Brian McLaren = false teacher

Levi has a thorough take-down of Brian McLaren’s “A Generous Orthodoxy.”  McLaren is even worse than I thought — and I already thought he was pretty bad.  I read that he just performed the ceremony for his son’s same-sex union.  Ugh.  One more reason to consider him a fraud.  I go between feeling sorry for his deceived followers and realizing that, a la Romans 1, God has just given them over to their sinful desires.  Here’s an observation that applies to McLaren and countless other false teachers:

 McLaren’s theology contradicts itself when he consistently claims that we should follow Jesus’ example but also denies the validity of the witness accounts of Jesus’ life and teaching. How do we follow Bob’s example when everything we know about Bob is written by men whose writings are decidedly fictional?

McLaren and the like think it is wrong to be sure of something, even though they are sure of what they claim about the Bible and they are sure that it is wrong to be sure.  Consistency isn’t their strong suit.

15 thoughts on “Brian McLaren = false teacher

  1. I NEVER NEVER had heard of Brain McLaren, I know NOTHING about him, I am aware that there are many false teachers out there. I HOPE I will never be trapped by one of them!!! I pray to God to protect me against all the temptations!!!!

  2. This has nothing specifically to do with Mr. McLaren. But I know the Bible says “love your enemies” and I try with varying degrees of success to do so.
    My question is; Do I have to love God’s enemies? I hope not, for I think that is a pretty tall order.

  3. I remember Jesus ate dinner with sinners and tax collectors in Matthew’s house, but Pharisees are angry at this and Pharisees said ” Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”.

      • I cannot give you all the answers, don’t ask me, I am not your saint!, go and ask God to give you all the answers. It is up to you to decide for yourself to try to understand what Jesus is saying to you. It is for EVERYBODY to decide what scriptures mean to them, Ask God to help you, don’t ask me, don’t play games with me.

      • Woman,
        YOU made the statement. I don’t understand how your citation of that passage has anything to do with the subject matter at hand. I am asking YOU to explain your use of a passage. This is not a game; I want to understand what your point is.

        By the way, Jesus is not saying something different to everyone who reads a passage – the passage only has one meaning.

      • I think if Mclaren is a false teacher, he is a sinner and he should repent and change his heart before God. God’s word ( The Bible) is RIGHT not my words, not other people’s words. Why listen to my words instead of God’s words? Why treat me like a teacher instead of God? What do you think? We MUST listen to God and his word alone. Every man is a liar………………………….

      • Jesus loves sinners, he wants to reach to them as much as possible and to change them. But Satan tried everything to get people away from Christ.

    • A Woman who loves Jesus,
      Like Glenn, I am confused by your response. Please explain the intent of you comment, and you response to Glenn. Thank you in advance!

  4. Sorry, I had a weak moment. I do remember Paul, we can’t give up hope that people can change. Those people who do the work of Satan, mostly do so through ignorance. But those who are killing our brothers and sisters around the world are sorely trying my capacity for love. Still I know God’s plan will be fulfilled and there are many still to be saved. So I will keep supporting the ministries who spread the good news and help the martyrs.

  5. Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, as do I, and love it actually, but he never shied from calling sin sin and sinners to repentance. Furthermore, scripture is clear that we are not to even share meals with one who calls himself a brother and yet is an immoral person.

  6. Sorry I got off the track a bit. Reading about this McLaren just got me discouraged about all the people who are being led astray.
    I found this blog entery, I don’t know this man or his church personally and I have never read his blog before. Never the less, his Dec. 1 blog entry hit home.

    Please pray that God will continue to strengthen may heart.

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