The Wintry Knight’s commentary On women leaving marriages that don’t make them happy enough — I’m really, really glad I married so well.

The TSA search policies are nuts.  The enhanced security all started because of Muslim terrorists, didn’t it?  So why do Muslims get exemptions?

So, let’s get this straight:

It’s okay for the TSA to grope nuns, but Muslim women are exempt (nothing beyond the head and neck). We cannot profile potential terrorists, but it’s okay to molest three-year olds(except we won’t call it molest because it’s the government doing it). Muslim men won’t go through body imaging machines, but it’s okay to grope non-Muslims’ genitals.

See Christian doctor forced off adoption panel goes to EU Court of Justice.  You can thank false teachers in the church for travesties like this.  They teach the opposite of the Bible and not only condone but encourage same-sex parenting.

A British Christian pediatrician has applied to be heard at the European Court of Justice after she was forced out of her position on the Northamptonshire County Council Adoption Panel because of her belief that adoptive children are best off placed with a mother and a father. Sheila Matthews, a physician with 18 years experience, is being represented in her legal challenge by human rights barrister Paul Diamond and the Christian Legal Centre.

How sad that these tools of Satan love the world and their false theology more than they love children.  Something about millstones comes to mind . . .

Charlie Rangel: Really, really, very guilty.

Even his fellow Democrats can’t deny he’s a crook. Isn’t it amazing that a guy who’s been in Congress since 1971 — and indeed was chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee — still manages to claim victimhood?

Keith Olbermann is Right (?!?!?!) – Well, at least on one point.  My favorite part is in bold.  Fox has proven to be more balanced than most media outlets, but even if you buy the lie that they are a far-right factory, I’ll take them and the Leftist cheerleaders at MSNBC debating any day rather than faux “unbiased” organizations like the rest of the MSM.

Ted Koppel, Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite were always liberals who used their position to subtly but consistently promote a point of view. Frankly, I’d rather have the MSNBC crew advocate openly for their side than the entrenched but covert bias we endured for the 40 years before that. The American public is better served by an open argument between the best advocates for opposing views than it is by unnamed editors making decisions about what is important for people to know. I prefer occasionally disagreeable prosecutors (and defense lawyers) than a single dishonest judge pretending to be in the middle.

Sweet.  The 13 year old who initially got in trouble for having an American flag on his bike ended up with a parade and an apology.

Little known fact: After the owner left the room, the dog ate the guinea pig, the rabbit and the mouse.
Just kidding!  Probably!

Funny Pictures - Fancy Cats


What atheists think about religion and how should Christians respond? – Excellent analysis by the Wintry Knight (ultimately more of a dig at the ineffective / counterproductive activities of Christians than at atheists).

Wow! I’m impressed by these one-line catch phrases on billboards! So persuasive and rational! So focused on making propositional claims about the external world! So concerned with reason and evidence, not emotions and community! Such a careful investigation of the facts on both sides! The “Join the Club” argument! The “Celebrate Reason” argument! The “Be Nice If You Feel Life It” argument! Wowie wow wow! I’m impressed.

I note that the atheists are not funding formal debates, because that would require a discussion with two sides, and atheism is not something that performs well when the other side is well-represented. So, flashy sound-bite advertisements are used by atheists to present atheism to the public. It’s not rational, it’s marketing.

The National Council of (apostate) Churches is pro-abortion but anti-waterboarding – Oh, and they get much of their funding from liberal non-church groups and the church leaders that do support them don’t represent most of their members well.

ObamaCare: Union Waiver Favors Pile Up

Union bosses fought tooth and nail to nationalize America’s health care—even, in many cases, to the detriment of their own members. Now, instead of chewing on and swallowing what they bit off, unions are getting waivers to the very plan that they shoved down everyone else’s throat.

I disagreed with the conclusions at Libertarian free will vs. compatiabalism but enjoyed the comic.  Perhaps my Reformed readers would enjoy weighing in over there . . .

Keep this in mind the next time you are complaining about your circumstances.  Lots of people on the planet would like to have your problems.

Borrowed these from my daughters’ Facebook pages . . .


I really love keyboard shortcuts.  This picture is for me.



Jim Clyburn = the Dwight Schrute of Congress?

Via Pelosi Letter Designating Clyburn Assistant Leader:

Should I receive the privilege of serving as House Democratic Leader, I will be very honored to nominate our outstanding colleague, Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, to serve in the number three House Democratic position. I will also ask the Caucus to designate that position as Assistant Leader.

