The Tiny Bible of the Theological Left: Read it all in 5 minutes!

There used to be a video store near us that rented movies with objectionable parts removed so the whole family could watch them.  I remember thinking, “What a time saver — you can watch Pulp Fiction in 5 minutes!”

In the same way, you can read the Theological Liberal Bible in about that time, and that is barely an exaggeration.  Thomas Jefferson famously made his own religion with his “Jefferson Bible.” Theological Liberals just go many steps further.  I’m pretty sure this post is longer than their Bible.  Seriously, think about all the things they have to leave out:

First, they must delete the many warnings against false teachers.  There are loads of those, even in the Sermon on the Mount that they think they like but don’t really understand.

Matthew 5:17–18 has to go from the Sermon on the Mount because it shows how Jesus fully supported all the Old Testament.

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

Then they need to delete various passages that warn not to add or remove anything from the word of God.

They must cut the 100+ passages passages explicitly or implicitly teaching that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  You can’t have that while you’re busy teaching that all religions lead to the one true God.

They must delete the ~3,000 verses and surrounding texts that claim to directly speak for God.  In their hypocrisy many will claim that God is still speaking to them – such as with the UCC slogan “God is still speaking;” – but they don’t believe the original claims made in the Bible.  They treat it as a purely man-made book.  Why should we believe He is speaking to them in a reliable way?  Are we to believe that God has always been a 21st century far Left politician and was just waiting until the culture drifted his way before He was brave enough to speak?

All the claims that the Bible is the word of God have to be cut.  Psalm 119?  Gone.  2 Peter 3:16?  Gone.  And so on.

The beginning of Genesis must go, because they worship Darwin more than God and they “know” how we really came into being.

The countless passages in the Old Testament commanding us not to worship other gods.  For those of you who have actually read the Bible, you know how hard it is to go more than a couple pages without that warning or without reading about the horrible consequences of disobeying it.

The whole book of Joshua, because they think it would have been genocidal for God to clear out the promised land — even if the Canaanites had sacrificed babies and committed other atrocities for 400 years.

The messages about Adam & Eve, Sodom & Gomorrah, Noah and Jonah have to go, of course — as well as Jesus’ unapologetic commentary on them and his treatment of them as real events.

The whole Exodus passage, because they can’t believe that those miracles happened or that God would judge Pharaoh and the Egyptians.  And most of the wilderness experience and the Tabernacle creation must be removed, because they don’t think God really did miracles like providing manna or gave guidance to the Israelites.

The whole book of Judges, because they think God wouldn’t really punish Israel for cycle after cycle of turning from him and worshiping false gods.

Psalm 139 is out, because it teaches how we were knit together in our mother’s wombs by God.  And the same goes for all the other passages acknowledging the humanity of the unborn, such as when John the Baptist kicks in the womb of Elizabeth when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, comes to visit.

All the do not murder / do not shed innocent blood passages have to be cut to support unrestricted abortion rights.

The book of Daniel, plus all other prophetic works, because their stunning accuracy leads theological Liberals to say they must have been written after the fact.  They seem to think that the proper Christian worldview is that Bible writers were big liars, so how could you possibly include those books?  After all, their god could never know the future like the God of the Bible.

Most or all of Paul’s letters, because they think he was a homophobic misogynist who could not have spoken for God.  There goes nearly half the books of the New Testament plus a big chunk of Acts.

The story of Abraham almost sacrificing Isaac, because they think God wouldn’t do that.

All the animal sacrifices, because PETA opposes those and God wouldn’t really command blood to be shed as payment for sins.

All the passages about God having the Northern Kingdom and then the Southern Kingdom taken into captivity for disobeying him and worshiping other gods, because the god of liberal theologians would never do that!

The beginning of the book of Acts, because it has Jesus there after a physical resurrection.

All the passages about judgment and Hell (that’s a whole bunch of the red letters, btw).

All the Gospel presentations in Acts, because they never mention how much God loves us unconditionally but they continually mention that Jesus died and rose again for our sins and that we are commanded to repent and believe.

1 Corinthians 15, because it claims that Jesus was physically resurrected.

Most of the passages about the crucifixion being God’s idea, because that would be divine child abuse.

All the claims for Jesus’ divinity.

All the claims for the virgin birth.

All Jesus’ miracles, because they “know” those couldn’t have really happened.

All the Gospel accounts of Jesus rising from the dead.

All the passages saying Jesus died for our sins.

