Don’t change to accommodate those who will never be pleased

Weber Grills had a fabulous commercial written up in Forbes magazine years ago.  Ironically, they took it off the air because PETA-types complained.  I’m not sure why they cared what the animal rights activists thought, as those folks aren’t exactly your target market for barbecue grills.  Does C. Montgomery Burns seek advice from the Amish on how to run his nuclear power plant?.

The commercial had several serene scenes of sheep, pigs and cows with a peaceful voice-over noting pleasant things about each animal.  The last scene just showed a Weber grill.  The tag-line?  Farm animals: Let’s eat ‘em!

Here’s a more recent example from McDonald’s.  I think a key success factor in life is eating there as little as possible, but I don’t think we need the government fixing their menu.  Via Is the Left slowly killing off McDonald’s?

The whole point here is that McDonald’s is never going to succeed if they think they need to deliver the same level of food which you get at a high end restaurant and do so at drive through prices, and they certainly are not going to prosper if they feel like they have to tailor their menu to a bunch of vegans in the hopes of shutting up Michelle Obama and the talking heads on MSNBC. Those people aren’t buying their food anyway… they just want to see them go out of business. McDonald’s needs to get back to their roots, put the beef tallow back in the fries and tell the vegans to go eat their celery sticks quietly in the dark.

And of course, this lesson is even more important in churches.  The “Christian” Leftists don’t love Jesus.  They deny his deity and exclusivity for salvation, they mock his word and so much more.  They are like the vegetarians telling you how you must cook your beef.  So why have authentic Christians tried for years to accommodate them?  Just preach the word and don’t let the wolves take leadership positions.

The “Christian” Left doesn’t agree with the beginning of the Gospels. Or the end. Or the middle.

The “Christian” Left doesn’t agree with the beginning of the Gospels (virgin birth, claims of divinity (John 1)).

Or the end (physical resurrection).

Or the middle (miracles, teaching against “same-sex marriage” and evolution, claims to be the only way to salvation, etc.)

Yet they claim to follow Jesus.  They reflexively add and take away from scripture.  Wolves like Mark “Jesus is not my God” Sandlin deny things like the virgin birth, which is clearly taught in scripture, then make up things about the Magi tipping off Joseph about Herod’s plans.

Run, don’t walk, from the “Christian” Left.

Here are a couple of their life (er, uh, death) verses:

Luke 9:26 For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.


Jude 4 For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page

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The “Christian” Left’s latest pro-abortion rant

They get so unhinged when cheer leading for abortion.  It is ghoulish.  They are like the blind men of Sodom, groping for the door after they lost their sight.  I know this is long but please read it all.  Everything they wrote is not just incorrect but hypocritical (be sure to stay to the end where they bash Republicans for agreeing with part of what Ayn Rand said but don’t seem to realize that she was pro-abortion!).

Conservative “Christian” fundamentalists honestly believe in their own minds that the end to any political debate with a Christian progressive, no matter the issue, is “Oh yeah!? Well you guys advocate killing babies!” After they make that pronouncement it’s all over for them.

So they start with a straw-man argument, as usual — as if they really know the minds of believers. We don’t think our proper views on abortion ends every debate. It is merely one of countless things they get wrong. They could have said the same thing about us thinking it is “all over” when they deny the deity of Christ, or deny that Jesus is the only way to salvation, or when they mock the Bible, or when they ask Caesar to redistribute wealth and call it charity on their part, and so on.

A fetus isn’t a person. It’s a fetus. It becomes a person when it’s BORN! Dah! People don’t celebrate their Conception Day. They celebrate their BIRTHday. People don’t buy LIFE Insurance for a fetus.

And that’s the kind of pro-abortion reasoning you get from the anti-science “Christian” Left. It is a scientific fact and basic common sense (what else would two human beings produce?) that a new human being is reproduced at fertilization. Seriously, go check out any mainstream embryology textbook. I’m too pro-science to be pro-choice. Based on the settled science, it is then simple moral reasoning that it is wrong to take the life of an innocent human being without proper justification, and that is what happens during 99% of abortions.

Note how their pro-abortion reasoning supports infanticide (aka “partial-birth abortion”). What they leave out in their anti-science screed is that the fetus is a human being. Human embryo ==> human fetus ==> human baby ==> human toddler ==> etc. Same human being at different stages of development. Always made in the image of God and worthy of protection.

I’m almost embarrassed for them because of the silly examples they use to deny the personhood of the unborn. The size, level of development, location and degree of dependency do not dictate whether humans are persons.  Using their logic, since most people don’t buy life insurance for infants then it is OK to kill them, too.

Worse yet for the “Christian” Left: The laws of 2/3 our states consider the unborn persons — except when mommy is paying for the killing.

Finally, as Kathy has noted, many Asians, such as the Chinese, do count from conception (though of course that must be an estimate).  We can obviously pinpoint birth more easily, so we tend to celebrate “birth” days and not “conception” days.  The key takeaway is that the “Christian” Left uses such trivialities to sell abortions for any reason at any time.