Interpretation: “We don’t want to give you a real position, so we’re making one up.”

It reminds me of the running gag about Dwight Schrute from The Office, where he claims be Assistant Regional Manager even though his real title is Assistant to the Regional Manager — and where neither title carries any authority or money with it.

Pelosi’s move is the worst kind of affirmative action.


Philadelphia Opera performs “random act of culture” (aka flash mob), singing “Hallelujah chorus” in Macy’s.  “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” in public?  Sweet.

Christian couple barred from having foster children –Just one of the many, many reasons that the debate about oxymoronic “same-sex marriage” really matters.  If sexual preferences are civil rights then you get decisions like this. If you have to teach the opposite of what God says to be able to be foster parents then that is yet another sign of how horrible Western culture has become.

The couple in the High Court test case, Eunice and Owen Johns, said Derby City Council’s fostering panel rejected them as carers because they would never tell children a homosexual lifestyle was acceptable.

Mrs Johns said: ‘The council said: “Do you know, you would have to tell them that it’s OK to be homosexual?”

‘But I said I couldn’t do that because my Christian beliefs won’t let me. Morally, I couldn’t do that. Spiritually I couldn’t do that.’

The Pentecostal Christian couple from Derby, who have fostered almost 20 children, are not homophobic, according to the Christian Legal Centre, which has taken up their case.

But they are against sex before marriage and do not recognise as marriage civil partnerships between gay couples.

P.S. If your church teaches that the Bible is “hate speech,” then it is not a church.

Palin: Do newspaper reporters read their own newspapers? – Apparently not.  It is amusing to see the Left try to dismiss Palin as being stupid, especially when she continually outsmarts them (uh, if she’s really stupid but she’s smarter than you then . . . ).  But name calling is easier than addressing the merits of arguments, eh?

Glenn’s commentary about the case of a 13 year old told by his school that he couldn’t fly a flag on his bike – not even on Veteran’s day!

This is the same school where earlier this year the Hispanic (read “Mexican”) kids were allowed to bring their Mexican flags to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, leading some American kids to bring in their American flags, resulting in “racial tension,” so the school officials are worried about a repeat of the “racial tension.”  So, rather than telling those kids supported by tax dollars of the USA that they don’t have a right not to be offended, the leftists at the school punish a kid who loves his country and honors those who served – and even died – to defend the rights of those kids who are offended by the flag of the country in which they live.

Only in the upside-down, politically-correct America are kids not allowed to be proud of their country by flying its flag.  Only in upside-down, politically-correct California are the rights of American children violated so as to protect a few kids from being “offended” by the symbol of the nation that supports them.

The Union should secede from California!

HHS falls short of pre-existing coverage prediction by … 97.8% – the title says it all.

Great rebuke of Joel Osteen.  Preach on, John!  Please watch it all.  Hat tip: Mark

Decision, decisions

Decision Making and the Will of God is one of my all-time favorite lessons to teach.  This is such a crucial topic, because we make big and small decisions all the time and are constantly living with the consequences of past decisions.

Does God speak to you about specific decisions when you are reading the Bible, such as whether you should pay off your mortgage, whom you should marry, what job you should take, etc.?  I think this is about how you apply the Bible to decision making and not about whether God sends individual messages through his word.

For example, if you want to know whether paying off your mortgage is the right thing to do, you have a couple options:

1. Ask God for a supernatural sign for the answer, whether it is a yes or a no (a la Gideon).  My guess is that He won’t decide for you that way, but it is always his option.  One thing we know about God is that if He wants to tell you something directly He isn’t very subtle.  There are zero examples of him trying to tell someone something in the Bible and not getting through.

2. Use the wisdom model of decision making.  You don’t have access to God’s sovereign knowledge (Will I lose my job?  Will interest rates go up or down?  Etc.).  You do have unrestricted access to his moral will via the Bible. Example: Is it immoral to pay off your mortgage early?  No, unless that means you won’t have enough money to feed your kids.  After moral considerations, look to the wisdom angle.  Ask God for wisdom, as He promises to deliver.  But as with Solomon, He doesn’t promise to decide everything for you.  Read the Proverbs (and more).  Seek the counsel of others.  Consider the pros and cons.  That’s how to make wise decisions.  Finally, provided the options are moral and wise, consider your personal preferences.  We have tremendous freedom in Christ to do many things with our time and money.  Will paying off your mortgage make you happy?  If so, then do it.

