This can’t be right — the media and the religious Left said that Tea Partiers are racists!

Then why is Herman Cain so popular with them?  See Herman Cain gaining momentum with the Tea Party conservatives.

What will the race-baiters do now?  They’ve been calling Tea Partiers (and anyone daring to criticize Barack Obama) racists for years.  But if we were racists for criticizing someone who is half-black, will they be double-racists for criticizing Herman Cain?  Will they be called anti-feminist for demonizing Sarah Palin with their 18-to-1 negative coverage of her?

His rags-to-riches personal story and his talk of an “empowerment agenda” appeals to voters who believe that the federal budget has been corrupted by a culture of entitlement that no longer values sweat equity. As a black conservative, he appeals to Tea Party supporters who are angry at being tagged racists for their disagreements with the nation’s first black president. And in a country increasingly sour on Washington, his lack of political experience has become a calling card.

“Tea Party people love him,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots.

[…]Mr. Cain, 65, grew up poor in Georgia, his father working three jobs to finally buy a house for his family. Mr. Cain worked his way through Morehouse College and earned a master’s degree at Purdue University before becoming a vice president at Pillsbury.

Advised by the president of the company that he had to take a different route if he wanted to be a president of a company himself, Mr. Cain quit and entered the Burger King training program, where potential executives are trained from the grill up, working as “Whopper floppers” and cleaning bathrooms. Soon he was in charge of his region, and within a couple of years Pillsbury asked him to help turn around the Godfather’s chain, which he eventually joined in buying.

He became a folk hero among Republicans in 1994, when he challenged President Bill Clinton on his health care legislation during a televised town-hall-style meeting: “If I’m forced to do this, what will I tell all those people whose jobs I’m forced to eliminate?”

He ran for the Senate in Georgia in 2004, coming in second in the Republican primary ahead of a more seasoned politician, and parlayed his success into a career as a talk radio host.

[…]Liberals, he said, “are scared to death of me. They don’t want me to go up against their beloved Obama. I have done stuff, fixed stuff, can explain stuff and run stuff. He’s been a community organizer, he’s got failed policies. He reads from the teleprompter, I don’t. I’ve got common-sense solutions, he passes 2,700-page legislation. The contrast would be so obvious, and when you get past all of the quantitative stuff, they can’t use race to cover for him.”

Cain seems close to Michelle Bachman, which is great with me.  They are still my favorite pair for the 2012 race.  Will the Left try to destroy her the way they did with Palin?  Will feminists ever wake up to the hypocrisy?

Cain’s candidacy is bad news for the religious Left, too, such as the likes of race-baiting false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.  They are the real racists, of course, opposing school choice for blacks (gotta keep those union jobs!) and supporting policies that will increase the 3x ratio of black abortions to whites.  But it will make it harder for them to play the race card if Cain continues to advance.  I wonder what desperate tactic they’ll try next?

Cain, Bachman and Palin have much better ideas than Barack Obama.  They have more integrity.  They have far better experience than he had in 2008.  They will appoint better judges.  In short, they would make much better Presidents.

2 thoughts on “This can’t be right — the media and the religious Left said that Tea Partiers are racists!

  1. Here’s what I said a week or two ago:

    96% of black voters voted for Obama in 2008 simply because he’s (half)black. Two years later a poll showed even after blacks discovered he wasn’t going to pay their mortgage or put gas into their cars, 96% of black voters would still vote for him.

    A Herman Cain candidacy would force black voters to make a choice between a black man who espouses unrealistic bumper sticker slogans of hope and change, then doesn’t deliver, and a black man who offers real common sense solutions to the problems caused mostly by the other black man.

    Likely Obama would still get a hefty percentage of the black vote simply because he’s a Democrat, but I’m guessing rather than resigning to choosing between two black candidates, many of them will simply stay home and refuse to vote at all.

    • And that my friend, is the reason why Reps/cons stay losing in the inner cities.

      If all things were equal, perhaps your statement would be correct. However, it ignores the fact that human beings are inherently selfish creatures and living another day is more important than some grand goal in the future. This is what Obama and company understand and use it well to their advantage.

      Within the inner cities, the people simply don’t know there is other way, because the people who should be showing them that there is and letting them make their own decisions will say stuff like that. I’m not saying black voters need someone to tell them everything (being one myself), but can you really expect something different when there is no change in pattern?

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