Abortion is a made up issue that isn’t in the Bible.

Oh, the argument from silence! It wouldn’t be a pro-abortion cheer leading session without that. Using their logic, child abuse, wife-beating, gay-bashing, and more are OK because they aren’t specifically mentioned in the Bible.

But wait, it gets worse for them.  Remember, they insist that abortion is OK because of how they (mis-)interpret Numbers 5.  So they say it is in the Bible when they want to advance their pro-abortion cause but deny it is there when we note it is simply another form of murder.

This issue was created in the early 80’s as a political ploy to deceive Christians to think they had to vote republican.

Yeah, the Hippocratic Oath was written in the early 80’s as a political ploy. No, wait, that’s not right — it was written hundreds of years B.C. and said, “Nor will I give a woman a pessary to procure abortion.”

Even Planned Parenthood, part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, was anti-abortion in the 60’s (then they figured out how profitable it was).

And early church fathers and those throughout the century were strongly anti-abortion.  Here are a few quotes from early church leaders on abortion. I’m sure the pacifists quote these left and right in their pro-life efforts:

And when we say that those women who use drugs to bring on abortion commit murder, and will have to give an account to God for the abortion, on what principle should we commit murder? For it does not belong to the same person to regard the very foetus in the womb as a created being, and therefore an object of God’s care, and when it has passed into life, to kill it . . . Athenagoras of Athens, circa 180 A.D. from A Plea For The Christians

You shall love your neighbor more than your own life. You shall not slay a child by abortion. You shall not kill that which has already been generated. (Epistle of Barnabas 19.5; second century)

Do not murder a child by abortion or kill a new-born infant. (The Didache 2.2; second century catechism for young Christian converts)

It does not matter whether you take away a life that is born, or destroy one that is coming to the birth. In both instances, the destruction is murder. (Tertullian, Apology, 9.4; second century)

Those who give abortifacients for the destruction of a child conceived in the womb are murderers themselves, along with those receiving the poisons. (Basil the Great, Canons, 188.2; fourth century)

Jerome called abortion “the murder of an unborn child” (Letter to Eustochium, 22.13; fourth century).

Augustine used the same phrase, warning against the terrible crime of “the murder of an unborn child” (On Marriage, 1.17.15; fourth century).

The early church fathers Origen, Cyprian and Chrysostom likewise condemned abortion as the killing of a child.

And even the “Christian” Left new BFF, Pope Francis, leads a religious organization that has always been anti-abortion.

What shameless liars the “Christian” Left are!  They have lots of bad reasons to be pro-abortion, but their “Republicans made it up in the 80’s” lie is the worst of all.  But that’s no surprise, given that their leader is the father of lies.

A whole lot of needless human suffering has been propagated as a result of that lie.

Oh, the morbid irony of them pretending to care about human suffer when they champion this and this.  Over 3,500 human beings destroyed every day — including minorities being killed at wildly disproportional rates — and the “Christian” Left pretends to care about humanity? Indeed.

The republican platform is an Ayn Rand selfish, self-centered, renounce your neighbor ideology. It is the antithesis of everything Jesus taught. Thank God people are finally waking up to this fact as well.

What a perfectly ironic and amusing close for their screed.  Ayn Rand was pro-abortion, just like them!

With respect to her pro-abortion views, she was indeed the antithesis of everything Jesus taught — just like them.

Responding to a common Catholic objection about being saved by faith alone

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

The Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone means they believe they think they can sin as much as they want and still be saved!

When you get that — and you will, if you interact much with Catholics online — just ask if the Bible addresses that possibility.  Then listen to the crickets chirping.  Then ask them if they’ve ever read Romans.

Romans 6:15 What then? Are we to sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!

What?!  You mean Paul asked and answered their question?  Yes, we’ve had that answer for nearly 2,000 years.  If they read the Bible for themselves, they would know it.

Seriously, ask it nicely and try to plant seeds.  Hopefully they’ll realize that if they read their Bibles more they’d know the truth.


From the “Really, the ‘Christian’ Left literally fails at economics” category . . .

The “Christian” Left loves memes like this.  They think it actually makes a point.  Aside from the truth that Leftists literally fail at basic economics, they ignore obvious facts of history.

  • Bill Clinton does not get credit for the 90’s financial results.  The Republican Congress prevented most of what he wanted to do, and they supported his welfare reforms that Leftists hate!
  • There was this thing called the “PC/Internet Boom” that had just a slight impact on the economy.
  • There was an artificial run up at the end of Clinton’s term (the “Internet bubble”) that burst on Bush’s watch.  There were huge capital gains taxes in the late 90’s because of this.
  • We fought wars because Clinton didn’t take out Bin Laden when he had the chance.
  • The 2008 crisis was caused by the Left’s housing policy that Bush tried in vain to stop.
  • “Tax breaks for the rich” makes for effective populist talking points, but when you properly translate it as “tax reductions for those who pay taxes” it loses some steam.