Here’s a picture of what is looks like:

Decision making and the will of God

Really short version: Aside from direct and clear personal revelation from God, you don’t have access to his sovereign will when making decisions.  Therefore you must look at other factors.  If it isn’t moral, don’t do it.  If it is moral but not wise, don’t do it.  If it is moral and wise, then use your personal preferences.

Using this model you can end up with a wise and biblical decision, but you have avoided the traps of the “God told me to ____” routine.  People who run around saying that God told them this and that convey a super-spirituality that can leave less mature believers wondering if they really have a relationship with God (i.e., “God doesn’t tell me every little thing to do, so maybe I don’t really know him.”).

The “God told me ___” routine can also be outright blasphemy, as when “Christians” claim that God is moving in a new direction counter to what He revealed in the Bible.  The United Church of Christ “God is still speaking;” theme is a good example of that.  They didn’t believe what He said the first time around, so why trust them on allegedly new revelations?

Saturating yourself in the word is a key success factor in making good decisions. If we focus on worldly wisdom things go badly:

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

But if we repent and do everything we can to see things from God’s point of view we will make better decisions.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

This model will help you make good decisions in all areas of life.  You can also use it to help friends, children, etc. make good decisions.  I even use it at work as a “faith flag” at times.  If people ask career advice, for example, I pull out this diagram and share it with them (i.e., “At the risk of getting all religious on you, here’s the method I use to make decisions like that.”)

Click here to download a set of PowerPoint slides to read or to use yourself to teach others.

P.S. A kid came into my wife’s elementary school library yesterday and asked if she had any books on how to make good choices.  She thought of the diagram above and laughed.  Let’s just say I refer to this model now and then.  She thinks I should write a children’s book on decision making.  I think she is kidding.

Hat tip to Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason for much of this, including the diagram.


Fire the media — Seriously.  Great analysis of how we got where we are from the American Spectator.

Scientific dogma — Dogma isn’t just for non-Liberals.  Read this excellent analysis of how dogma is driving the climate change debate and costing us billions of dollars.

And further down in her post she gives some examples of what we should expect if climate science were not plagued by the sort of dogmatic beliefs that are elsewhere decried (and rightly so) as being anti-scientific.

“Well, lets try this. In 2010, lets assume that there are very very few climate scientists left that regard the IPCC as dogma. What might this look like?

  • no petitions signed by members of the IPCC or national academy members
  • Nature and Science not writing op-eds that decry “deniers”
  • no climate scientists writing op-eds that decry the “deniers”
  • no climate scientists talking about “consensus” as an argument against disagreement (argumentum ad populam, h/t Nullius in Verba)
  • IPCC scientists debating skeptics about the science
  • climate scientists stop talking about cap and trade and UNFCCC policies because the science demands that we do this
  • no more professional society statements supporting the IPCC”

Also see This must be the best laugh of the week for climate skeptics

The results of a survey carried out among readers of the frantically Warmist “Scientific American” are now available.

It must have nearly choked them to publish the results. It’s a wonder they didn’t “fudge” the results, in fact. Fudging results is standard operating procedure for Warmists. See HERE or HERE for instance

Go Here to see all.

Talk about a propaganda fail! And this was among a readership that would have been highly literate scientifically.

Top Ten Countdown: Reasons Why People Vote Democrat — I would have left off #1, but the rest are accurate.

Superior overview of the Bible and homosexuality by John MacArthur.  Save the link. (Hat tip: Mark)

QUESTION: Has changed your opinions on the gay community? – interesting thread with lots of interesting comments.  They don’t read the Lefty script like most gays do, so they have done a lot to tick off the establishment.  Good for them.

Great send up of a popular bumper sticker (hat tip: Glenn)

Why yes, Mr. President, if unemployment was 5% then we would have had more confidence in your policies choices.  But it isn’t 5%, because they didn’t work, so we don’t have confidence in them!

This is important.

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Worse than Pharisees.

In one of the “seven woes” Jesus blasts the Pharisees for being so precise with their giving that they even tithe their garden spices while simultaneously neglecting much more important issues.

Matthew 23:23 (ESV) Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.

Theologically liberal Christians (picture Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie) are worse than Pharisees.  For one, their giving patterns are less than conservatives (perhaps Jim and Chuck are big givers, but as a group they are not).  The hypocritically low giving of Liberal politicians is well documented.

