing at the time ;-) .

No, I’m not on commission for these.  I just think they are cool.

Really bad pro-abortion arguments

I saw another person use this argument so I updated this post starting at the point in bold and rattled off a few of the Bible themes supporting the pro-life view.  It is a handy summary to copy and paste for those claiming that God is OK with abortions.

A pro-abortion post trying to advance the “babies are parasites and women own their bodies, so abortions are OK” argument also brought up the “abortions are OK because God lets miscarriages happen” canard.

My reply:

Re. spontaneous abortion [i.e., miscarriages]: Do I really have to explain to you that there is a difference between (1) and (2) below? (To state the obvious, this logic applies whether the human being is in the womb or outside it.)

(1) A human being dies of natural causes.

(2) A human being has her skull crushed and limbs ripped off by another human being (In case it wasn’t clear, this was done against her will).

You don’t need a Bible to see the difference.

And here’s another one:

If that’s the case, and the human adjective is important, then God is far and away the most prolific abortionist there is, since upwards of 50% of conceptuses are spontaneously aborted, and on the order of 20% of ‘normal’ fetuses are spontaneously aborted post-implantation. If “human” life begins at conception, human-induced abortion is way down the list of things that cause fetal loss

Do you really want to bring God into this, or is that a red herring?  Among other things, God knit us together in our mother’s womb, Jesus is the author of life (and the unborn are most definitely alive — no one would “need” an abortion otherwise), God hates shedding innocent blood (present in nearly all abortions), we should help the “least of these,” we should love our neighbor (who may be the least likely person we think is our neighbor), He “made us / formed us in the womb,” He knew us in the womb, children are a reward from him, we are sinful from conception, the life is in the blood (which is at 10 days), we should help the weak, all humans have equal value, we should do unto others (would you want someone to crush and dismember you?).

Oh, and don’t kill innocent human beings.

That’s just for starters. Try flipping the book open and reading any part of it and you’ll find more. I’ve got chapters and verses if anyone wants them in this set of pro-life training slides. I highly recommend reading them all, as they are address the core fallacies of pro-legalized abortion reasoning and virtually any argument you’ll hear.

Now most people who raise the God issue are pro-legalized abortionists or just flat out pro-abortionists (they want your tax $ to be used to fund abortions, which strips away any pretensions of choice).

And, of course, even if “human-induced abortion is way down the list of things that cause fetal loss” that still doesn’t prove that they are morally acceptable or that it isn’t a scientific fact that the unborn are human beings.

Think about it: Using that reasoning, for any disease that wasn’t the #1 killer of humans outside the womb you could dismiss it by saying, “______ is way down the list of things that cause death.” It might be true, but so what?

They obviously don’t care what God thinks and just use arguments like that as red herrings.

Worst pro-legalized abortion argument ever: The unborn are parasites!

Some pro-legalized abortions take the view that technically speaking the unborn are parasites and that they are fair game for destruction because they are dependent on the mother and consume some of her resources.  As weird as that argument is I actually like when they present it.  I think that middle grounders will immediately realize what a horribly wrong attempt it is to de-humanize the unborn.

A commenter on another blog wrote this as a defense:

What that means is, if you give someone permission to touch your body, that permission can be withdrawn at any time

Here’s a good question to pose to those advancing the parasite argument:

As transparently deficient as the parasite argument is (two humans don’t create a non-human parasite that later becomes a human), when do you propose that abortions be illegal, if ever?

Please answer this with a yes/no: If a baby has been delivered but the umbilical cord has not been cut — i.e., that awful, awful parasite of “unknown” origin is still greedily sucking nutrients from the defenseless mother — is it OK to kill the baby?

Do you know of any other parasites that change into humans?

Previous informaton on the parasite argument

As usual, pro-life apologist extraordinaire Theobromophile provided an excellent response (emphasis added).  This one is a keeper to use when you see this argument pop up at other sites.

By that line of reasoning, a woman would be totally justified in killing her baby a day before its due date.

