The NSA is doing in-depth spying on Americans and the IRS is guilty of aggressively targeting Obama’s “enemies” (aka citizens of the United State).  But they would definitely never use the NSA information to target his enemies . . . right?

Norma McCorvey of Roe v. Wade Abortion Case Makes First Pro-Life TV Ad — She spoke at our Care Net banquet a few years ago.  Great lady and quite a character!

I don’t like Facebook memes that start off with, “You probably won’t re-post this, because you are a selfish jerk and hate the military and kids with cancer and puppies” themes — and especially the “Christian” ones that basically say, “If you don’t re-post this you are worse than Judas.”  If people would stop succumbing to a chain-letter mentality then those memes would cease.  I never re-post those.

How to Write a Hugely-Popular Piece for Huffington Post Religion – The author makes some good points.   And if you want to get kicked off HuffPo as a commenter, wade among the vile anti-Christian comments and offer polite but clear comments that make it clear that the authors should not be considered Christians. And use Bible verses in context. They hate that.

In the same way that you wouldn’t take a bacon-loving, Jew-loving, Koran-denying, Mohammad-denying “Muslim” seriously, those authors shouldn’t be considered authentic Christians.

Static Snapshots Reveal Nothing About Economics.– True.  It is only in the cynical, hopeless worldview of Liberalism that “currently poor = will always be poor” and “currently poor = always someone else’s fault.”

UK: Half a million new STI [STD] infections in 2012 —  My guess is that their sex ed isn’t truly comprehensive and fails to mention the benefits of following God’s plan.

The UK has some of the most aggressive and early sex education of any Western country. But all of this effort to educate young people hasn’t reduced the amount of sexual activity at all. When young people learn about the mechanics of sex, and are taught that recreational sex is normal and healthy, then they have more of it. Young people aren’t able to assess risks like adults can. They think that nothing will happen to them. No amount of sex education can cure youthful recklessness.

Three minutes of acts and wisdom on the alleged 77% female/male pay ratio.

If we redefine marriage, then what will the schools teach our children about it? — The LGBTQX lobby knows the answer, but sadly, too many naive people haven’t thought it through.

World Congress of Families Endorses Russian Bill Banning Homosexual Propaganda to Minors — Good for them.  They are learning from our mistakes.

Washington DC is ruining our health (but we can reclaim it) — Political payoffs cause all sorts of problems, including food and health areas.  I like using the Fooducate app to understand what is really in the foods we buy (though it can be a bit of a buzzkill sometimes).

Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General is corrupt and incompetent.  Why is he still employed?

  • Holder blowing off and ending the New Black Panthers voter intimidation issue
  • All the agencies involved with Fast and Furious, including the DOJ at the top, were run with Holder as the boss, yet he knew nothing, and stonewalled, and is still stonewalling, Congress. Not too mention the hundreds of dead Mexican citizens and 2 US federal agents
  • Revealed the identities of 9 CIA interrogators.
  • His departments spying on the AP, and he knew nothing
  • Spying on James Rosen and people associated with him, forgetting that he signed off on the warrant, and still he knew nothing
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers, who he is supposed to protect as the nation’s top cop
  • Going after Arizona and other states that passed immigration tightening laws (and admitting he never read the massive 10 page Arizona law), while simultaneously ignoring sanctuary cities which blow off federal law
  • Failing to apply federal law to Colorado and their legalization of marijuana, a federal Schedule I drug
  • Lawsuits against states which violate the 10th amendment
  • The aforementioned prosecutorial misconduct in the Ted Stevens case.
  • The FBI comes under the DOJ: what took them to get so long to Benghazi?
  • As the nation’s top cop, being head of the DOJ, his seemingly inability to have any knowledge as to what goes on in the DOJ, which is known as “incompetence”.
  • And more.

If gun registration is required, it is only a matter of time until they are confiscated.  Don’t be naive.

I’ll be glad to buy a few of these for people who quality . . .

3 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. But Neil, if you really love Jesus then you will send my inane and sappy email to all your friends!!!

    A friend and I loved to joke about those email and how quickly we would delete them.

  2. I don’t repost FB or emails that say “if you don’t post this…” Often it says if you don’t that means you are ashamed of your faith! Childishness and ignorance never get promoted by me.

    So much of your roundup is obvious to those of use who actually study the issues. Too bad most voters don’t.

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