All the passages about sinners and how humans can’t be good on their own.

All the passages about Satan and demons (there are more than you might think).

Most of the passages about human sexuality, marriage and parenting, because they view that version of God as homophobic, misogynistic and hopelessly politically incorrect.

All passages about God’s wrath.

They even have to take out Leviticus 19:18 (” . . . love your neighbor as yourself”) because they dismiss the rest of Leviticus with their flawed “God hates shrimp”argument.

Pretty much all of Revelation, and especially chapters 2-3 where Jesus addresses the faults of many churches.

And so many more!  Truly, they are the original Dalmatian Theologians, claiming that the Bible is only inspired in spots and that they are inspired to spot the spots, or Advanced Dalmatian Theologians, where God is also changing spots and adding/removing spots, and, oddly enough, He is only telling theological liberals and progressives.

Leave a comment with others I missed and I’ll update the post.

So what’s left? Roughly a dozen verses, which they take out of context or just plain misinterpret.  Examples:

  1. Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged. They don’t have time to read the next 4 verses that explain how He meant not to judge hypocritically – which, ironically, is exactly what they do when they use that verse in isolation to judge you.
  2. Matthew 5:39 But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. They use that to oppose capital punishment, among other things, even though it is hard to turn the other cheek if you are the victim of murder and to apply it would mean you’d oppose not only capital punishment for murderers but any punishment at all.
  3. Matthew 25:40 And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ They love mentioning the least of these to justify asking Caesar to take from neighbor A to give to neighbor B, but of course that isn’t what Jesus meant.  And they ignore the other language of eternal judgment in the passage.  Oh, and they are pro-legalized abortion and pro-taxpayer-funded abortion, which means they are pro-abortion.  I can’t reconcile that with helping the “least of these” or with loving your neighbor.

Seriously, we have a precise, highly technical theological term for people who hold those views about the Bible: Non-Christians.  Run, don’t walk, from their “churches.”  Highlight their errors until your throats are raw and your fingertips are calloused.  It is the loving thing to do for scores of their church members headed towards Hell.


At the risk of being an Egypt buzzkill, What do Egyptians really want? Apparently all Sharia law, all the time . . .

• 49% of Egyptians say Islam plays only a “small role” in public affairs under President Hosni Mubarak, while 95% prefer the religion play a “large role in politics.”

• 84% favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim faith.

• 82% support stoning adulterers.

• 77% think thieves should have their hands cut off.

• 54% support a law segregating women from men in the workplace.

• 54% believe suicide bombings that kill civilians can be justified.

Afghan Red Cross worker set to be hanged after converting to Christianity — this is tragic.  The reason you don’t hear about this on the media is that he isn’t in the right minority group.

The laws of unintended consequences kicks in regarding the passenger “Bill of Rights” for airline delays.  As one should have suspected, airlines are changing behavior to avoid fines – only the behavior change is canceling flights early, and often unnecessarily so.  Yes, there was a problem and no, this wasn’t the right solution.

France and Germany agree: Multiculturalism is a failure.  When will the U.S. admit it?

I think profit-sharing programs can be effective motivators, but if Obama Says Corporate Profits “Have To Be Shared By American Workers” — What About Losses?

Reason # 1,978 that the free market works better than the government: Once again government subsidized projects still fail to reduce dependency on oil and free market solutions work well.

Catch 22: The evolutionary explanation of religion

No matter where you go in the world you are confronted with the fact that mankind is a deeply religious creature.

. . .

This is a particularly difficult problem for materialists like Mr. Dawkins to deal with since the historical evidence speaks strongly against the notion that everyone is borne as an atheist, or blank slate per John Locke.

To answer this, many evolutionists like to suppose that notions of religion arose out of the overriding need for survival.

However this presents a problem for the evolutionist. If it is true that religion is merely a survival mechanism, then it demonstrates the fact that the primary goal is not the production of true beliefs. If it is false, that religion is merely a survival mechanism, then we cannot dismiss it as merely a delusion.

If the primary goal of evolution isn’t the production of true beliefs then that undermines their belief that they can discern truth.

I also like to remind these folks that if their worldview is true then their beloved Darwinian evolution is 100.000% responsible for my conversion from atheism to Christianity and my trust in the “false” evidence that Jesus really lived, died and rose again.  So why are they so upset if their trusted mechanism produced my views?

From Glenn’s roundup, LifeWay Bookstores aren’t warning about emergent books anymore.  It was bad enough that they even sold these non-Christian books.

