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Anyone who thinks this will stop at mere gov’t recognition of “same-sex marriage” is naive or part of the problem. The next step will be to force military chaplains to officiate these unions or to quit. Obama & Co. win all around: Force people to violate their religious convictions, chase Bible-believers from the chaplaincy and make less believers want to enlist.

This article summed it up well — Religious freedom’s drip by drip death.The end point of liberalism is a coercive secular state in which the religious have no meaningful rights. American church leaders are kidding themselves if they think the gay-marriage juggernaut is going to stop at civil marriage. It won’t. It will quickly travel past court houses to churches, demanding that all religions bless gay marriages.Denmark casts a shadow of this future, where the gay-marriage juggernaut has smashed through church doors. Last year the country’s parliament passed a law requiring all Lutheran churches to conduct gay marriage ceremonies. “I think it’s very important to give all members of the church the possibility to get married,” said Manu Sareen, Denmark’s minister for gender equality. Reluctant bishops have to supply ministers to satisfy the right whether they like it or not.

CONFESSION FROM A FORMER HOMOSEXUAL –A former homosexual speaks out about homosexuality and the politics of dishonesty — Yes, they do recruit. Yes, they do lie. Not all of them, but the movement as a whole. If you love people you’ll want to protect them from this.

Canada repeals Section 13 law that criminalized politically incorrect speech — That’s good news for those who like free speech!

Book: Pope John Paul II self-flagellated to get closer to Jesus — another example of lousy theology. If you want to fast, donate money, etc. that is fine. But there is no call in the Bible to physically hurt yourself to get closer to Jesus. That’s just creepy.

Pope John Paul II used to beat himself with a belt and sleep on a bare floor to bring himself closer to Christ, a book published Wednesday says.

The late pope had a particular belt for self-flagellation and brought it with him to his summer residence, according to the book, “Why he is a Saint: The True story of John Paul II.”

“As some members of his own entourage were able to hear with their own ears, both in Poland and in the Vatican, Karol Wojtyla flagellated himself,” the book says, using the name the pope was given at birth.

“In the closet, among the cloaks, a particular pant-belt hung from a hook, which he utilized as a whip and one which he always had brought to Castel Gandolfo,” the book says.

Catholic Advocate Michael Voris Video on Vatican ‘Gay Lobby’ — Yes, lots of actively gay priests that infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy. And yes, most of the sexual abuse of young people was by homosexual priests. The media forgot to tell you that. To state the obvious, these priests are unfaithful to their religion. And so are the heterosexuals who knowingly let them stay in their positions. This is one good thing about the Interwebs: It helps uncover things that would be otherwise hidden.

Study explains why college women abandon courtship for hook-ups — tried to find one thing to quote but it is all good. Go read it.

The Face of Cowardice: Theresa May

Meet the hideous creature who banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from England: British Home Secretary Theresa May, a disgrace to her office, to her nation and to every British citizen who ever lived. On June 25, this deplorable stain on the reputation of a once honorable people “personally directed that [Geller] should be excluded from the United Kingdom” because it is believed that Geller would “foment or justify terrorist violence . . . provoke others to terrorist acts . . . foster hatred,” etc. Robert Spencer writes of the ban:

We had planned to lay a wreath at a memorial to British soldier Lee Rigby, who was beheaded by Islamic jihadists on a Woolwich street on May 22. But it is not conducive to the public good in Britain to oppose jihad violence and Islamic supremacism.

British schoolgirls are being systematically gang-raped by Muslims andBritish soldiers are being hacked to death in the street by Muslims and yet this despicable gutless appeaser, Theresa May, thinks the way to solve the problem is to ban critics of Islam?

Neville Chamberlain was a heroic statesman by comparison.

EXPOSING THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN PLANNED PARENTHOOD, THE NATIONAL ABORTION FEDERATION AND MEN WHO SEXUALLY ABUSE UNDERAGE GIRLS — It is very well documented. Planned Parenthood aggressively and systematically hides crimes of rape, incest and sex trafficking — and all with your generous tax dollar. It is the real war on women.

Oh, and United Way plays their part: United Way in Wisconsin Refers Raped Teens to Planned Parenthood

America’s 50 worst charities rake in nearly $1 billion for corporate fundraisers — Please, everyone, use discernment when giving!

Police and social workers ignored sex-trafficking, rape and abuse by Muslims — It is staggering what they get away with. They’ve learned how effective terrorism is. This is from the UK but should be here soon.

Must-read: comprehensive survey of all the research on gay marriage — The surveys saying it is benign or helpful were poorly done.

Polygamists Celebrate Supreme Court’s Marriage Rulings — Of course they do. Like I’ve said all along, it wasn’t a slippery slope, it was a cliff. Once the government says that marriage is not the union of a man and a woman, it becomes whatever someone wants it to be.

“The nuclear family, with a dad and a mom and two or three kids, is not the majority anymore,” one polygamist cheers.

2 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. It’s always been clear to me that SSM is not about SSM. It is about suppressing Christianity. When the government begins to regulate Churches through hate speech and “compassion”-based legislation, we will then have a de-facto state run church. What then? Will the true Church then molt and go underground? Statist are definitely not going to go for that. Time will tell I suppose.

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