LGBTQX lobby admits to aiming at young kids

See Top gay rights leader: kids of religious families are ‘target demographic’ of anti-‘gay bullying’ ad.

Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America expressed outrage that the Fox network aired an “anti-gay bullying” advertisement, part of the “It Gets Better” campaign, during the extremely popular competition show.

Doubling as an advertisement for Google Chrome, the ad features several Hollywood personalities, and even a character from the popular Disney-Pixar movie series Toy Story, who speak directly to and encourage an audience of young people identifying as homosexual, telling them that “It gets better.”

On her blog, Nance called Fox’s choice of ad placement a betrayal of trust of conservative households everywhere.

“Apparently, American Idol with the help of Woody from Disney’s Toy Story, thinks that my 4th grader needs to be fully aware of the plight of teens who view themselves as ‘gay.’ I am sorry, but he doesn’t even know about heterosexual sex yet. Can you give me some room here?” wrote Nance. “I am ticked because I feel tricked. Fox blew it last night.

“The point is parents felt secure in allowing our entire families watch this show. They lured us into a false sense of security and broke trust with us last night.”

Dan Savage, a homosexual activist and founder of the It Gets Better project, shot back at Nance, saying that promoting their message to those with religious upbringing was precisely the point.

“Nance’s son was always our target demo,” wrote Savage. “Again, we don’t know if he’s gay. But he might be and, if he is, he needs to hear from us.”

As expanded on here, Dan Savage is an extremely vile person.  In a spectacular irony, he infamously led to the coining of the term “Santorum” to describe the disgusting byproducts of a gay sex act (you’ll have to do your own search for the definition).  He was trying to get back at former Senator Santorum for labeling homosexual acts as sinful, but Savage didn’t realize the net result of his name-calling.  After all, it is Savage’s disgusting byproduct that is the problem. Assigning someone else’s name to your filthy output doesn’t demean them, it demeans you.  What self-mockery!

Democrat Dan Savage is just as qualified to preach on tolerance as Democrat Fred Phelps is.

The lesson: The gay lobby is getting more and more aggressive, because too many wimpy and/or fake Christians haven’t spoken up.  Don’t let your kids watch TV unsupervised.  And I’d home school them, as well.

7 thoughts on “LGBTQX lobby admits to aiming at young kids

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  2. wow. this “It gets better” is getting around. they must have a budget.

    your advice of not letting your kids watch tv alone is a good one but unfortunately – not many will follow it. TV is that silent baby-sitter and little ones will be indoctrinated.

  3. After all, it is Savage’s disgusting byproduct that is the problem. Assigning someone else’s name to your filthy output doesn’t demean them, it demeans you.

    They also don’t know about this thing called “irony”. If gay sex were not disgusting, vile, or repulsive, then the byproducts of it couldn’t be used to mock someone by association. It would be like giving the name “Santorum” to an orange peel. However, the use of Santorum’s name in relation to a gay sex act, intended to demean Santorum, necessarily means that the gay lobby believes that their own sex acts are revolting.

    And they call us prudes. :)

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