On the Wild Goat — er, uh, Goose — Festival

An annual progressive Christian festival that draws oldline Protestants and disaffected former evangelicals will feature workshops on transgenderism and “Intersex” next month.

See Wild Goose Festival Migrates through Turbulent Issues of Transgenderism, Intersex. These people claim the name of Christ.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  It is your basic rebellion against God.  They can play the “we’re Christians” card because weak-willed Bible-believers wouldn’t kick them out of the church years ago.

Inspired by Britain’s annual Greenbelt festival, the Wild Goose Festival brings performers, yoga practitioners, speakers and artists to a multi-day campout in the mountains of western North Carolina August 8-11. In its first two years, Wild Goose speakers promoted an assortment of liberal causes – peppered with sharp critiques of Southern Baptists and other conservative evangelicals.

Wild Goose has broached issues of human sexuality before, welcoming gay and lesbian speakers and exhibitors in 2011 and 2012. The unofficial United Methodist Reconciling Ministries Network will have a presence at Wild Goose this year, and former Contemporary Christian Music artist Jennifer Knapp has brought her “Inside Out Faith” program to the festival. Tony Campolo and his wife Peggy have also spoken at Wild Goose about the church’s response to homosexuality.

In 2013, Wild Goose is apparently getting wilder. Among the workshops highlighted at next month’s gathering will be a talk by Asher Kolieboi, co-founder of the Legalize Trans* campaign, on creating “trans* inclusive faith communities.” Kolieboi’s talk will be entitled “Galatians 3:28,” referencing the verse “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

If they loved “trans” people they would tell them the truth. But they love themselves and their popularity more than they love others, and they follow the world, not God. Anyone who interprets Galatians 3:28 that way should be ignored.  That is comically bad exegesis, even for a theological Liberal.

12 thoughts on “On the Wild Goat — er, uh, Goose — Festival

    • I think it is an odd sort of good news that they are getting so much more extreme and creepy each year. They are more dangerous when they are a little heretical.

  1. Although I’m not interested in having an argument in your comments section, I would be delighted to answer your questions in an interview format. Too often we condemn others without knowing where they stand or what they’ve said and done.

    • I’m not sure how productive that would be. You’ve already cheated by implying that anything I am claiming is arguing and anything you do is interviewing. That’s convenient. Yes, too often we condemn others without knowing where they stand . . .

      God created them male and female. The Wild Goose Festival is a parade of false teaches doing the work of Satan.

      • As you will. I did not mean to imply anything at all about your claims, only that I find an interview format more pleasant.

        Indeed, God created male and female and pronounced that good. But the Fall corrupted even sex development. (Matthew 19:12)

        Consider an example–Imagine that you had a sixteen-year-old daughter. She loves the Lord, does well in her studies, and intends to be a Godly wife and mother some day. Her health has been great. She had a normal puberty. Just one small problem–she hasn’t gotten her puberty yet. So you send her to a specialist. It turns out she has Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. She’s XY. She has a vagina, but instead of ovaries and uterus, she has testes in her abdomen. She’s upset that she can’t have children, but she’s willing to adopt. CAIS is caused by one of a number of genetic mutations on the X chromosome and, when not a spontaneous mutation, is inherited from a mother who is a carrier. CAIS is rare, but is one of the most common intersex conditions.

        I have a genetic condition called Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis. Some of my cells have a Y chromosome; some don’t. So, for me it’s not as simple as XY or XX. I had a mix of testicular and ovarian tissue. So, for me it wasn’t as simple as having testes or ovaries. What was between my legs wasn’t sufficient to have vaginal intercourse as a male or a female. I got my puberty out of a bottle. When it came time to take testosterone or estrogen, I chose the latter. I would love to have been born normal male or normal female. I do what I can with what God’s given me.

        I cannot comment on Wild Goose.

        Kind regards,

      • I am glad that you affirm the doctrine of original sin. I am sorry to hear of your medical issues. I thought you were supporting Wild Goose based on your original comment.

  2. Just the name “Wild Goose” denotes the heresy involved here. According to organizers “Wild Goose” is a Celtic metaphor for the Holy Spirit, a pagan name for a supposedly Christian gathering?

    And Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is a legitimate, recognized medical condition which effects 0.00005% of the population. Wild Goose isn’t concerned with medical condition, they’re concerned with legitimizing a condition of sin.

    • I would have to agree with Doug, regardless of the accuracy of his stats, which I doubt are far off in any case.

      No one would deny someone with a legitimate medical condition who chooses from legitimate choices the condition presents. But these are rare cases that do not mirror the intention of the radical elements of fringe groups who attempt to portray themselves as mainstream.

  3. I am having a hard time understanding what a medical condition has to do with bad theology. The entire concept of sin revolves around the choices one makes, not the way a person is born.

    Oh, wait. I’m not about to wade into a discussion of whether or not gays/transsexuals/other deviants are “born that way” am I?

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