Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day

When people say they are pro-choice, ask them what they mean by that.  Why don’t they finish the sentence?

Pro-choice for education?  Careers?  Whom to marry? Whether to buy health insurance?  Whether to own a gun?  Whether to home school your children?  Whether to pay for the abortions and/or birth control of others?  What size sodas to drink?  What to eat for lunch?  Those are fine.

Oh, you meant, “Pro-choice to kill an innocent but unwanted human being?”  I can’t go for that.

People who favor pro-legalized-abortion are skilled at the name game.  If you didn’t know better you’d think they didn’t know how to complete a sentence.  They will do anything to avoid the word abortion.  It is always, “choice,” “reproductive freedom,” “women’s rights,” etc.  And they call us “anti-choice.”

I’d be OK with any of those labels provided that they completed the sentence for a change:

- Anti-choice to crush and dismember an innocent human being

- Pro-choice to kill an innocent yet unwanted human being

- A woman’s right to have her unborn child destroyed (but not a man’s right)

- Pro-reproductive freedom to kill an innocent human being after she has been reproduced, up to and including partial birth abortion (and after, if your last name is Obama) [Never let them get away with using “reproductive freedom” in relation to abortion, as it is a scientific fact that abortions kill human beings that have already been reproduced.]

- and so on.

And do they really want choice, or do they want abortions?  Courtesy of Duane, read about the 14 yr. old girl who had to sue her family to prevent them from forcing to kill her child — and their grandchild!  Why hasn’t this made front-page news and lit up the pro-“choice” blogs?

A theologically liberal blogger commented on another site about choice:

As to the abortion issue, as ___ raises it, he is exactly right. That’s the whole point of being “pro-choice”. I can’t speak for anyone else, so I’ll just say that, being pro-choice means just that. Gov. Palin and her husband are to be admired for their decision, even after it was revealed the baby would have Down’s, to continue with the pregnancy and add a fifth child at such a late point in their lives. Another couple might have made another choice, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that because I do not live their lives, and cannot make their moral or family choices for them.

As with most pro-legalized-abortion arguments he ignores the obvious: The Palin’s can’t legally choose to destroy the Down Syndrom child once he is outside the womb (at least not yet).  So the only question is, “What is the unborn?”  Hint: Scientifically speaking, he is a human being.  So we shouldn’t give anyone the choice to kill him.

I saw this a while back: Adoption: The choice where no one dies.

Via SUNDAY! Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day – Jill Stanek.

7 thoughts on “Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day

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  2. The thing is, if pro-choice was really about championing the right to choose anything one wants to do with their own body under any circumstances, then a consistent pro-choicer should arguably have no problem supporting girls who, not only choose to keep their child, but seek legal action to prevent others from trying to kill it.

    But, as Kristen Walker pointed out only 2 weeks ago, following a story about a 14yr old girl who received a temporary restraining order to stop her family from forcing her to get an abortion:

    “… the “pro-choice” blogs are staying very quiet about the case. So much for choice! If the girl were suing her parents to get an abortion, what do you want to bet the anti-lifers would have this kid’s face on a T-shirt already? It’s not choice they are concerned with. If so, they would be standing up for this girl’s right to choose to keep her baby. They don’t care about her right to give birth. They care about her right to abort.”

  3. You make your point well. A choice always has an object. You have presented the object well, namely that a human life is going to be sacrificed at the altar of … what? The altar of privacy, convenience, selfishness? For whatever reason, a human being dies with each abortion.

  4. The renaming of things to paint them in a more favorable light is an old Stalin trick. During the cold war, the Soviets were always calling the torture of political dissidents “Vocational Rehabilitation”. I always wondered why those in Soviet “Vocational Rehab” came out in body bags. Calling abortion anything else is a semantic game practiced to intentionally mislead.

  5. Thank you for calling attention to what the issue really is about beyond just the short hand politically correct and euphemism behind the term “pro-choice.”

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