I am not making this up: Dave Barry on free speech and his opinions about a quote of his being banned from a campus dorm room door.  What a bizarre place American universities have become.  Politically Correct nonsense and the “right not to be offended” are beyond parody.  He is correct that people are rightly afraid to say what they think.  In just a generation we’ve lost true free speech.

Video of “Christian” community organizing group chanting “Hear our cry, Obama” and “Deliver us, Obama.” 

I have such contempt for liberal theology and how it advances views opposite of those of Jesus on virtually every major issue.  They can’t even get the “help the poor” part right, as they ask the government to take money from neighbor A to help neighbor B instead of just helping neighbor B themselves.

But to take phrases like “Hear our cry, Lord” and “Deliver us, Lord” and substitute Obama’s name for “Lord” is a new low for them.  But hey, at least they are being honest about whom they worship.

Why do the Heathen rage?  — Some good tips on how to respond to International Blasphemy Day.  I’m sure they’ll give equal time to Islam.

First, take no offense. Refuse to play into the game plan of those sponsoring International Blasphemy Day.  The Lord Jesus Christ was and is despised and rejected of men.  Our Lord bore the scorn heaped upon him by his enemies. Christianity is not an honor religion. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are not commanded to defend his honor, but to be willing to share in the scorn directed to him. Is the servant greater than his master?

. . .

Second, mourn the blasphemy. The warning of Jesus is clear — blasphemy has eternal consequences.  The worst form of blasphemy is the refusal to hear and believe the Gospel.  For that sin there can be no forgiveness. We must mourn the blasphemy, not because honor is at stake, but because souls are at stake with eternal consequences.  God will ultimately and perfectly defend his honor.  On that day, there will be no escape for unrepentant blasphemers.

Third, see this observance for what it really is — an unintended testimony to the existence of God and the foolishness of those who deny Him.  The sheer foolishness of a blasphemy contest with t-shirts and mugs betrays the lunacy of it all.  They can do no better than this?  One testimony to the power of God is the fact that his self-declared enemies come off as so childish and manic. The heathen rage and God sees the foolish grasshoppers.

Their stated goal was to:

In the words of the RNS report, the goal is “to expose all religious beliefs to the same level of inquiry, discussion and criticism to which other areas of intellectual interest are subjected.”

I would have no issues if that is all they really wanted.  But they tip their hands with the blasphemy contests. 

24 thoughts on “Roundup

    • They did it about Bush too. Most of the songs you see were written by the kids. Sure it’s a little creepy, but if you give them list of things they can’t sing about – it’s even worse.

      • Could you please provide a link showing a government run school where children were trained to sing about Bush?

      • Your comparing kids being taught an Obama praise song IN SCHOOL without proper consent to video and audio tape to children flying to DC with their parents consent to sing a song that wasnt even close in context to the Jersey song?

        SO once again, Id ask you to show me anything where children are being taught a song praising Bush in school.

      • The kids were singing praise to Bush, they were on a school field trip, and they were recorded. I think I’m safe to assume they learned the song at school, but I can’t prove that.

        As for recording it without consent, that’s a problem, and I don’t defend it. I’m also not defending the stupid Obama song. I gave you what you asked for. You can’t change the rules.

      • You just admitted you cant provide what I asked for….so back to the drawing board for you. C’mon, give me an example, please.

      • I just thought maybe you would take my word for it, or maybe spend some of your own time investigating something.

      • Hahahahah! Listening to MSNBC whine about how Fox is too political is priceless. It gives me a chill up my leg.

  1. I don’t believe Obama is “The Antichrist”. (I believe the Bible is clear that there are many antichrists.)

    However, if there were a “The Antichrist” I believe you’d see much of the same behavior around him you are seeing around Obama. Some of this stuff is flat out frightening.

  2. I would have no issues if that is all they really wanted. But they tip their hands with the blasphemy contests.

    It appears that at least one of the founders of the CFI agrees with you.

    For the record, so do I.

    But for CFI itself to sponsor the lampooning of Christianity by encouraging anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, or any other anti-religious cartoons goes beyond the bounds of civilized discourse in pluralistic society.

  3. This administration has provided those who worship government, and bestow on it God like attributes such as the ability to change the planet’s temperature and create wealth out of thin air, with a burning bush moment. Their true god now has a name, and it’s Obama.

    • Please turn down the crazy. He’s a politician, and many of us who supported him are pissed off too. He’s no more worshipped than Bush was.

      Nobody says the government controls the temperature, but the government can act to mitigate the damage we have caused to the environment, and nobody claims that there has been no damage.

      • The Rolling Stone cover you refer to was a commentary on exactly what you are talking about. People do see him as a “saviour” – mainly the people who felt alienated by Bush. It’s hyperbole, and all media thrives on it.

      • “turn down the crazy”?

        I am responding to a video Ryan, one of many I might add, where people are worshiping a man. And I’m being crazy? How many times have similar things happened and there was no one there to film it and paste it on you tube? Granted, both sides have their crazies, but calling a spade a spade, I would argue, does not qualify anyone for that label.

        I’m still waiting for a similar you tube video on Bush, who carried a 30 something percent approval rating because he was rejected by his own base due to his spending and amnesty policies. But even if there is one, and we both know there isn’t, it would not change the creepiness of these outbursts of worship.

        Also, you say “mitigate the damage we have caused to the environment” because you know that to state the fight against global WARMING in its true terms, that is to control the planet’s temperature, reveals the truecraziness behind such a delusional endeavor.

      • What you call “worship” is a song that praises Obama. I admit that this should not take place in a school, but it’s not “worship”. School children sing songs like this for anyone who might be visiting the school. I remember singing songs like this to visiting sports stars, mayors and astronauts. It’s not worship – it’s kids singing a fricken song. If you don’t know the difference then you are deluded.

        As for the video about Bush, it was played on The Daily Show. Look it up yourself.

        I’ll state global warming using those terms. It is warming, and from what I have seen, and from the scientists I have spoken to, the evidence points to us as one of the causes. Since there is a chance we have caused this, and the changes we need to make to fix things also aligns with keeping the world clean and safe, I’m willing to sacrifice some economic well-being for the future. Many of the people who are against making these changes don’t think there will be a “future” anyways, so I understand why they don’t care.

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