Bernie Sanders's photo.

 Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page

Why doesn’t the “Christian” Left support crisis pregnancy centers?

After all, they claim to care about women in need and that they want to reduce abortions.  These centers reduce abortions by showing women — who ironically enough thought they had no choice but abortion — that there is a better way and that help is available.  But not only do they have no centers themselves, they actively support Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry in fighting them.  Meanwhile, the number of centers funded and staffed by authentic Christians vastly outnumbers the number of for-profit abortion clinics.

First, I have to admit that I know why the “Christian” Left doesn’t volunteer at existing centers.  As a long-time volunteer, supporter and former board member of a Care Net Center, I know that we don’t allow pro-abortion people and non-Christians to be volunteers.  So the “Christian” Left would fail on both counts.

But if they were honest in wanting to help people and reduce abortions they would open their own clinics.  They would help the women in need with their time and money instead of forcing their neighbors to do so.  They would reduce abortions — especially of the minorities they claim to care about.  They would offer ultrasounds like we do with the knowledge that most women who view them choose not to have their children killed.

But they do none of that.  Why?  Because they are pro-abortion.  They use all sorts of tortured reasoning to insist that Jesus is pro-abortion.  It is demonic.

More than that, Democrats are officially pro-abortion, not pro-choice. Why? Because they want taxpayer-funded abortions, laws requiring all health care plans to cover abortions, and no restrictions on anything, including “partial-birth abortion” (aka infanticide), late term abortions, gender-selection abortions, parental notification, etc.

From their platform: “The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.”

That’s pro-abortion, not pro-choice.  And that’s why they will never open their own centers.

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page


Why do people leave the church forever? Because they aren’t Christians.

It is notable that the moderator of the “Christian” Left Facebook page admitted on this blog that he doesn’t attend church regularly (he then twisted Matthew 18 to say that he and his wife make up the church).  So it was amusing when a found of the “Christian” Left, false teacher Mark “Jesus is not my God” Sandlin, had another fluff-piece blaming Bible-believing (read: authentic) Christians for people leaving the church.

I noted 1 John 2:19 in the comments (They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.) which got the “Christian” Left commenters to tell me how I got the verse wrong, and everyone always get verses wrong, except for them.  From part of the comments:

“Sorry, but you do not get to decide who is in “active rebellion” to God, although it seems you would like to.”

Uh, but you get to decide who gets to decide who is in active rebellion? Stop judging!

I’m just going with the word of God. Romans 1:18–20 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

“You say it is the word of God, but you are mistaken. It is the word of God, plus what YOU have decided it is saying.”

Well, duh. The same as you “Christian” Left people do. Only I can back up my claims by pointing to the original languages, the context, etc. You are the fakes who see over 100 passages claiming Jesus is the only way to salvation and conclude that He isn’t.

“That argument has gone on all throughout history spawning a Catholic church, an Orthodox church, and 10’s of thousand of Protestant denominations, and still goes on even today. “

Your argument that someone will always disagree, therefore we can’t know the truth, is foolish. Go to any “Christian” Left site, including this one, and watch how they claim to know what the Bible “really” says.

For grins, perhaps you could show me on the Interwebs you chastise them for thinking they know what the Bible says. I mean, you do use the same standard for them, right? You go up to your pastor each week and remind him that no one really knows what it says, right? Because otherwise you’d be a hypocrite.

“Are we supposed to close off our minds to new revelation, assuming we know all we need to know? No. “

Wait . . . you are adamant that we can’t know what the original word of God meant, but that we can now understand new revelations? That’s fascinating. Leopard Theology (aka Dalmatian Theology) is where people claim that the Bible is only inspired in spots and that they are inspired to spot the spots. Then there is Advanced Leopard Theology, where God is also changing spots and adding and removing spots, and, oddly enough, He is only telling theological Leftists and “Progressives.” You jumped straight to the advanced group!

“Have we ever been wrong about all it says before? Most definitely and untold suffering has been the result.”

You are right! The pro-abortion “Christian” Left has made 3,500 crushed and dismembered children each day possible because they deliberately misunderstand the Bible.

“You are bearing false witness, puffing yourself up, sowing discord, and putting yourself in the place of God. “

That’s false, but what is amusing is that you think those Bible phrases mean what you think they mean. Where did all the “we don’t know what it means!!” humility go? You didn’t even make it through your comment without a hypocritical contradiction!

“It is precisely this kind of attitude that has led to the rise of “dones”. “

Then you should stop doing it yourself.

“The rebellion, if there is one, is not against God, it’s against the falseness and hypocrisy of those places we may call church, but have little in common with the Church.”

Yeah, like people do deny the deity of Jesus — such as Mark Sandlin!