Dear atheist commenter pretending to be a pro-evolution Christian,

I have some friendly advice for you that will save you future embarrassment.

It isn’t enough to change your screen name from TheOneTrueForce (which you used to leave some rambling atheistic comments) to Scientific Christian (which you used to deceptively pose as a pro-Darwinian evolution Christian).

And it isn’t enough to type in a different email address.

You also need to post the fake comments from a different IP address.

Otherwise I can still tell it is you.

And once I point out that I know you are lying, you shouldn’t double-down and pretend that I was mistaken.

You might also do some reflection and ask yourself why, if your worldview is correct, that you feel compelled to lie to advance it.

That is all.

To the atheists who judge God

If you can’t unilaterally set all the terms and conditions with your human authority figures — parents, teachers, employers and law enforcement — what makes you think that you will be able to sit in judgment of God? Yes, I know you say He doesn’t exist. But even in your hypothetical scenarios you assume that you’ll get to judge the creator of the universe, thus making yourself the “real” God.

And consider how you can’t even force this blogger to post your comments unless you abide by his terms. Yet you think you’ll tell the creator of the universe how things will be? Indeed.

Isaiah 29:16 You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”?

It is illuminating that atheists are in such deep rebellion and denial that they often can’t or won’t even acknowledge a hypothetical situation where God will judge them. (Of course, based on Romans 1 we know they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, but for discussion purposes let’s momentarily take their claims at face value.)

The Wendy Wright schools Richard Dawkins post keeps getting picked up on Reddit and search engines so it generates a lot of atheist traffic.* One of the commenters on the post provided a typical response to our loving warnings about Hell and how to avoid it:

And then the threats. Nice. I embrace the idea of Hell, if the alternative is an eternity of slack-jawed subservience to a petulant and insecure deity. As has been said, if all of the engineers go to hell, we’ll have it HVAC-ed in no time.

As I told him, threats are entirely legitimate and loving if the consequences are real. And make no mistake, Hell is real. If he really believed his worldview he’d never sit in judgment of anything. After all, whatever we say and do is just a product of his beloved Darwinian evolution, so what is there to judge? Why be angry at what Darwinian evolution caused? But that’s a separate topic. The issue here is that he can’t even pretend that there is an ultimate authority figure holding him accountable for his thoughts and actions.

And like many atheists, he thinks that silly jokes about air conditioning in Hell will bring him comfort. Even in his hypothetical scenario he thinks he’ll have friendly companionship and his desires fulfilled, as if he would have any influence over the conditions of Hell.

Despite their rebellion, I want them to know that if they will repent and believe in Jesus then God will forgive them just like He forgave me. They should do some serious apologetics and Bible study. I know they are afraid to, because it will mean risking that they’ll find out that they are wrong about matters of life and eternity. But I assure them that the truth is far better than the lie they are living.

It is foolish to think that you get to define whether God exists and what He must be like if He did exist. You have no such control over your flawed human authority figures, so why would you be lord over the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Repent and believe while you still have time. Eternity is a mighty long time to suffer for your foolish pride.

God’s terms are unbelievably generous — but He sets them, not you. He was not obligated to offer any paths to forgiveness and adoption, but out of his grace and love He offered one: Jesus.

*Sometimes over 1,000 hits per day. I’m glad for that, and updated the post with links to the “minimal facts” approach to apologetics and the story of a highly intelligent woman and her conversion from atheism to Christianity. The good news is that those links get lots of hits, too.


The Atheist’s Dilemma — an encouraging story and a reminder of the importance of being a good ambassador, using apologetics and not using the “blind faith” arguments.

Did You Know? 90% of Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted — that’s the worldly (final) “solution” to medical problems.  It will happen with more and more people as other issues are discovered in utero.

We were out dancing the other night at an outdoor shopping area with a Latin Rock band.  There were lots of kids around, including several very happy Down Syndrome children dancing to the music.  It is so sad that the loving, tolerant, pro-abortion crowd thinks that society and the children would have been better off if they had been destroyed in the womb.