But that doesn’t stop them from calling on Caesar (i.e., the Federal government) to take from neighbor A by threat of force or imprisonment to “give” to neighbor B.  Their endless divisiveness and class warfare are un-biblical and unproductive.  Didn’t coveting used to be a sin?

The theological Left wants to take from your garden and call it charity on their part, and they do it while ignoring weightier matters of justice such as abortion.  And they’ll defend the destruction of innocent-but-“unwanted” human beings while they prattle on about “social justice.”

They don’t give enough themselves, they do take from others and consider it charity on their parts and they do ignore weightier matters of justice.


Worse. Than. Pharisees.

Do you get to make up your own religion?

Or does God get to decide what the real path to him is?

The Wintry Knight poses a fascinating and important question: Why are so many British feminists converting to Islam? Read the whole thing.

Women like Kristiane Backer, 43, a London-based former MTV presenter who had led the kind of liberal Western-style life that I yearned for as a teenager, yet who turned her back on it and embraced Islam instead. Her reason? The ‘anything goes’ permissive society that I coveted had proved to be a superficial void.

She is right to abandon the liberal Western lifestyle because it is a superficial void.  But she buys into the false notion that you get to choose what you want God to be.  He really, really frowns on people making up false gods.  You need to seek God on his terms, not yours. Isn’t that obvious?

Since most churches do such a horrible job of explaining the reality of truth and how religious pluralism is intellectually bankrupt, it is no wonder that people take the path that this woman did.

Consider matters of eternity very carefully, because eternity matters.


Interview with atheist PZ Myers: Pure self-parody

See Evolution News & Views: New Atheist Atheology for Michael Egnor’s interview with and commentary about New Atheist PZ Myers.  As the Wintry Knight noted,

First, I should say that if you don’t know who P.Z. Myers is, you should know that he is an incredibly arrogant and vulgar internet atheist. He is very popular on the Internet with atheists because of his foaming-at-the-mouth, howling-at-the-moon ranting against intelligent design, theism in general and Christianity in particular.

Anyway, Myers is interviewed by Michael Egnor, a neurosurgeon and professor of pediatrics, who appeared in the movie “Expelled”. He asks P.Z. Myers questions about the New Atheism, then comments on Myers’ answers.

Here’s a sample:

7) Does Moral Law exist in itself, or is it an artifact of nature (natural selection, etc.)

Myers’ answer: It doesn’t.  

My answer: Of course objective Moral Law exists. It exists in itself, and we all know that it does. The risible New Atheist assertion that the Moral Law is merely a product of evolution, like earwax, is so far removed from genuine insight that it’s difficult to satirize, let alone defend. Moral Law doesn’t exist? Then why is Richard Dawkins suing fellow New Atheist Josh Timonen — who ran Dawkins’ online store — for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars? If Moral Law isn’t an objective reality, what right has Dawkins to sue Timonen for merely struggling to survive? If Moral Law is merely an opinion, how can one man’s moral opinion (“it’s ok for me to take Richard Dawkins’ money”) be objectively wrong whereas another man’s opinion (“it’s right for me — Richard Dawkins — to keep my own money”) is objectively right? If the Moral Law doesn’t exist in itself, then all moral opinions are subjective and relative (that’s what “doesn’t exist in itself” means). Torturing babies? Carrying out the Final Solution for a pesky religious group? I think it’s wrong, but who am I to say what’s right for you?

To assert that it’s wrong or right for someone else to do anything is to assert that Moral Law has objective existence independent of individual men. To assert the moral rightness of Moral Relativism is to deny Moral Relativism.

The classical theist understanding of Moral Law is that it is an aspect of Natural Law, which is the manifestation of Divine Law in the natural world. Men have natural ends; human life is teleological. Our natural end is to know and love God, and obedience to Moral Law is part of the path to that end.

New Atheist denial of the objective existence of Moral Law is incoherent self-contradictory gibberish. If you want to know whether P.Z. Myers thinks that Moral Law has objective existence, steal something from him.

Myers can’t go three sentences without making a moral claim, but he denies objective morality.  His whole worldview is a farce.  If he really believed it then he’d “know” that Christians have no choice but to say and act as we do.  After all, if the universe is purely materialistic then the molecules in motion would be the cause of everything.  Nothing immaterial could exist.

Myers is a Romans 1 poster boy (and 1 Corinthians 3 as well).

