Superstition and religion

A common dig used by New Atheists against religious people (mainly Christians, of course) is that we are superstitious and naive.  But here’s an interesting finding: As traditional religion declines, superstition rises?

“That’s roughly a four-fold increase in belief in ghosts and astrology, and a doubling of belief in tarot. Interesting, given that Richard Dawkins and other atheists think they are driving superstition away along with religious belief (they see the two as the same category, of course, which they are not).”

. . .

The US data in particular disconfirm skepticTM Michael Shermer’s claims altogether.

Many sources would point out that superstitions are often survivals of inchoate early religions, thus not likely to be welcomed by an ethical monotheist one.

But then new atheists may be more likely than other people to believe in space aliens.

But how can that be, when the “brights” have had a monopoly on education, politics and media for a century or so?

As a Christian, I scoff at superstitions.  I leave those to non-believers.