And even if it was acceptable to kill the unborn who “really” have Down Syndrome (it isn’t!!), people should be terrified at all the false positives that occur.

Good news: I don’t follow my stats that much, but I had another record day fueled by Reddit linking to the Wendy Wright Schools Richard Dawkins post.

Bad news: Lots of the comments were just tired sound bites by people who didn’t read the post (leading to my adding a couple updates to the post).

Good news: It did lead to a lot of people reading the link on the minimal facts and the Atheist’s Dilemma post linked above.  I figured that if thousands of people were coming with a hostile attitude that I’d point them to some important truths, and it worked!

More good news: I realized that when the song that just came on my playlist was over that my exercise bike workout would be complete.

Bad news: The song was Free Bird.  Live.

Killing Sugar Subsidy Would Send a Sweet Message — basic economic principles aren’t that hard to understand, but our leaders are ignorant of them or do the opposite out of self interest.  We need more Junior Achievement classes in this country.

Army Reserve training material: Evangelicals, Catholics are extremist groups — But of course!  People who support killing unwanted babies with taxpayer funding = not extremists.  People who oppose killing unwanted babies = extremists.  Check.

The Danger of “Needing” a Job — good advice on living below your means.

Tattoo regret — Think before you ink.  When my kids were younger I’d ask how they’d feel if they’d received tattoos of Barney the Dinosaur when they were toddlers.  Of course they were aghast at that.  I think the message got through: What seems great now may not later.  Deferred gratification = important life skill.

More creepiness from MSNBC — reporter coaches her 5 yr. old daughter to say how crazy it is to oppose “same-sex marriage.”

Hey, why don’t you ask the 5 yr. old if it would have been fine to kill her in the womb if Mommy hadn’t wanted her at the time? Surely the Mom has coached her daughter on the importance of being able to kill her unwanted offspring.

How sad that she has perverted the mind of this young girl. To say it “seems strange” that a man would only marry a woman is a pure lie, even from a Leftist like her. Just look around the world, people.


What to do when you betray Jesus

Judas and Peter show us there are four options:

  • Like the religious leaders, you can focus all your energies on the things you don’t like about other people. Instead of dealing with their own issues, they obsessed over getting Jesus.

  • You can try to make up for your mistakes, like Judas giving back the money he had received. The problem is, of course, that you can’t un-ring a bell, and you can’t undo your sins.

  • You can give in to despair, stew in your guilt, and let it eat you alive, as Judas did.

  • Or you can repent, as Peter did. You can bring your sin before God for mercy and put things in place that will help you change the way you live.

It is morbidly ironic that nearly all the people posting the red equal signs for the faux “equality” of “same-sex marriage” are pro-abortion.  They fight aggressively to turn society upside down for 0.1% of the country (3% of people are lesbian/gay but less than 3% of those want to get married), but they ignore the equal protection for unborn and unwanted human beings.

‘Gay Marriage’ and Religious Freedom Are Not Compatible — please read it all.

As long as there are still Christians who actually follow Christ and uphold his word, a vast amount of people around the world — never mind Islam — will never ever see gay marriage as anything other than a legal encroachment of God’s intent.

So those Christians must be silenced. The left exerted a great deal of energy to convince everyone that the gay lifestyle is an alternative form of normal. It then has exerted a great deal of energy convincing people that because the gay lifestyle is just another variation of normal, gay marriage must be normalized.

Meanwhile, those Christians are out there saying it is not normal and are refusing to accept it as normal because of silly God dared to say marriage is a union between a man and woman.

Any Christian who refuses to recognize that man wants to upend God’s order will have to be driven from the national conversation. They will be labeled bigots and ultimately criminals.

Already we have seen florists, bakers, and photographers suffer because they have refused to go along with the cultural shift toward gay marriage. There will be more.

Once the world decides that real marriage is something other than natural or Godly, those who would point it out must be silenced and, if not, punished. The state must be used to do this. Consequently, the libertarian pipe dream of getting government out of marriage can never ever be possible.