Romans 1:18-20 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

1 Corinthians 3:19–21 For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness,” and again, “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.” So let no one boast in men.

The conclusion of the link is nice:

New Atheism is an intellectual and moral vacuum. It’s all sneer, mockery, self-contradiction, and juvenilia. New Atheists aren’t defenders of “science and reason.” The inverse is true. They misrepresent science and reason for ideological ends. New Atheists have no answers to the fundamental questions of man. They don’t even have coherent attempts to answer the questions. They don’t understand the profound insights of classical theism. Most New Atheists don’t even understand the questions. And their nihilistic atheist superstition denies even the most basic imperatives of Moral Law.

This is the reason for the raging clash between atheists who are accomodationists and atheists who are confrontationalists. The accomodationists are just as clueless metaphysically, but they know a “framing” nightmare when they see it. Nihilistic Luddites like Myers and Dawkins and Coyne are exposing New Atheism for the intellectual fraud that it is.

Not that I have any problem with that.


The Nutcracker

The Houston Repertoire Ballet presentations of the Nutcracker Ballet are December 3 – 5. Tickets are $15-18. It is your best holiday entertainment value.  Nice theater, good show and no having to to drive downtown!

Guys, impress your wives/girlfriends and take them to see some fine arts.  It is a big hit with kids because it is colorful, fast moving and has many short scenes.

Click here for tickets and more information.

I’ll be playing the role of Dr. Stahlbaum (the opening scene party host) for all the shows.  I’m retiring after this year! My youngest daughter is the real performer.  She has various lead roles in each show.  My wife is helping make the costumes.  It is fun having something the whole family is involved in.

If you bring any young kids who want to meet the dancers after the show just let me know and I can arrange that.

My oldest is performing in the Nutcracker at the professional company where she is a trainee.  We’re excited to go see that one as well.

Why did Democrats have such huge losses with the faith voters?

Not surprisingly, people like race-baiting false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie missed the point entirely.

Unlike 2008, I saw zero direct outreach to faith communities from progressive organizations this election cycle.  via “Democrats Stung By Huge Losses With Faith Voters”.

There are several likely reasons why the Democrats lost these people of faith.

1. The voters probably realized that the 2008 outreach was phony.  As Chuck concedes, the Democrats didn’t reach out to them in 2010.  That’s because they don’t really care about religious people and their concerns! They just said whatever they had to in a cynical attempt to win them over.  And it worked.  Once.

The Democrats took religious people for granted like they take blacks and other minorities for granted.  If someone only comes by when they need you and ignores you the rest of the time, then they don’t really care about you.

Note the subtle racism of the “get out and vote” messages to blacks.  They assume that blacks will automatically vote Democrat, so all they do is encourage them to vote.  But why should they vote Democrat?  Oh, right, because if you oppose Democrats you must be a racist.

2. Voters may have realized that “progressive” what the Democrats really meant was taxpayer-funded abortions, teaching kindergarteners how “normal” homosexual and transgender behavior and parenting is, government confiscation of businesses, massive job losses and more.  In short, they mocked everything that most people of faith believe and what all the holy books say.  See Iowa Voters Toss Out Three Supreme Court Justices Who Imposed ‘Gay Marriage,’ for example.

3. Voters got tired of being told that they:

  • hate African-Americans
  • hate Latinos
  • hate gays
  • hate women
  • hate Jews
  • hate Muslims
  • hate the poor
  • hate America
  • are fascists / Nazis
  • are just like the Taliban (That’s one of Chuck’s personal favorites.  How ironic that he can’t understand why no one will play with him.)
  • are theocrats
  • are stupid
  • are hate mongers
  • are insane (yeah, because opposing trillion-dollar payoffs to Democrats, taxpayer-funded abortions, etc. means you are crazy)
  • are violent extremists
  • are cowards
  • are “teabaggers” (a silly sexual slur)

Ya think that might have had something to do with authentically religious people not rushing out to vote Democrat?

Normally I’d fear giving the opposition a playbook for performing better in the future, but I’ve learned that Progressives don’t learn these lessons well.  Exhibit A: Chuck’s next post had advice for what they need to do to get the Progressive agenda back on track. Guess what priority 1 was“Commit to Taking Down FOX News.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.  I’m looking forward to 2012.

Update: Guess who was most fair and balanced last night — Fox or MSNBC?  Fox, of course.  No wonder the Progressive must take them down!

