The importance of discernment and clear thinking

Ann Coulter makes some excellent points in Beware of Liberals Who Come in Evangelicals’ Clothing:

Any Evangelical promoting the McCain-Rubio amnesty plan has the moral framework of Planned Parenthood. Like the abortion lobby, they have boundless compassion for the people they can see, but none for those they can’t see.

One Evangelical after another told the Times that they no longer believe Americans should have control over who immigrates here on the basis of having met illegal aliens in their pews. The millions harmed by illegal immigration are left out of the equation. They don’t go to church here.

Similarly, the pro-choice crowd is brimming with compassion for girls who have gotten pregnant by accident. They’re in high school, their whole lives are ahead of them, it’s one mistake! The babies don’t count because they’re out of sight.

The Rev. David Uth, head pastor of First Baptist Orlando, said that based on “the stories out there in the pews” from illegals who “have made friends and who have become close with people here,” there was momentum in his church to “do something to address their needs.”

Mr. Uth and his parishioners will never hear stories from the thousands of Americans killed every year by illegal aliens. They won’t be sitting in the pews with those murdered and maimed in Boston last month by a conspiracy of immigrants.

They won’t hear from hospitals and school systems in border states forced into bankruptcy because they have to provide free services to illegals. They won’t chat with farmers and ranchers whose livestock and property are stolen or destroyed by illegal aliens.

It is sad to see people make un-principled decisions just because they feel sorry for someone they know.  I’ve seen countless people switch positions to directly oppose the Bible just because they know someone who is gay and they want them to be “happy.”  Or they become pro-choice because they feel sorry for a pregnant teen.  Or they oppose immigration laws because they know an illegal alien.  It is such a sad case of abandoning critical thinking skills and not thinking about the other victims and about what God says.  As Christians we should be mature, clear thinkers and not let emotions lead us to take immoral positions on these issues.

8 thoughts on “The importance of discernment and clear thinking

  1. It’s always sad when people abandon critical thinking for moral sentimental feeling of self righteousness when they say they want to be compassionate. I like the quote you gave, it demonstrate yet once again that it’s important for church leaders to love God and others with our mind as well as with our emotion but its important to put these in the right order

  2. I think someone on FB said spiritual discernment is not just knowing the difference between right and wrong, but knowing the difference between right and almost right. That is what these people lack.

  3. These stories always bring to mind this:

    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:26

    They are clear cases of when doing the right thing is extremely hard. I would hate to find out that someone I knew well and liked was in the country illegally. I, too, might not turn them in, but I wouldn’t change my stance on illegal immigration. In the same way, I haven’t changed my stance on homosexuality after establishing friendships with homosexuals, nor have I changed my stance on abortion after learning of friends who have had them. I don’t do any of these people any real good by enabling or suppotring their bad choices.

  4. Hate the sin, love the sinner. You don’t have to accept wrong behavior to love and care for another person. Yes, you may be called a “hater” if you don’t embrace anything and everything people want to do, but truth is truth.

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