Within a year or two we will see Christian schools attacked for refusing to admit students whose parents are gay. We will see churches suffer the loss of their tax exempt status for refusing to hold gay weddings. We will see private businesses shut down because they refuse to treat as legitimate that which perverts God’s own established plan. In some places this is already happening.

Christians should, starting yesterday, work on a new front. While we should not stop the fight to preserve marriage, and we may be willing to compromise on civil unions, we must start fighting now for protections for religious objectors to gay marriage.

Richard Dawkins defends the moral goodness of infanticide and adultery — what charming and inconsistent sentiments from the “you can be good without God” leader.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and PBS Ignore Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors — This “doctor” severed the spinal cords of babies born alive, among other horrors, yet the media ignores it.  If you only watch the mainstream media you are hopelessly misinformed.

People who grew up in Nazi Germany or under Communism know the score — Keep Your Guns; Buy More Guns

Kitty Werthmann, who lived under both Nazism and Soviet communism, offers excellent advice regarding firearms (see video at link)

Registration is the first step in confiscation. After what happened in Europe last century, we won’t be able to say we didn’t know how it would play out.

Jim Carrey had a very un-funny bit about gun control.  I’d be shocked if he wasn’t pro-abortion like every other pro-gun control Liberal.

‘Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless moXXerf%XXkers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you’re offended

Yeah, because pro-aborts are all about safety for kids.

Hate speech from the CDC — CDC: risk of HIV 150 times greater for gay men than for heterosexual men.   I wonder how long it will be until they stop publishing those statistics?  Seems to me the loving thing would be to warn against such behaviors.  As Ann Coulter asks, if smokers pay higher insurance premiums then why not gays?

Are the Polyamorists Next in Line for Marriage Equality?  The LGBTQ people know not to move too fast.  They could care less about the polyamorists but realize that the “slippery slope” isn’t a fallacy in this case.  It is a cliff, not a slope.  Validating “same-sex unions” isn’t tweaking the definition of marriage, it is saying that marriage is whatever someone wants to call it.  The polyamorists and other perverts will use the same arguments that the gay lobby has.

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post last week about some polyamory activists in the Unitarian-Universalist Church.  It seems the folks fighting for so-called “marriage equality” would prefer the polyamorists keep quiet.  The last thing the same-sex marriage advocate want is for the real marriage activists to say, “I told you so.”  The article cites a group called Unitarian-Universalist for Polyamory Awareness (UUPA).  This group defines polyamory as the “practice of loving and relating intimately with more than one other person at a time.”  Among the goals of the UUPA is to have their relationships blessed by a minister.

As Stan reminds us, the Hippocratic Oath was written 500 years before Jesus came to earth yet it strongly and clearly opposed abortion.  Abortion is so clearly wrong that it took Satan 2,500 years to convince non-believers that it was, in a morbid irony, a “human right,”  and only a few years more than that to convince much of the church.  The fake part.

Also consider that at late as 1964 even Planned Parenthood was publicly anti-abortion:

Is it [birth control] an abortion?

Definitely not. An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it. Birth control merely postpones the meaning of life.

There you have it! Straight from the experts at Planned Parenthood.

This picture makes a good point, but it is actually much worse than this.  Gun training programs are truthful in sharing the real risks.  Planned Parenthood deliberately gives a false sense of security and pretends that people will follow their ridiculous recommendations.

Free speech is so 20th century.

The only good thing about the across-the-board attempts to limit the free speech of Conservatives is that it reveals the very low confidence of the opposition.  As a Christian, I would never want to limit the ability of other religions to express their views.  I am all for the free expression of views in the market place of ideas.  I have confidence that my worldview holds up quite nicely.

If you care about free speech you should be chilled at what is going on in the U.S.  and in other Western countries (which inevitably ends up here).  Here are just a few examples.

Conservative views in general: See the Obama administration’s War on Fox  and the “Fairness” doctrine.