According to a Christianity Today article, LifeWay Christian Stores (resource department for Southern Baptist Convention) has decided to end their “Read with Discernment” labels program that began in 2007.1 Books that LifeWay was carrying at that time by emerging church authors such as Rob Bell and Brian McLaren were suppose to receive labels telling potential readers that they should used discernment when reading the books as the books “may have espoused thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology.” But, says Christianity Today, LifeWay has decided to end the warning program. Chris Rodgers, LifeWay’s director of product standards and customer relations, said: “We have been thinking about doing away with them for some time . . . They have kind of become irrelevant.”

They are only irrelevant if you aren’t interested in the truth.

The Arguments Gay Marriage Advocates Use – a good summary of the laundry list of fallacies used to advance their cause

You’d think that mathematics would be free from the idiocy of postmodernism, but here we are.

And in New Mexico a recent graduate of high school tells of how a mathematics teacher labelled him a “bigot” for thinking it was important to get the right answer. As long as students worked together in a group and achieved consensus, the teacher insisted, the outcome was acceptable.

Wow.  We have a technical term for math teachers like that: Idiots.

Abortion group’s music video targets kids, advises anal sex to avoid pregnancy – I am not making this up.  I wish I was.  The group in question is referred to as an “abortion charity,” which is my submission for the oxymoron of the year award.

Coming soon to a country near you: Canadian Court: Marriage officials must marry homosexuals.  Religious freedom?  What’s that?


Atlas Shrugged, the movie

This should be interesting.  I’m not a big movie fan but I may go see this– Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Trailer.  I finally got around to reading the book last year.

Mini-review: Ayn Rand did a magnificent job of identifying the failure of Liberalism and how destructive it is.  If I wasn’t so familiar with the people represented by the characters she skewered I would have accused her of creating straw men. But many decades later the same horrific thinking dominates academia and much of politics and “religion” (the fake kinds).

Her solution is better, but far from good enough.  Ironically, she was ahead of her time in identifying the intellectual bankruptcy of postmodern thinking but fell prey to a bit of it herself.  Even if her economic worldview was better than her ideological enemies — and it certainly was — she still had no universal grounding for her ideals.  And of course I oppose her pro-legalized-abortion stance, though I wonder if she would have changed her views if she had seen how abortion rights played out after Roe v Wade.

I hope that the movie stimulates discussion about the key economic concepts that it rightly advances.  And I do know of one blogger who has probably purchased multiple advance tickets to the show . . .

Are you Islamaphobic? Yeah, me neither.

Islamaphobia is another made-up malady designed to put legitimate critics of Islam on the defensive.  After all, if you paint your ideological opponents as clinically crazy then you must be right, eh?  Sadly, as dishonest as it is it worked really well for the Left with the whole “homophobia” thing so this pattern won’t change anytime soon.

The irony is that the real “-phobes” on both issues are the ones doing the name-calling.  The real “homophobes” are not those who point out inconvenient facts like the biblical view of sex and parenting, the 46x higher rates of STDs for gays, the logical consequences of civil rights for sexual preferences being the teaching of 5 yr. olds about the “normalcy” of  gays, bisexuals and transgenders, and more.  No, the real homophobes are those so scared of the LGBTX lobby that they will deny God, the Bible and common sense rather than state the obvious.  I don’t think they are clinically crazy, just poorly informed and/or cowardly.

The same thing goes for “Islamophobia.”  The real Islamaphobes are the ones so scared of being politically incorrect or having a Fatwa issued on them that they reflexively chant “religion of peace” despite the contrary evidence.  Of course not all Muslims are violent.  That isn’t the claim.  The claim is that Islam is much more than a religion.  It is a pervasive ideology bent on world domination.  “Separation of church and state” is an oxymoron to them.

But do I fear individual Muslims?  Not at all.  One of my employees is Muslim.  He didn’t mention that during the interview process, but his name is Mohammad and he is from Pakistan.  So let’s just say it wasn’t a big stretch to infer it.  I treat him well, like I do all my employees.  But I would never patronize him and deny Christ by saying we both worship the same God.  We both know that isn’t true.

These two articles popped in my Google Reader at the same time and made an interesting comparison.

First, true teacher Wintery Knight had a follow up about how the Obama administration is trying to cover up the political correctness that led to Ft. Hood massacre

Indeed, even after the shootings, government officials worried more about the fate of “diversity” than about the lives of their troops:  “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength,” Army Chief of Staff George Casey told NBC’s Meet the Press. “And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said.