Dear Republicans: Nice tsunami! Don’t mess it up.

See The Morning Briefing: The Tsunami | RedState for a laundry list of the massive wins for the GOP.

Hopefully the Republicans have learned their lessons.

  • As one writer so eloquently put it, Republicans didn’t win because voters decided that they were super awesome.  They voted for them because they sucked less than the Democratic party.  Don’t forget that.
  • Pro-lifers can win!  See Florida Pro-Life Senate Candidate Rubio Defeats Pro-Abortion Crist.  Hey, since Rubio is Hispanic doesn’t that mean his opponents were racist?  At least that’s the logic Democrats use if you oppose their minority candidates.
  • Don’t support RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Crist, Murkowski and Specter.  I don’t care how many times they’ve been elected.  Not only do they not help you, they’ll turn on you every time.  Tea Party / Conservative principles can win.  Just watch how they switch parties — with your money! — after they lose primaries.
  • Tea Party candidates are viable.  They resonate with what people know to be true.
  • Even if Christine O’Donnell lost I’m still glad she won the Republican nomination.  Principles count.
  • Do what you say you are going to do.  Don’t let the media tell you it will be unpopular.
  • Never stop educating people on basic economic principles.

More good news.  I just met someone who left California and couldn’t be happier.

  • In Arizona, South Carolina, Utah, and South Dakota, the People said screw you, Card Check, and made sure that the secret ballot would remain regarding unionization
  • Oklahoma has banned Sharia Law
  • Arizona voted against ObamaCare insurance mandate 55-45%
  • Kansas voted for the Right to Bear arms
  • Oklahoma voted against ObamaCare mandate
  • Bye Bye, Nutty Alan Grayson
  • California voted against Prop 23, which would suspend their insane globull warming legislation. Now they can watch their economy collapse even further, as 3,000 people a day move from the State

The headline must have a typo or something . . .

See Minorities ride GOP wave to historic victories — that can’t be, of course, because we’ve been hearing for years how conservatives were racist and misogynistic.

The historic Republican wave also produced historic results for minority candidates, from Latina and Indian-American governors to a pair of black congressmen from the deep South.

In New Mexico, Susana Martinez was elected as the nation’s first female Hispanic governor. Nikki Haley, whose parents were born in India, will be the first woman governor in South Carolina, and Brian Sandoval became Nevada’s first Hispanic governor.

Insurance company owner Tim Scott will be the first black Republican congressman from South Carolina since Reconstruction, after easily winning in his conservative district. Scott, a 45-year-old state representative, earned a primary victory over the son of the one-time segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond.

In Florida, military veteran Allen West outfought a two-term Democrat to win his House race. He is the first black Republican elected to Congress from Florida since a former slave served two terms in the 1870s.

The last black Republican in Congress was J.C. Watts of Oklahoma. He left office in 2003. There were 42 black Democrats in Congress this term.

Several Latino Republicans defeated incumbent House Democrats. In Texas, Bill Flores snatched a seat from Democratic Rep. Chet Edwards, who had served 20 years in Congress, and Francisco Canseco beat 11-year veteran Ciro Rodriguez. Jamie Herrera became the first Latino congressman from Washington state.

Is it possible that the party that chose the first woman for the Supreme Court and countless blacks for high positions (Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, etc.) was actually voting on principles all along?

Here are more reasons the Republicans won.  People can see through the rhetoric, and believe it or not, when you just keep telling them they are racist homophobic hate monger Taliban-supporting teabagging idiots it kinda turns them off.


What a coincidence!  The SEIU (Service Employees International Union, a major supporter and influencer of the President) is involved in all sorts of voter fraud activities.

Are you ready to be a leader? Some excellent questions. Samples below.  Go read ‘em all.

2. Do you retain control of yourself when things go wrong? The leader who loses self-control in testing circumstances forfeits respect and loses influence. He must be calm in crisis and resilient in adversity and disappointment.

3. Do you think independently? While using to the full the thought of others, the leader cannot afford to let others do his thinking or make his decisions for him.

4. Can you handle criticism objectively and remain unmoved under it? Do you turn it to good account? The humble man can derive benefit from petty and even malicious criticism.

5. Do you possess the ability to secure discipline without having to resort to a show of authority? True leadership is an internal quality of the spirit and requires no external show of force.

