False teachers worship government instead of Jesus

False teachers* continue to whine and fast** over the U.S. budget, ignoring that their plans involve taking from others — most of whom can’t vote and who may not even have been born yet (and won’t be, if these pro-aborts have their way).  It is illuminating how the Democrats gave up billions of dollars in spending rather than lose a few hundred million that goes to Planned Parenthood.

Their “churches” aren’t giving themselves because they are too busy with their #1 priority of advancing the anti-biblical gay agenda.  Therefore, they must ask the government to take from neighbor A to “give” to neighbor B.  How generous of them!  And how un-biblical!

There is no greater concern among the churches of Christ than for those in this nation who live in poverty. This could hardly be otherwise because Jesus himself lived among the poor: loving them, eating and drinking with them, healing them, and speaking words of justice and assurance that God’s own love for the poor is unsurpassed.

via GOP Sets Fire To Matthew 25; Will President Obama Put Out The Flames?

Note the hyperbole: If you don’t force future generations to pay for your wish list now, then you are burning the Bible.  What hyperbole. And as usual, the ones pretending to care about the least of these also want your tax dollars to pay for the destruction of the true least of these, the unborn.

More importantly, notice the non sequitur: Jesus spent time with the poor and loved them, therefore the government needs to redistribute money from producers to non-producers.  These false teachers parrot these sound bites so much they don’t even realize there is no logical connection — or they know and don’t care, and the media lets them get away with it.

And even though these false teachers don’t even understand Matthew 25, shouldn’t the ACLU be alarmed about that whole separation thingy?  After all, why would anyone expect Obama to advance that passage?

The motto of the United Church of Christ and other apostate denominations should be: “Caring for the least of these — or destroying them — with your money.”

*False teachers include people like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie

** Normally I’d never comment on anyone’s weight, but unless the camera adds 90 lbs. I’d say that false teachers like Chuck and Jim are pretty fast-resistant.

4 thoughts on “False teachers worship government instead of Jesus

    • Somehow I thought our greatest concern was for the unsaved whether rich or poor.

      Yes, but then you’d be talking about authentic Christians.

      The greatest concern for the UCC is advancing the gay agenda. Then it is ensuring abortion is paid for by taxpayers and never restricted. Then it is expanding the gov’t to take over more duties of the real church.

  1. As the great Thomas Sowell often points out, those who are in the bottom 20% of income in one decade are more likely to be in the top 20% ten years hence than they are to remain in the bottom 20%.

    In 2011, wealth, income, and the like are very fluid, dynamic, and shifting. “The poor” do not represent a static class of people, so damned by birth or circumstance (although some are); often, their circumstances are those of age (being young means that you have little earning power) or life choices (i.e. having babies out of wedlock).

    If liberals were really concerned with the poor, they would condemn pre-marital sex, which is one of the biggest causes of poverty in America today.

    Also, they would do their best to NOT impoverish the next generation, and to understand that the “poor” middle-aged people are (excepting cases of physical or mental disability) not really “poor” in any true sense, but are able to provide food and shelter to themselves and their families. But I see no reason why a five-year-old should be damned to an adulthood of poverty to pay for all of this, and an old age of eating cat food because no one wants to stand up and revise the Cadillac benefits in Medicare.

    Look, I know, from first-hand experience, what it’s like to struggle in America. I drive an ancient car, service it myself, live with roommates, and buy clothes at consignment stores so that I can make ends meet in this recession. But I’m doing better than almost anyone in any country on Earth, and better than anyone in almost any time period before me. Let’s be real – “poor” in America has absolutely no relationship to the poverty of the Middle East two thousand years ago. It is laughable to compare those.

    Logically, “poor” must mean more than “left-hand side of the bell curve”. If you were really concerned with poverty, you would want America to be as rich as possible, so we could create more, produce more, and export more to poor countries, and be a model “shining city on a hill” to lead the way so that other countries could follow in our path and alleviate their horrific poverty. The wealth that we have in this country is astonishing. When our “poor” have cars, microwave ovens, cell phones, not to mention heat and clean, running water, and vaccines for their kids, we’re doing really well.

    Capitalism does that – not government hand-outs.

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