He rightly asks, “Can you trust the Democrats on national security? I don’t see why.”

Second, false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie worried about Islamaphobia in the conservative movement, as if there aren’t legitimate concerns about creeping Sharia.  I don’t recall false teacher Chuck blogging about the suppression of religious freedoms in Deerborn, Michigan and how even the Liberal leaders in Europe are declaring multiculturalism a failure.   The same ghouls who falsely blamed Sarah Palin over the Arizona shootings before the bodies were even cold are quick to apologize for Islam before the facts were even in on the Ft. Hood shootings.

Chuck says, “There should be no room for religious bigotry in our politics,” but that is just an excuse to never have to examine the actions and plans of Islam.  He puts any analysis of Islam in that category.  How convenient.

The biggest irony of fake Christians like Chuck apologizing for Islam is that they are doing it out of fear and out of hatred for authentic Christianity.  If they thought one step ahead they’d realize that their “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” approach is going to blow up in their face one day (heh).  Does they think Islam is pro-abortion and pro-gay theology like he is?  Do you think they’ll look kindly on the gay pride parades Chuck takes his young daughters to?

You don’t have to fear all Muslims, but you should have a rational fear of Islam and an understanding for how they are executing their plan.  Our leaders often can’t think 100 minutes into the future, where Islam looks ahead 100 years.  Ask the people in Europe.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to false teachers who know even less about Islam than they do about Christianity.  And don’t fear the name callers.

Do they really care what Jesus would do?

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie asked, “What would Jesus cut?” in an attempt to influence the reductions required for the U.S. budget.  Aside from the major issues with not only the ineffectiveness but the counterproductive nature of so many U.S. welfare programs, I think it is fair to ask if Chuck and other false teachers like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis really care what Jesus thinks.

Perhaps they could share their church budgets with us and show us how much they give out of their own pockets to the poor, even as their denominations keep shrinking (the UCC loses people year after year – must be the ejector seats!).  Do they just spend the donations on their own buildings and such, or do they help the needy in a significant way?  If they aren’t setting a good example with their own funds,  why should we take their advice on how to spend other people’s money?

Jesus said many things that these false teachers don’t take seriously.

Jesus taught that not only was murder wrong, but even the hatred that leads to murder.  He taught to protect the weak and the “least of these.  Yet the false teachers are pro-legalized abortion and even pro-taxpayer-funded abortion.  If they think Jesus supports either of those they are worshiping a fake Jesus.

And they support groups like Planned Parenthood, which in addition to killing the unborn systematically hide statutory rape and underage sex slavery.  That is the opposite of love and caring for the least of these.

Jesus taught not to even look at others lustfully and that marriage was designed for one man and one woman.  Yet these false teachers support all manner of perversions, oppose censorship of destructive materials, support “same-sex marriage,” and more.

Jesus said that Hell is real, but the false teachers don’t believe that.

Jesus said He is the only way to salvation, but the false teachers don’t believe that.

Jesus said He was God, but the false teachers don’t believe that.

Jesus taught to give your own money to help your neighbors, not to ask Caesar to take from neighbor A to give to neighbor B.  But the false teachers believe the opposite.

You get the idea.  So why should we think they really care about what Jesus says now?

Don’t let them get away with stealing the name of Jesus while teaching the opposite of what He did on nearly every important topic.  Run, don’t walk, from theologically Liberal churches.  They are just providing shortcuts to Hell.

Racism roundup

A few stories caught my eye the other day.  Just one question: How many of these did you see on MSNBC?  That’s what I thought.

NAACP Has No Interest In Addressing Racism Against Justice Clarence Thomas

The NAACP won’t directly address the racism displayed by progressive protesters outside a summit hosted by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch at the end of January in Palm Springs, Calif., but the organization did call for an end to all “vitriolic language.”

In response to The Daily Caller’s request for comment on a videoshowing progressive protesters calling for somebody to “string up” African American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or “send him back into the fields” or “cut off all his toes and feed them to him one-by-one,” NAACP spokesman Hilary Shelton pointed to theorganization’s recent resolution calling for a “civil political discourse.”

“Last summer, the NAACP passed a resolution calling for a civil political discourse,” Shelton said in an e-mail to TheDC. “We continue to call on all Americans to abandon vitriolic language. It serves as a distraction from the real issues our society need to address and distorts the challenges we as Americans have to confront to make our nation greater still.”