That absurdity aside, their analysis fails (at least legally, if not morally). While you are never responsible for keeping someone else alive, you are responsible for doing so if you created the situation in which they are dependent upon you. The classic example is a person who is drowning in the ocean. You, as a boater with a life preserver, are under no obligation to help them out of the water. If, however, you were the one who chucked her overboard, then watched her drown, you can bet that a jury would convict your immoral butt for murder, not for ruining her clothes by getting her wet.

Likewise, you are under no obligation to give a dying person a kidney to save his life, but, if you ripped his kidneys out of his body, you would be charged with murder if he died from those injuries. If the only way to avoid his death is to give him your kidneys, you can bet that your options are to fork over an organ or be charged with murder.

Just saying.

Auto repairs and prayers

Kevin had a post about Christian Brothers Automotive and their approach to their faith.   Read the whole article here

Buck Jacobs, founder of the C12 Group — a kind of Christian CEO roundtable with 700 members nationwide — said conducting business using the Golden Rule is a common strategy among Christian-oriented companies.

“You don’t have to be a Christian to recognize the value of applying the Golden Rule,” Jacobs said. “Do unto others, and chances are you’ll be successful. A lot of companies recognize that without being Christian.”

Susan Hunt-Bradford, a 48-year-old from Fenton who teaches at St. Louis Community College-Meramec, has taken her car to Christian Brothers three times — twice for oil changes and once to get her brakes fixed.

Hunt-Bradford was first attracted by the convenience of Christian Brothers’ shuttle service but said the company’s principles helped it retain her business. She ultimately paid less for her brake job than Christian Brothers’ original estimate, for instance.

“They were able to get the brake pads on sale, and they passed along the discount to me,” Hunt-Bradford said. “Christian or not, a lot of companies wouldn’t do that.”

First I must say that I’m a little uncomfortable with the overt marketing of “Christian” businesses. People will abuse that just like they abuse the name of Christ for the prosperity Gospel and more.  We once saw signs for an exterminator that advertised how they were a Christian company. Did they pray over the bugs before killing them?

Of course, I’m not saying to be shy about your faith. I used to lead the Christian Employee Network Group at HP, so it isn’t like I’m in the closet with my beliefs.  I just don’t think people should market their businesses with the message that “I’m a Christian — buy from me!” 

Having said all that, Christian Brothers Automotive is an outstanding company. Their services typically cost less than half of what the local Honda dealer charges. And they once saved me $1,000 by pointing out how the repairs on our Ford would be covered under warranty by the dealer. I had no way of knowing that, and they willingly walked away from a big invoice.  They offer shuttle service as well.  It appears that they are very thorough in determining who gets a franchise.

In short, I trust Christian Brothers Automotive and highly recommend them.  Hopefully they have an outlet near you.

You can’t make this stuff up

growing gone

Be sure to read all the way to the part in bold below.  Read the whole article here. 

A California mom says her public school administrators violated her daughter’s First Amendment rights when they ordered the seventh-grader to take off her pro-life T-shirt.

Anna Amador has gone to court on behalf of her daughter, who she says was ordered by her principal to change her shirt on “National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day.” The shirt the girl was wearing displays two graphic pictures of a fetus growing in the womb.

. . .

One of the girl’s lawyers, Mark A. Thiel, said that the images on her shirt of a fetus in the womb were the same as those in her science textbooks. He said no student had complained about the shirt, and he said the girl’s parents were not called when the incident took place.

The shirt is quite clever in taking pictures of growing human beings and pointing out how abortion makes them disappear. 

The school thought the images were offensive (and they weren’t even images of abortion), but they don’t think abortion is offensive.  That’s just more evidence that it is an upside down, Romans 1 world.  Once again I thank God that Jesus came to turn it right-side up.

Hat tip: Tony


Great post by the Wintry Knight demonstrating how scientists sometimes lie and why they do so.  (Huh?  You mean that people don’t just sin in every other area of life but in science as well?  No way!)

Also see Stan’s piece about Lies People Tell – Christ vs Science

Christianity started modern science. In return, moderns have lied about Christianity. Then they took up positions directly intended to eliminate Christianity. Today, science tries to supplant Christianity as the only reliable belief system in the universe. It’s not true, and Christianity (and any other thinking person) disputes it. But please don’t listen to all those lies about how Christianity and science are diametrically opposed, or that faith and reason have nothing to do with each other.

