Adam Carolla’s R-rated — but right-on — rant — This comes with a language warning, but it is interesting to hear his perspective on the OWS crowd.  They are the Sticker Generation, who grew up with an outrageous sense of entitlement because they were always told how wonderful they were, whether those assessments matched reality or not.

They aren’t succeeding in life so they covet and want to destroy those who have succeeded.

Wow, this was stupid 50 years ago and hasn’t gotten any smarter: KENTUCKY CHURCH BANS INTERRACIAL COUPLES FROM BECOMING MEMBERS & LEADING WORSHIP. As Glenn points out, there is only one race in the Bible, the fallen human race.  Skin color is morally neutral.

An extreme Green guy found that living out his worldview was tough and irrational, such as when he spent 5 hours traveling to do what would have taken 40 minutes in a car.

There are those who question the point of this exercise to begin with. “Why make your life harder when it won’t make a difference anyway?” they ask, adding a virtual eye roll that would make even the most jaded 14-year-old proud. “Policy is the only solution to the world’s climate crisis, not individual action.” To them I say: Well, yeah.

He admits how awful it is but welcomes the government forcing everyone to do it that way.  Sadly, he doesn’t see the unintended consequences that will come with the government control, not to mention that the bureaucrats themselves won’t be obligated to follow the rules they make.

Sadly, Ohioans are finding out that they were misled by the unions on Issue 2. Being persuaded by multi-million dollar ad campaigns and fear-mongering won’t help when these cities have to balance their budgets.  Paying extravagant union wages and benefits will mean the loss of jobs and services — the very things the unions said would happen if they lost!

Newsweek admits the obvious: America is in the grip of sex addiction — They even concede that not all homosexual participants were not “born that way.”

Shockingly, the Newsweek article does acknowledge a reality that is normally unthinkable for the liberal mind: that homosexual behavior might be related to a sex addiction. A sex therapist tells Newsweek, “We see a lot of heterosexual men who are addicted to sex and, because culturally and biologically women aren’t as readily available to have sex at all times of the day, these men will turn to gay men for gratification.”

I imagine the LGBTQ community is up in arms over that.

Although Newsweek admits that the “digital revolution” has much to do with the situation through the provision of easily-accessible hard-core pornography, it fails to state another obvious point: that the culture of the United States and other western countries is saturated with a “softer” porn that is potentially just as deadly.

Americans are bombarded, day in and day out, with insidious messages about human sexuality. Movies, music, television shows, video games and advertising glorify a superficial, hedonistic, promiscuous, and selfish concept of sexuality. Quite often, these themes are accompanied by overt acts of violence and rape.

Newsweek however, doesn’t seem to notice a connection between the false concept of human sexuality pushed by the entertainment business and advertisers and the nation’s increasingly destructive obsession with carnal pleasure.  Instead it takes a more “moderate” approach, parroting the American Psychiatric Association’s insane notion that sexual perversion is only a problem if it violates your personal standards of normalcy.

Lots of bad things happen when people make up their own standards.  It reminds me of the theme of the book of Judges: “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

How many World AIDS Day presentations talked about how incredibly risky gay sex is?  If you really love people you’ll at least warn them that their odds of contracting syphilis or HIV are over forty times higher than average.

2 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. Instead it takes a more “moderate” approach, parroting the American Psychiatric Association’s insane notion that sexual perversion is only a problem if it violates your personal standards of normalcy.

    So you’re not an alcoholic if your drinking is “normal”? You’re not schizophrenic if the voices make perfect sense to you? You’re not anorexic if you eat what you consider to be a healthy amount of food?

    Last I checked, the entire point of a psychiatric disorder is that someone’s mind or behaviour deviates from the norm in a problematic way.

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