Shelton would not, however, address the content of the video directly.

Civil rights commission finds that Obama administration has racist double standard

Remember the New Black Panthers voter intimidation story?

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights came out in December with a draft of its interim report on the New Black Panthers Party scandal. Earlier today a final report was posted on thecommission’s website, and with it, a flurry of rebuttals and separate statements from a number of the commissioners. The import of these statements should not be minimized.

The statements indicate several points: 1) the New Black Panther Party case brought by career Justice Department employees was meritorious on the law and the facts; 2) there is voluminous evidence of the Obama administration’s political interference in the prosecution of the New Black Panther Party case; 3) there is ample evidence that the Obama administration directed Justice Department employees not to bring cases against minority defendants who violated voting rights laws or to enforce a provision requiring that states and localities clean up their voting rolls to prevent fraud; 4) the Justice Department stonewalled efforts to investigate the case; and 5) vice chairman Abigail Thernstrom has, for reasons not entirely clear, ignored the evidence and tried to undermine the commission’s work.

Surprise! Bush economy led to accelerated growth of black-owned businesses

The number of black-owned businesses grew much faster than the national rate during the five years before the recession began, according to data released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The ranks of black firms shot up more than 60 percent from 2002 to 2007, compared with the overall national increase of 4 percent. By the end of the boom, Prince George’s County had the highest share of black-owned businesses – 55 percent – among all large counties in the nation.

Less clear is how those firms fared after the recession hit. The Census Bureau did not offer any information on how minority-owned businesses did after late 2007, when the economic downturn began.

Video #7: Another “isolated” incident of Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting sex traffickers

See Washington Planned Parenthood facility the seventh caught aiding sex traffickers |

The pattern in DC, just miles from Capitol Hill and the White House, is clear: presented with information that underage girls are being exploited for commercial sex, Planned Parenthood’s again shows its willingness to aid and abet sex traffickers,” said Lila Rose, president of Live Action.  “An institutional crisis has consumed Planned Parenthood at the highest levels.  The reason their story has changed five times in reaction to our investigation is because they know they’re guilty.”

“Sex trafficking in the U.S. has increased dramatically in recent years, and the pattern revealed by our investigation shows sex traffickers have no better friend than Planned Parenthood,” she continued.  “Untold damage has already been done to countless girls and young women, whose safety and health are clearly at risk because organizations like Planned Parenthood provide confidentiality and safe haven for sex traffickers.

Go here to sign a petition to de-fund Planned Parenthood, among other things.

“Is It True That Science Had No Consensus on the Beginning of Human Life in 1973?”

Not at all.

I urge you to check out the Blood Money website and blog.  The latest post addresses the seemingly willful ignorance of scientific facts that were well-known in 1973 when the Roe v. Wade decision was made.

We still have science deniers today who insist that they just don’t know when new human beings are created.  Ironically, most of these are in the science-worshiping camp that likes to pretend that Christians are anti-science and live by the circular reasoning that we can only trust what comes from science or that science trumps all other ways of gathering information.

Read the post for a clear and thorough recap of scientific knowledge about when life begins.  The Roe v. Wade decision was based on bad ideology and politics, not science.

During his majority opinion during the Roe v Wade trial of 1973, Justice Harry Blackmun said,

The judiciary, at this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to… resolve the difficult question of when life begins… since those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus.” (Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113. 1973)

The science had been “settled” for a long time and what we have learned since then just reaffirms that.  Just a couple of the many facts noted:

In the 1860′s, a movement was led by medical doctors(not religious enthusiasts) to take the common law a step futher. These doctors declared that that unborn children at anystage were human. In fact, as early as 1857, the American Medical Association stated, “the independent and actual existence of the child before birth as a living being is a matter of objective science.” As a result of this movement, laws were passed in all 50 states prohibiting abortions. These were the laws on the books that were challenged at a federal level in 1973 by the Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions.

. . .

Did you catch that final entry? They had already cracked the genetic code 12 years before Roe V Wade! They already knew that a human embryo contained a uniquegenetic signature, never to be repeated. They knew the embryo was self-propelling, containing all of the information it would need to grow into an adult human being. They knew the genetic information in the embryo was not the same as the genome of the mother–in other words, they knew that the embryo was not the mother’s body, since every cell in her body carries exclusively her own DNA.

And, of course, even if Blackmun & Co. had not been so (deliberately?) mistaken they still should have erred on the side of life.  After all, if you aren’t sure if a medical procedure kills an innocent human being but realize it is a possibility, shouldn’t that make you think twice?