What Media Bias? CBS Reporters Joke About How Best to Smear Joe Miller – Amazing.  Note to journalists: Be sure you actually hang up before talking about how you are actively working against a Republican candidate.

Can you believe the Democrats are going to lose on Tuesday?  How can that happen when their kind, hopeful, non-divisive, inclusive leaders said all these things?

  • These people told their clients to say that you hate African-Americans.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate Latinos.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate gays.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate women.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate Jews.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate Muslims.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate the poor.
  • These people told their clients to say that you hate America.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were fascists.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were theocrats.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were stupid.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were uneducated.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were hatemongers.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were insane.
  • These people told their clients to say that you were violent extremists.
  • These people told their clients to call you unpatriotic.
  • These people told their clients to call you cowards.
  • These people told their clients to mock you at every opportunity.
  • These people told their clients to deliberately use a sexual slur when referring to you.
  • These people told their clients to trivialize and dismiss your concerns at every opportunity.

But Obama will come out the day after the election and talk about how we have to work together!

Kids’ book prizes to include gay and lesbian award – something about millstones comes to mind . . .

An award for gay and lesbian literature will be included in the American Library Association’s annual announcement of children’s prizes, a list which features the prestigious and influential Caldecott and Newbery medals.

Obama Gets Heckled, Then Lies About Republican Support for Global AIDS Funding – I have a video on my iPhone of a World Vision employee going on and on about how much he likes President Bush.

In fact, President Bush was credited for huge contributions to fighting AIDS in Africa going back to 2003. The Washington Post noted that he had tripled funding by 2006. The AP lauded Bush’s efforts in this regard. The Telegraph called him “an African hero.” The BBC suggested Bush may have been the continent’s best friend. Scientific studies showed the Bush initiated program had reduced the mortality rate by 10%, amounting to hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

Important hand sanitizer video (Hat tip: Kevin)

When pro-choice really means pro-abortion

More and more I see that those claiming to be pro-choice are really pro-abortion.  A typical example is shown by false teaching “Reverend” Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.  He really shows how pro-abortion he is in “Fake Clinics: Stop Preying on Women.”

You see, if someone was truly pro-choice — and especially if that someone claimed to be a Christian — he would not oppose and would probably support Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs).  They do many great things for women and families in need, all for free.  We realize people have legal choices, and we’re merely trying to help them choose life.  Oh, and we share the Gospel if they are interested, another thing that a real Reverend would be thrilled about.

So on to the claims made in Currie’s post.  First, make no mistake: People who make lots of money  killing babies don’t mind lying to protect their business.  No kidding!  So I would never take their claims at face value.

A common misperception is that the “Christian position’ on abortion is anti-choice.

Yes, we are anti-choice to crush and dismember innocent human beings.  Like most pro-abortionists, Chuck just doesn’t know how to finish his sentences.

The truth is that many Christian denominations support the right of women to make their own health care decisions.

Double fallacy: No one opposes women making “health care decisions.”  We do oppose women killing their unborn children, who are distinct human beings.  What about health care for the unborn, Chuck?  Why don’t you support their right to make decisions?

I recognize that the issue of abortion is a difficult one and that good people can come to very different conclusions concerning this issue.

But why is it difficult, Chuck?  Please explain.  I know why it is wrong: Abortion kills an innocent human being.  But if you disagree with that fundamental scientific fact, then why is the issue so difficult?

My own belief is that government shouldn’t be in the business of making these kinds of decisions for women.  Women should have a choice.

Tired old fallacious sound bites.  Chuck, should women have a choice to kill their toddlers?  Hopefully not.  So this isn’t about women having choices in any generic sense.  It is about a very particular choice: To have her unborn child killed.

He wants the government to make all sorts of decisions for our lives.  Shouldn’t the primary role of government be to protect human beings?  The government wouldn’t making a choice for the woman, it would be making a choice to protect innocent human life  and protect the “least of these.”

The General Synod of the United Church of Christ has said:

Whereas, women and men must make decisions about unplanned or unwanted pregnancies that involve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being; and …Whereas, abortion is a social justice issue, both for parents dealing with pregnancy and parenting under highly stressed circumstances, as well as for our society as a whole;

Yes, it is a social justice issue: You shouldn’t kill innocent human beings.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Sixteenth General Synod:

  • affirms the sacredness of all life, and the need to protect and defend human life in particular;

But if the life of the unborn is sacred, why not protect her?  There is no question that it is a human life.