Glenn had (most of) a terrific letter published in his local newspaper regarding the illogic of “same sex marriage.”  The haters probably won’t listen, but he did a great service by providing the middle grounders with simple and excellent arguments.

A few UCC-ers march to support universal health care — Yeah, Jesus was all about pressuring the government to take other people’s money to redistribute in a most inefficient way.

Rick Warren doesn’t understand the concept of unequally yoked.  It isn’t just about not marrying unbelievers, it is about not partnering with them in spiritual enterprises.  We should share the Gospel with Muslims, not do “ministry” together.

What a bizarre world.  I can’t believe the politicians don’t read their bills and don’t care that people know they don’t read the bills, or that Liberals don’t care if they read the bills.

Ted Nugent on gun control.  Classic stuff.  Hat tip to Tammi from Facebook (not sure if she’s still blogging)


Do you all use Craiglist to sell things?  It is sort of a big garage sale on the web.  I tried it for the first time and sold a riding mower in less than 24 hours at full asking price.  It was easy to use.  You can upload up to 4 photos.  I emphasized on the ad that it was cash only and they had to pick it up.  I had several responses within hours. 

One of the nice features is that you can “anonymize” your posts so you get emails forwarded to your regular email address.  No one sees your real email address until you reply to them.  I would never include a phone number or a real email address in the post.

If we end up moving (we are trying to sell our house and move in a bit to shorten commutes and downsize a little) I may use it again to sell our piano and a refrigerator.

Random thoughts from daily Bible readings

I’ve been doing a Bible reading plan where you read 10 chapters a day from different parts of the Bible.  More on that later.  I thought I’d blog on some of the things that stood out to me.

1. Note the references to knowledge in this passage — just one of many refutations of the “blind faith” argument lodged against Christians.

2 Peter 1:5-8 For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

2. Regarding decision making and the will of God, note in this passage how Paul not only had an “open door,” but one from the Lord — yet he passed it by!  Paul ignored an open door from the Lord

God may give us many multiple doors to choose from, so we don’t need to be so worried about making mistakes as long as we are in his moral will and are using wisdom to make decisions.  If you do that, it is acceptable to incorporate your personal preferences in your decision making, just like Paul did.

2 Corinthians 2:12-13 When I came to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ, even though a door was opened for me in the Lord, my spirit was not at rest because I did not find my brother Titus there. So I took leave of them and went on to Macedonia. 

Judges 10 had one passage of so many that point out how seriously God takes the worship of false gods.   

Judges 10:6-16 The people of Israel again did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals and the Ashtaroth, the gods of Syria, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of the Ammonites, and the gods of the Philistines. And they forsook the Lord and did not serve him. So the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he sold them into the hand of the Philistines and into the hand of the Ammonites, and they crushed and oppressed the people of Israel that year . . . And the people of Israel cried out to the Lord, saying, “We have sinned against you, because we have forsaken our God and have served the Baals.” And the Lord said to the people of Israel, “Did I not save you from the Egyptians and from the Amorites, from the Ammonites and from the Philistines? The Sidonians also, and the Amalekites and the Maonites oppressed you, and you cried out to me, and I saved you out of their hand. Yet you have forsaken me and served other gods; therefore I will save you no more. Go and cry out to the gods whom you have chosen; let them save you in the time of your distress.” And the people of Israel said to the Lord, “We have sinned; do to us whatever seems good to you. Only please deliver us this day.” So they put away the foreign gods from among them and served the Lord, and he became impatient over the misery of Israel.

Huh? I thought that all religions are equally valid paths to God and that we have as much to learn from them as they do from us. At least that’s what false teachers like Chuck Currie say ( I analyzed his “sermon” here). 

The New Testament demonstrates 100 times directly or indirectly that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  The Old Testament is replete with the sin and consequences of worshiping false gods.  Finding passages like the one above is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yet Chuck and other pluralists and universalists disagree with the Bible over and over — literally hundreds of times — and claim that these other gods are just different manifestations of the real God.  It isn’t like these passages are subtle or complicated.  They couldn’t be more clear.  So which source should we trust?