I’m too pro-science to be pro-choice.

Must read responses to the lies of Planned Parenthood

Update: Go here to sign a petition to de-fund Planned Parenthood, among other things.


This is a quick must read: Lila Rose: The top six Planned Parenthood deceptions in response to our exposé |  I left a few snippets in the list below.  See the link for the full responses.  Planned Parenthood and its apologists are working overtime to minimize this.  Let’s keep it out there as much as possible.  The more the middle ground knows the more likely we’ll get PP defunded.  Be sure to flag it to theological liberals, who typically give their full support to PP.

Deception 6) “We reported this to the FBI”

Planned Parenthood wrote the FBI a letter a week AFTER our investigation, only after they realized that Live Action had conducted the sting. They say this themselves. As much as they may pretend, Planned Parenthood was not attempting to help send human traffickers to jail; they were attempting to pre-empt the release of Live Action’s footage.

If Planned Parenthood really cared about reporting potential sex traffickers to authorities, they would have called police while the pimp was in the clinic, or immediately after. Not wasting a minute. Planned Parenthood, where are the reports from the now SIX clinics we’ve released, that you immediately called the police?

Why did all your staffers, instead of refusing service or gathering information from the pimp about his sex ring to inform authorities, GIVE the pimp information about how to access the Planned Parenthood system for secret services?

Deception 5) Live Action Videos Are All “Doctored” and a “Hoax”

Planned Parenthood, if you really think our videos are “fake”, “doctored” and a “hoax”, why did you yesterday claim that you will be retraining your entire staff of 11,000?

Deception 4) “We are retraining our entire staff of 11,000″

A final question: How exactly will Planned Parenthood be “training” it’s staff? Will the training be a special seminar on how to recognize Live Action cameras?

Deception 3) Virginia Staff Acted “Professionally”

Deception 2) This is an “isolated incident”

A favorite of Planned Parenthood’s. Every time Live Action releases a video (and we’ve released over 16 now), it is “an isolated incident”. Let the facts speak for themselves. Look at the evidence.

Deception 1) We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, and you should trust us

If anyone can still believe this, I don’t know if there is any evidence in the world that will convince them otherwise.



From the shadenfreude department, some Darwinian on Darwinian verbal violence – aka, PZ Myers reaps what he sowed.

Ten resources to help you defend the resurrection of Jesus as history

If Canada’s Bill C-389 passes, transgenderism will be taught in kindergarten – coming soon to a country near you.  This is the logical consequence of turning sexual preferences into civil rights.  It is child abuse to teach kindergarteners that they aren’t “really” boys or girls.  These people should be in jail.

New study links father absence to increased bullying – so when people want to reduce bullying in schools across the board – instead of just protecting their favored students – remind them how important stable one man / one woman families are.

The top three books that helped change me from a mindless, irrational Darwinist into an ID proponent

War and killing – excellent overview of the biblical view

Union Fights to Force You into Obamacre While Getting Waivers for Itself – one more reason to dislike unions and Obamacare.  Unions fought hard to make you pay for this but are opting out themselves.  If it is such a swell program, why aren’t they excited to be in it?  If they don’t like it, why did they lobby for it?  This is politics at its worst.

EPA Issues First Waiver For New Greenhouse Gas Regulations – shockingly, it goes to a major Obama supporter and a recipient of major government spending.  Where are the Halliburton haters now?

Another thing you won’t get from the mainstream media: How The CDC Coverup Now Turns to Bureaucratic Panic when they were caught hiding abortion data.

More Assaults From the Supporters of the Homosexual Agenda – be sure to eat more chicken (at Chik-Fil-A, a restaurant with excellent governance that treats its employees well).

‘House of Horrors’ abortionist made over $1.8 million/year, now claims to be broke — apparently abortion pays pretty well for those selfless heroes.

According to the grand jury report, a search of Gosnell’s Philadelphia home uncovered $240,000 in cash and a gun hidden in a filing cabinet in his 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom.  Other than that, his income appears to be unaccounted for except for his assets and real estate investments. “The money’s unaccounted for,” District Attorney Joanne Pescatore told the Inquirer. “The only thing we know about is the money taken out of the house.”

According to the Inquirer report, Gosnell and his wife own seventeen properties, a motorboat, a Dodge Durango, a Ford F-150 pickup truck and a Ford Expedition.