  • encourages persons facing unplanned pregnancies to consider giving birth and parenting the child, or releasing the child for adoption, before abortion;

But one of Chuck’s objections is that their are dangers with pregnancy.  If abortions aren’t immoral, then with Chuck’s logic they are safe and effective methods of birth control.

  • upholds the right of men and women to have access to adequately funded family planning services, and to safe, legal abortions as one option among others;

Please explain how an abortion can ever be safe for the unborn human being.

  • urges the United Church of Christ, at all levels, to provide educational resources and programs to persons, especially young persons, to help reduce the incidence of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, and to encourage responsible approaches to sexual behavior.

A reporter from The New York Times who recently visited a Crisis Pregnancy Center notes that she was provided with a pamphlet “about the risks of abortion” that “mentioned breast cancer, a link the National Cancer Institute has refuted, and something called post-abortion syndrome, for which the American Psychological Association, among others, says there is no evidence. As for the physical risks of pregnancy and childbirth? There was no pamphlet to discuss them.”

Gosh, the NCI and the APA would never buckle to political pressure, would they?  And people who kill babies for a very profitable living would never lie about it, would they?

Hey, come to think of it, Chuck is a well documented, serial, unrepentant liar.  Since when did he get so passionate about the truth?  Oh, when it advances the pro-abortion cause.

And Chuck obviously has never met many post-abortive women.  One of the many things offered by CPCs is post-abortion trauma counseling.  We have the great news of hope, forgiveness and healing in Jesus.  Too bad Chuck can’t offer that.

And of course, in his “Christian” counseling he’d tell them that killing their unborn children was blessed by Jesus.  What blasphemy!

Some authentic Christians might be pro-choice, though they are deeply, wildly, embarrassingly on the wrong side of the issue and almost universally uninformed about the key issues.   One day they will deeply regret that their laziness and refusal to be involved were the reasons abortion was made and kept legal. But you can know for sure that nearly 100% of Christians who oppose CPCs are fake.

CPCs save lives today and for eternity.  Fake Christians like Chuck and Co. are tools of Satan trying to destroy lives today and for eternity.

P.S. It is a very, very well documented fact that Planned Parenthood hides statutory rape.  If he is so concerned about the truth, why doesn’t Chuck blog about that?

P90X follow up

Well, I finished the 13 weeks.  I’ll definitely do the routine again but with a few modifications.  The jumping bothered my neck so unfortunately I need to cut out the plyometrics and a couple other moves.  But I’ll just substitute a biking / stair stepper day and a couple other exercises.

I will mix in some more traditional weeks of lifting, but one thing P90X has done is get me to pick up the pace of my workouts.  I’ll try to rest less between sets.  I’ve learned lots of new exercises that I plan to work in.

I’m going mix in weeks of traditional workouts with another round of P90X, but I can already tell that I’ll miss Tony Horton pushing me and setting a faster pace.  Working out to the DVDs really is a bit like having a personal trainer.

I finally broke down and ordered a heart monitor watch.  I think my rate gets too high when doing the legs & back routine.

I had already been working out steadily so my changes weren’t that dramatic, but I am a lot more flexible and my chin-ups are at all-time highs.  I’ve had periods when I was younger and could lift more raw weights, but as far as overall fitness goes this is probably the best I’ve had.  The variety of moves and coverage (strength, cardio and flexibility) is outstanding.

If you’ve thought about trying it, give it a go.  But heed the warnings below and on the DVDs!  Just compete with yourself.  If you can only do 2 push-ups but you work up to 3, then 4, then 5, then you are winning.

Original post

I’m almost halfway through the 13 week P90X fitness routine and wanted to share some thoughts on it.  I’ve exercised regularly for 30+ years, almost all just self-training — mostly lifting plus jogging/exercise bike type stuff.  When I see “As seen on TV” I take it as a reason not to buy the product in question.  But I heard of several people at work and on Facebook who used P90X and liked it so I decided to give it a try.

My philosophy on fitness is that God has numbered our days but that our choices make a big difference in how we live those days.  Narcissism and excessive exercise aren’t good, but letting ourselves go doesn’t optimize our work for the Kingdom either.  Illness can strike anyone, but I want to accomplish as much as I can with whatever days I have left and I want to minimize any burdens on my family.  I like to stay on the giving side of the giving/receiving equation as much as possible.  Exercise is also a great stress relief.  Therefore, I strive to stay fit.


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