Pro-lifer: Pro-legalized abortionists shouting down pro-life speakers on a college campus in Canada — you know, one of those bastions of free speech and “challenge authority” philosophies.  How dare you mention in public the scientific fact that life begins at conception?

Intelligent Design: Darwinists Launch Cyber Attack Against Intelligent Design Website — Ever hear of Christians attacking atheist web sites like that?  Wow, these people are so fearful of anyone challenging their worldview.  Of course, you should also consider the whole Expelled! movie.

Hate speech laws:  Coming soon to a country near you: Woman gets police visit after writing letter protesting gay pride parade

After witnessing a gay pride march, committed Christian Pauline Howe wrote to the council to complain that the event had been allowed to go ahead.

But instead of a simple acknowledgement, she received a letter warning her she might be guilty of a hate crime and that the matter had been passed to police.

But don’t worry, if you are a Liberal you can publicly label a woman as a whore and have no consequences.

Our worldview can explain their worldview, but not vice verse

Christianity can explain all worldviews: The true view of Christianity (from God) and the false views of other religions and atheism (from Satan and human rebellion).

The atheistic worldview has a humorous explanation for my Christian worldview: The universe arose from nothing without a cause.  Then these materials just happened to combine in spectacularly complex ways and generated huge amounts of complex information (see “Signature in the Cell” by Stephen Meyer, for example).  Life came from non-life and evolved to us being able to “think” we are reasoning about these things.  (Side note: Since Darwinian evolution prizes survival over truth, we have no real way to determine if what we are reasoning is accurate, but that’s a separate topic).

And this blind, mechanistic process evolved human beings to a state where I abandoned skepticism and trusted in what I see as the evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  So that would mean Christians are products of their beloved evolutionary processes and that the pride that some atheists feel for being “brights” is completely irrational.

Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

Responding to an atheist

A few thoughts on this sad post called why i am an atheist.  I think the person was a commenter here at some point (I had started a draft of this and never finished it until now).

religion was never a big part of my life.  when i was a young child, i believed in God because my mother did.  she was raised a Christian.

 i’m less sure about the beliefs of my father, who died when i was nine years old.  we rarely went to church, and we didn’t say grace at the dinner table.  my memories of church are only impressions now, and consist mainly of the remembrance of feelings of utter boredom and intense frustration.  my parents, especially my father, had always impressed upon me the need to ask questions and the danger inherent in unquestioning acceptance.  hence, my time in the few Sunday school classes i attended was not unlike a form of torture.  i recall intense feelings of rejection and isolation.  after one such encounter, (when i was probably about six years old) i went to my father and told him what i had been taught.  i told him that my questioning had been discouraged and asked him about the truth of what i’d been told, specifically about the business with the talking snake.  i told him i didn’t believe it, and asked him if that story was true.  ”of course not”, he replied.  and thus the seeds of doubt had been sown.

Ugh.  That is inevitable when churches are social clubs and people don’t take the Bible seriously.  How many people in the pews know it is their jobs to educate their children?  (Ephesians 6:4 Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.)

as i’ve said, we didn’t go to church often, and for that i am as grateful as i am for any other fact of my happy childhood.  i have immense respect for those who have been subject to religious indoctrination and have managed to free themselves of it.  things went on happily and peacefully until the sudden death of my father.  although i had profound doubts about the existence of a god, i decided then and there that any being that could visit such cruelty couldn’t possibly be good or merciful.

It is sad that he lost his father, but he also does what other non-believers do: Sit in judgment of God.  But if there was no God, then his father’s life was meaningless.

i adored my father.  i channeled my grief and anger into striving to learn.  the library was my sanctuary.  the following year, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos aired on PBS.  i was utterly fetched.  the beautiful explanations of the world around me and the universe beyond captured my imagination.  this soft-spoken man seemed to radiate…”goodness”, for lack of a better word.

Another irony: Without God, there is no grounding for “goodness.”

i came to see the scientific endeavors of mankind as the best expression of what goodness we are capable of as a species

That is illogical: Science deals with the material world, but things like goodness are immaterial.

