Pro-aborts pull out stops opposing Stupak Amendment in healthcare — Wait a minute, that can’t be right!  We were told all along — including by the President himself — that the health care bill wouldn’t cover abortions, so any amendments would be unnecessary. 

Oh, right, they were all lying

Shocking: AP does more fact-checking (actually it is op-ed masquerading as reporting) of Palin’s book before it has been released than they did with Obama’s long-published books, not to mention investigating the rest of his background and associates.  

For those of you who voted for Obama, can you tell me what his college grades were?  How about SAT scores?  LSAT scores?  Or can you even give an explanation as to why he hasn’t released them?  Or why the media never pushed on these issues?

I’ll wait here.  [Crickets chirping]

A nice summary of highlights from our President’s “America Sucks!” tour.   Yep, groveling is a great way to win respect. 

Even Liberals can see what a huge mistake the 9/11 trial location is.

Enjoy this ironic pro-abortion cartoon.  He meant to lampoon the alleged inconsistency of pro-lifers, but if you pay attention you’ll see that we are consistently pro-life: Protecting all human beings from being killed against their will.

It is also amusing for him to imply that we only oppose abortion on religious grounds.  Even many atheists can see the immorality of crushing and dismembering innocent human beings. 

I wonder if he rails against the religious folks who (falsely) claim that Jesus would support the health care package in general and the pro-abortion part in particular?  Or is he hypocritical in only targeting religious people who disagree with him? 

Hat tip: Jill Stanek

“Unbelieving Believers”

unbelieving believersHey, I wrote a forward to a book!  My friend and regular commenter Richard Graves (aka DJ Black Adam) wrote Unbelieving Believers.    Please consider purchasing it here or get it free with a $25 donation to his ministry here.  You can also check out his ministry on Blog Talk Radio

Here’s the forward:

I met Richard through the world of blogging and we’ve become good friends.  We agree on a lot and disagree on some things as well, but the discussions are always as polite as they are passionate.  One thing I really admire about Richard is that he doesn’t just reflexively spout the positions of a political party.  He thinks through each issue carefully and forms his own assessment. 

When it comes to the essentials of Christianity and the important topics Richard addresses here we are very well aligned.  His book is a strong and clear reminder of the essentials of the faith. 

Many churches and Christians are running on the fumes of Christianity.  By that I mean that we may do things out of habit and aren’t relying on the real power of God.  We say we believe but our words and actions betray us, or at least shine a light on our lack of confidence.  We’ve become too worldly.

Just as Jesus warned, there are many false teachers – wolves in sheep’s clothing – whose intent is to lead us astray and destroy us.  Sometimes the attacks are more obvious than others. 

Sometimes the subtle attacks are the most dangerous.  As Richard notes, so many people go through life saying, “I believe in God / the Holy Spirit / Jesus / the Bible, BUT . . .”  They let false ideas keep them from living a more vibrant Christian life and transforming the world through the power of the Gospel.

A key to successful living is constantly replacing lies with the truth, and Richard’s book is a great place to start.   Become aware of the lies you’ve let yourself believe and replace those with the eternal truths of God’s word.

Richard isn’t afraid to speak those truths boldly – but what would you expect from an ex-Marine?  When so many who claim the name of Christ either contradict or water down God’s word I am thrilled to be on the side of brothers in Christ like Richard who aren’t ashamed of the Gospel and share it with a balance of grace and truth.

As you read Unbelieving Believers I pray that you will remember many great truths of the faith and recharge your own passion to live in light of eternity.  You don’t want to look back on this life and wish you had participated more in expanding the kingdom.  You want to look back and know you gave it all you could and that you were a “believing believer!”

Who has been like Jesus to you?

tomb.jpg I received this request from a friend who is a former blogger and thought that it would be good to open up to everyone here.  If you have a story you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments section.  She will accumulate to share with others.  These would be great to post on your own blogs as well, or to share with people you know.

What I need is true stories of people who have been like Jesus to you!

Has God used anyone in your life to show you his character – his love, his forgiveness, his chastisement? Who has given you hope? Welcomed you with open arms? Shown you kindness when you felt you did not deserve it? Who corrected you when you needed it? Supported you? Been a great example of a humble servant?

God often uses other Christians (or even non-Christians at times) to show us what he wants from us or just to bless us.

Who has inspired you to be a better person? Share your stories with me!

I will compile all the stories in a book. It would be a great present for those in your life who do not yet know Christ. Let’s give God all the credit and the glory!