Can recreational sex turn a selfish, irresponsible man into a marriage-minded provider?  Sadly, for far too many that isn’t a rhetorical question.  The entire piece should be required reading in any “comprehensive” sex education class and a copy given out with every service Planned Parenthood provides.  Here’s an excerpt.

Evidently, the liberal woman is capable of the most severe form of psychological denial known to humankind.  Certain that one of the men with whom she has copulated without strings will suddenly morph into a faithfully monogamous creature the minute she can convince one of them to say “I do” in front of a few witnesses, the liberal woman marches blindly down the aisle towards near-certain, adulterous doom.  Yet, no amount of honest reason can dissuade liberal women from this self-destructive, moral myopia.

What other term but “morally schizoid” could possibly describe this blatantly contradictory tendency among liberal women?

Having spent their youth casually throwing their own sexual morality to the winds of fairytale “liberation,” these liberal women still steadfastly cling to the faithfully monogamous ideal for that sometime-later moment when they actually do desire all the traditional things — the husband, the kids, the white picket fence — those pesky female-nature embedded longings, which coincidentally ensure the continuation of the human race.

But these liberal women somehow — in perfect schizoid manner — convince themselves that once married, they will be the gratuitous beneficiaries of the monogamous respect they still desire, but have never once demanded or deserved.

Good lessons here: Why You Can’t See Your Biggest Flaws

… the 18th-century pastor John Newton, who showed us that most Christians live with obvious character flaws that ruin both their joy and also their Christian witness. But why do so many Christians live this way?

Our natural virtues, which come from inborn temperament and family nurture—such as our talents, aptitudes, and strengths—are good things. But each has a “dark side.” . . .

Pay close attention to how the Left and the squishy Right already hate and fear Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  That is a good sign that he is a great leader.  If you don’t support people with the guts to stand up for what is right, then don’t be surprised with what you get.  Also see Ted Cruz at Hillsdale: “Economic freedom and the prosperity it generates reduces poverty like nothing else”

This is sad: Even a conservative school like Texas A&M makes professors sign a climate orthodoxy loyalty oath on faculty in its climate science department.  See Science, free speech and climate change.

Putting asunder what God has joined — A good list of church responsibilities with respect to divorce.

What is the responsibility of the church? The church’s responsibility is (1) to train its youth according to the Biblical teaching regarding sexuality and marriage; (2) to do everything possible to strengthen the marriages of its members; (3) to uphold Biblical standards regarding the grounds for divorce; (4) to approach every troubled couple with love, understanding, and help with the goal of restoring the relationship; (5) to support the party who does not cause the divorce*; (6) to minister to the needs of children for whom divorce is almost always destructive; (7) to seek pastorally, with humility and showing grace, to help the erring party to repent and find forgiveness, according to his/her profession; and (8) as a last resort to use the Bible’s disciplinary process (Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13; Galatians 6:1) to uphold the honor of Christ, to protect the purity of the church, and to reclaim the person who (it is be hoped) had temporarily gone astray.

After Gosnell: Proposed law would allow federal gov’t to regulate speech of… pregnancy resource centers — That’s right, because another abortionist was caught killing babies after birth the pro-aborts need to attack the non-profit groups that help women for free.

C.S. Lewis had a lot to offer, but I agree with this article noting Lewis’ errors on substitutionary atonement and inclusivism.

Ridiculous toy/pretend gun overreaction of the week: 6 Year Old Given Detention And Forced To Apologize After “Traumatizing” Other Kids With Gun.  A toy gun, that is.  The size of a quarter.  The Liberals causing this real trauma to the 6 yr. old boy are the same ones who are radically pro-abortion.  Think about it.

This is what happens when weak leaders make unnecessary compromises on core issues just because they are bullied by politically correct nonsense.  Why give an inch to the groups that want to destroy you?

The face — and body — of unions.  Seriously.

Union Boss Sleeping On The Job

4 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. C.S. Lewis was also a theistic evolutionist and a proponent of psychology.

    Your lead-off article was excellent, and in need of sharing. Women really need to think about what they are doing to themselves, as well as society in general.

    I can imagine all sorts of traumatized children who saw that gun —- NOT!

  2. But these liberal women somehow — in perfect schizoid manner — convince themselves that once married, they will be the gratuitous beneficiaries of the monogamous respect they still desire, but have never once demanded or deserved.

    That perfectly describes my problem with liberal women. They want respect for things that they flatly refuse to do. It would be like a high school drop-out who spends his twenties drinking and smoking pot, who then wants to be treated like a PhD.

    No matter the situation, we respect people who deny themselves temporarily so that they can have more later. We would laugh at a couch potato who would want to be given the same commendation at the finish line as the marathoner who pushed his body through twenty-six miles, but these “ladies” are doing the sexual version of that.

    But let us be even with our blame: men marry them. They put rings on their fingers, commit to them in front of dozens or hundreds of people, and legally sign their lives over to these women, while chaste women can’t get beyond date #3.

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