(although all such endeavors have not been to our betterment), and i found in Cosmos an affirmation of my deep-seated questioning nature.   i also began to understand that there is really no need for “god”.  perhaps even more importantly, i saw no evidence for one.

Other than the cosmological, teleological, moral, transcendental, etc. arguments.

when i was twelve, i had a creationist answer my assertion that radiometric dating proves the earth much older than 10, 000 years with, “carbon-14 dating is the tool of Satan.  you are deceived.”  seriously.

So if an atheist gives a bad answer does that prove that there is a God?

as i got older, i came into contact with many believers, most (but by no means all) of them Christian.  like anything else, i found some good and some not.  i had many discussions with people of various faiths.  i sincerely tried to understand not only what they believed, but why they believed it.  i got many answers, but found only more questions.  i attended a Baptist church with my grandmother.  i listened to a grotesque litany of all the reasons that most people were going to hell.  afterward, i told the preacher exactly what i thought.  i don’t think he appreciated it much.  i read the Bible – cover to cover.  i’m not ashamed to admit that i found it one of the most boring exercises of my life, and i say this as a person who has also read James Joyce.  

Good dig on James Joyce (I had to read him in college.  Double ugh.).  But I do give the writer credit for reading the Bible.  That is always my aim with believers and non-believers.

but i really needed to see for myself what was in that book.  i found virtually nothing uplifting and much that was quite appalling.  

Yes, it lists countless sins of rebellious sinners attempting “deicide” each day by pretending God doesn’t exist or trying to take over his role by sitting in judgment of him.

i marveled at its many, many contradictions.  

And apparently didn’t study the readily available answers.

i learned about who wrote it, and also about the apocrypha.  i found that the arguments about what was to be included in the Bible as it is today were no less sordid or contentious as anything that occurs on Capitol Hill.  i’ve had believers knock on my door to give me the “good news”, only to have them threaten me with eternal torture for my failure to believe as they do.  

I wasn’t there, so perhaps those were poor presentations of the Gospel.  It isn’t about believing everything we do, but about believing the truth about Jesus.  In other words, it isn’t about us, it is about Jesus.

The truth is that the Bible never mentions torture (torment, yes).  But it is for your sins against God and not for failing to believe like we do.

during these years, i was also encouraged in my quest for knowledge by some truly talented and remarkable teachers.  i read On the Origin of Species and A Brief History of Time, among others works about the realities of our planet and universe.  everything that i learned and everything that i saw around me lead me to the conclusion that there probably is no god.  i found that i liked the idea very much.  i found it very liberating.  

I appreciate his honesty.  Sometimes atheists do admit that one thing they like best about their worldview is the (apparent) lack of accountability.

i found that it gave my life more meaning.

Now that is ironic.  If there is no God then life is truly and utterly meaningless.

i live in a very conservative area.  i don’t know very many atheists.  i’ve been asked by the few people with whom i discuss such things how i came to choose it and if i’m afraid of going to hell.  my answer is this:  i didn’t choose atheism any more than i chose my eye color.  i am simply not capable of believing in things for which no evidence exists.  because i have no reason to believe there is a hell, i have no fear of it.  i wouldn’t care to spend eternity with a deity who would punish perfectly reasonable doubt with eternal torture anyway.

He apparently misread the Bible.  Again, Hell is torment, not torture, and it is for countless sins against your creator and not for reasonable doubts.  That’s a double straw-man argument.

i’ve been asked to explain my morality, and my answer is this:  i am a good person for its own sake.  i try to treat others the way i wish to be treated not because i hope for some reward or fear some punishment for not doing so, but simply because it is the right thing to do.  i’m happy this way.  i’m comfortable with not having all of the answers.  i have no need to ascribe a supernatural answer to the unknown, simply because so many things that have been ascribed a supernatural cause have been explained by science.  i see no reason why that would change.

why am i an atheist?  because I can’t be anything else.

I hope God makes him spiritually alive someday.