Despite these assets, Gosnell now claims to be broke . . .


False teachers explained in one simple diagram

This Venn diagram helps show why some people don’t immediately spot false teachers.

A = Biblical, Christian beliefs — e.g., Jesus is the only way to salvation (100+ passages), He was fully God and fully man, He was physically resurrected, the Bible is the word of God, etc.)

B = Selected parts of the Bible that false teachers like or at least think they like (not surprisingly, they often misunderstand or distort the parts they claim to agree with) — e.g., don’t judge others (though it really just teaches not to judge hypocritically), help the poor (though it teaches to do it with your money, not your neighbor’s), etc.

C = Beliefs of false teachers (typically the opposite of A)


They are often effective because they repeat verses in the B section so often that it fools people into thinking the teachers are real Christians.

But agreeing with just some Bible verses isn’t Christianity, it is the opposite.  It is making a god in one’s own image and claiming it is the real God.  It is denying who Jesus really is.

They either lied at their ordination vows or changed their minds later and are too dishonest to quit their jobs.  They infiltrated the church and leadership positions.  They mislead countless people and hurt the progress of the real church.

These people are the original Dalmatian Theologians, where they claim that the Bible is only inspired in spots and that they are inspired to spot the spots, or Advanced Dalmatian Theologians, where God is also changing spots and adding/removing spots, and, oddly enough, He is only telling theological liberals and progressives.

They ignore the passages about sound doctrine, of course, which is a tipoff to their real motives.  If people read their Bibles more they would quickly spot these fakes.

They say things like, “God is still speaking;” or “The Holy Spirit is moving in a new direction,” even though they didn’t believe God’s original revelation.  Are we to believe that they are right and Paul was wrong?  They never seem to ground their authority to speak for the “real” God.

Beware of false teachers.

Ballroom dancing

An RKO publicity still of Astaire and Rogers d...

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My wife and I started taking ballroom dance lessons last month to celebrate our 25th anniversary and have really enjoyed it.  It is a great way to spend time together and learn something new.  I never liked free form dancing but ballroom is much different.  The key for me is just breaking it down and getting lots of repetition.

Do any of you do ballroom dancing?  What do you like about it?

We’re about ready to venture out into the public.  A friend told us about this place in the Heights that plays some big band music at least one Saturday a month.  Any other good places to go in the North Houston area?  We thought it would be fun to get some friends to go out together now and then.

We’ve covered a lot of dances – Rumba, Cha cha, Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Swing, Two step, and more.  Some are progressing more than others!  We were leaving one night and I noted that I really enjoyed the Mamba.  My wife pointed out that a mamba is a poisonous African snake and that I probably meant the Rumba.  (She was right, though I should have claimed I meant it as a combination of the Samba and the Rumba).

We are taking at a Fred Astaire studio close to our house.  We’ve been really pleased with the instructors.  Very thorough and friendly.  If you tell them we referred you it is only $25 for a startup package with two private lessons and one group lesson (and they give us a free lesson).  The group lessons aren’t very large – we’ve never had more than 5 people in a class.  Note: It gets more expensive after the trial: There are packages that average $100 for a private lesson and a week of group lessons (i.e., $400 for 4 private lessons and 4 weeks of unlimited group lessons).  But group lessons are only $25 and you can learn a lot in those.

They also have free Saturday night open dancing for students, sort of a ballroom dance party.  They play music for all the different dances and are glad to give you tips along the way.

Political correctness is deadly once again

As I noted here, political correctness is the adult version of Jr. High peer pressure: People say things they know are false because they are afraid of being unpopular.  That would be irritating enough if the consequences weren’t so severe and often deadly.

See Report: Political Correctness Prevented FBI, DoD from Stopping Maj. Hasan | Verum Serum.

Today the Senate Homeland Security Committee released an independent report on the Ft. Hood shootings. The 91 page report is titled A Ticking Time Bomb: Counterterrorism Lessons from the US Government’s Failure to Prevent the Fort Hood Attack. The gist of it is that the FBI and Hasan’s superiors had more than enough information to prevent the shootings and likely would have done so if not for political correctness.

. . .

But the most stunning portion of the report is the section that offers details about the nature of Hasan’s radicalization as witnessed by his fellow officers:

Hasan advanced to a two-year fellowship at USUHS…Less than a month into the fellowship, in August 2007, Hasan gave another off-topic presentation on a violent Islamist extremist subject instead of on a health care subject. This time, Hasan’s presentation was so controversial that the instructor had to stop it after just two minutes when the class erupted in protest to Hasan’s views. The presentation was entitled, Is the War on Terror a War on Islam: An Islamic Perspective?Hasan’s proposal for this presentation promoted this troubling thesis: that U.S. military operations are a war against lslam rather than based on non-religious security considerations. Hasan’s presentation accorded with the narrative of violent Islamist extremism that the West is at war with Islam. Hasan’s paper was full of empathetic and supportive recitation of other violent Islamist extremist views, including defense of Osama bin Laden, slanted historical accounts blaming the United States for problems in the Middle East, and arguments that anger at the United States is justifiable…The instructor who stopped the presentation said that Hasan was sweating, quite nervous, and agitated after being confronted by the class.

Hasan’s promotion of violent Islamist extremist beliefs continued after the presentation. One classmate said that Hasan supported suicide bombings in another class. He told several classmates that his religion took precedence over the U.S. Constitution he swore to support and defend as a U.S. military officer.

Read the whole thing.  This is what happens when people are too afraid to criticize Islam (or the gay lobby, or whatever the PC-police say is off limits).


Interesting autocorrect moment: I typed woo-hoo (without the hypen) on my iPhone in reply to an email from my wife (she had informed me that she was getting a snow day tomorrow).  It autocorrected to Elohim, the Hebrew word for God.  I’m pretty fired up for God but don’t think I’ll be using that term in worship anytime soon. 

I’ve had many odd autocorrect changes but that is the most unique.  Yesterday I typed a name that translated to nucleons.  What is frightening is to think about how many bizarre changes I missed before sending something!

Ah, the warmth of progressive civility

Will false teachers (1) protest these Leftists and their hate speech?  See The Left’s Common Cause: “Lynch Clarence Thomas!” | RedState — here are your “progressives” calling for the lynching of Clarence Thomas and his wife, among other things.  One lady at the end thought it was worse to say “assholes” on film than it was to call for Thomas’ lynching.  Charming.

Will you see this on the mainstream media among calls for more civility?  Or is this somehow Sarah Palin’s fault?

(1) False teachers include people like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie


When worldviews collide: Nanny state Government Agencies Want to Reshape the “Obesogenic Environment” – but wait!! — Atheism as a major cause of obesity? So is the cure for government to encourage religion?

Sex & sociology — New study finds that feminism does not empower women in relationships

If he can get to the “business” with just one or two dinners with Martha, why would he commit to 20 dates and “maybe” Mary?

Regnerus told The Daily Caller that in the sexual economy women act almost like a cartel. At one time the price of sex was extremely high, but with the demise of the shotgun wedding, the invention of “the pill” and a population of willing women, the “price” of sex has plummeted.

Video: The most shocking 4-minute abortion debate you will ever see – Oh my.  I have a strong stomach and I could only watch a few seconds.  It has a chilling mix of an abortion clinic advertisement (telling you to bring only “love” – ack!) with video of abortions.  Hey all you pro-legalized abortionists: Your homework assignment is to watch all of it. These procedures are legal because of you.

Biggest Out of Context Pet Peeve: Matthew 18:20 – my biggest peeve is the misuse of Jeremiah 29:11, but I see the point here.

Out of all my pet peeves when it comes to verses taken out of context, Matthew 18:20 ranks at the top.  The verse says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.”

Let me tell you what it does not mean.  It does not mean that Jesus is more present or more gracious when a group gathers for prayer. If you believe that, you 1) have never read the passage, and 2) are wrong.

. . .

Jesus is teaching his disciples about church discipline. In the context, verse 20 means that when Jesus’ disciples agree on a matter of church discipline concerning an unrepentant church member, Jesus will be divinely present among them as they seek Christ-like unity and wisdom in making  their decision.

Christopher Hitchens and the Edge of Boredom – interesting analysis of a guy who should have been one of the last people on the planet to ever get bored.  Yet he turned to alcohol because things just weren’t interesting enough.  Too bad he is still rebelling against God.

Think carefully about the situation in Egypt, then ask yourself if you want your government to have more power to regulate or even shut down the Internet.

I couldn’t figure out why the Left wasn’t out in full force blaming the Dearnborn Mosque attack on Sarah Palin and blathering on about civility.  Then I read this and realized why: Would-be Dearborn Mosque attacker anti-Bush felon.

Something tells me that the Left will be oh-so-silent on this one and that they are very sad that he wasn’t a TEA Partier.



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