When did the Left turn into war hawks?

The hypocrisy is astounding.  The party that opposes capital punishment for convicted killers who survive 10+ years of appeals cheers the killing of a U.S. citizen without a trial.

Now Hillary Clinton mocks the death of Gadhafi, laughing and saying, “We came, we saw, he died”  (See the link for the video.)

Gadhafi was a bad man, but what makes Obama & Co. so sure that the replacement government will be an improvement?  How is this better than President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment?

This is pure “might makes right” reasoning from the Left.  I realize that consistency isn’t their strong suit, but this is getting bizarre.

Peace Prize

TobyToons.com (Conservative Political Cartoons) via Peace Prize? | RedState.

More hypocrisy: Obama raised more money from rich bankers than any Republican candidate.  Not just in the 2008 election, but this year!  Shhhhh . . . don’t tell the Occupiers!

Despite frosty relations with the titans of Wall Street, President Obama has still managed to raise far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt Romney or any other Republican presidential candidate, according to new fundraising data.

. . .

As a result, Obama has brought in more money from employees of banks, hedge funds and other financial service companies than all the other GOP candidates combined, according to a Washington

Islam wants to blanket Africa with mosques. How will the church respond?

International Cooperating Ministries is a terrific organization that plants churches around the world — often in areas where Christians are persecuted.  They work “toward the mission of nurturing believers and assisting church growth worldwide. With our partners, we leverage simple church growth principles to see our vision of growth in the faith of individual believers, the number of people within each church, and the number of churches within a nation-truly actualizing Christ’s commission to “make disciples of all nations!””

Islam is very aggressive in planting their mosques around the world.  When we go to Kenya we typically see more ornate mosques each time.  Why can’t the church be more intentional about helping believers in these countries?  They don’t need fancy churches, just some solid buildings where they can meet for worship and ministry.

At the top of a hill in the center of Uganda’s Capitol City of Kampala, stands the lavish and ornate multi-million dollar “Gadhafi National Mosque.” Paid for with proceeds from Libya’s oil sales to the West, this Muslim palace is the cornerstone of Gadhafi’s religious vision for Uganda and the foundation for his ultimate goal; to build a mosque every 5 kilometers in this East African nation. Will he accomplish his objective? Maybe not. As you may have heard, he has his hands full at the moment. The Lord has a different plan for Uganda and He is using ICM to implement it. The mission God has given our team is to blanket Uganda with churches and church/orphanages.

via Gadhafi: Mosques Should Blanket Uganda | ICM’s Church Builders Africa

ICM primarily builds churches (roughly $7,000 each) and church/orphanages (roughly $25,000).  The church/orphanages are exciting projects because they not only help the local church and the orphans, but the widows who take care of the orphans as well.  Almost sounds kinda biblical . . .

Here is their basic model:

When a church is built in a poor village, it more than stands out among the surrounding mud and thatch huts … it shines!  And that’s just the beginning of the community’s transformation when a new church is opened…

• Worshippers abandon the shady tree that previously served as their Sunday sanctuary.

• Curiosity draws unbelievers to the new church and the congregation doubles.

• Weeknight small group Bible studies are started using the Mini Bible College.

• Church members share their faith with neighbors, citing God’s miraculous provision of a beautiful new church.

• Weekdays, the building is filled with eager children who now have a school.

• The village leader holds community council meetings in the place where Christians worship every Sunday.

• Visiting doctors and nurses use the church as a temporary medical clinic during their humanitarian missions.

Soon, the pastor is raising up young leaders and they each start new churches in neighboring villages where they meet under a tree – and the whole process starts over again.

When a church is built in a poor village, it more than changes lives, it transforms a community … and reaches a nation!

The transformation begins . . . with your help!

They use a “web” approach, so that each church that receives a building needs to help 5 other churches start in their vicinity.

They offer a “mini-Bible college” to help the churches have sound doctrine.

One of the things I like about them is that their administrative costs are paid for by a foundation, so 100% of what you give goes straight to the projects.

They build churches around the world, including many countries where persecution is rampant.

Check out their web site and see what you think.  You might want to donate or get a group to raise funds for a church.  Perhaps you’ve been seriously blessed and could pay for a whole church yourself!  Think about that for a while.  It is a great way to encourage other believers, help widows and orphans, and spread the Gospel!  Who knows, you might get to go visit them someday in this life, but if you are a believer you can be sure you’ll catch up with them in Heaven someday.

As Jesus said, where your treasure is there your heart will be also.  When you donate to projects around the world your heart will go there as well.

From the “You’ll wish this was an April Fool’s day joke” file

More bizarre scenarios driven by the administration’s Random Foreign Policy Generator (RFPG): Voting Present on Steroids: The Obama Administration Prepares to take Both Sides in the Libyan Civil War | RedState.

In other words, we’ve apparently (finally) learned enough about this group of rebels/al Qaedaterrorists/rapists-and-indiscriminant-killers/who-knows-what-else that we’ve been fighting alongside (primarily from 15,000 feet and up, of course) that the Obama administration is now ready to fight them, as well – an action which would, amazingly and dumbfoundingly, make the U.S. a participant in both sides of an Arab civil war being fought in the desert of North Africa.  Just amazing.

The realization of who it is they rushed into war to support must be hitting Samantha Power, President Obama, and their band of merry humanitarian interventionists pretty hard.  This is worse than waking up and finding the person you brought home last night required beer goggles about eighteen bottles thick to seem attractive. Rather, it’s akin to bringing home the already-not-so-hot girl who was hanging out alone in a dark corner of the bar, only to find out shortly after leaving with her that she’s actually a hairy-backed man man named Steve (or, in this case, something more like Abdul Hakim al Hasadi).

. . .

We bombed Qaddafi’s forces because they were killing civilians. So Qaddafi’s forces began dressing like civilians. So the rebels began killing civilians. So NATO is warning the rebels not to kill civilians, otherwise NATO will bomb the rebels. But the rebels are dressed like civilians.So NATO may end up killing civilians.

In other news, the administration continues to debate arming the rebels who are dressed like civilians. But Qaddafi’s forces are also dressed like civilians. So we may be arming Qaddafi’s forces who are killing civilians while we also bomb the rebels who are killing civilians and bombing civilians who really are civilians but look like Qaddafi’s forces who are killing civilians.

Who’s on first?

. . .

Meanwhile, as the Obama administration is warning those on whose side we’ve been fighting in this Libyan civil war that we may start bombing them, too, just for good measure – and as his administration is warning Congress it will ignore any bills they pass to restrict U.S. involvement in Libya, and as the Secretary of Defenseclaims we’re about to withdraw our fighters from combat and “hope” our allies will pick up the slack – calls are increasing for a full ground invasion of this North African desert country.

You only wish it was a 4/1 joke or an Onion piece.

Handy Iraq vs. Libya chart

Courtesy of Casting Pearls Before Swine. Read each line carefully.

If that doesn’t tell you enough, consider this video of Joe Biden, where he says that Presidents who do such things without Congressional approval should be impeached.  Hey, I agree with Joe for once!

Quick thoughts on Libya

The administration’s Random Foreign Policy Generator is getting a workout lately when it comes to Libya.

[Spins dial.  Lands on “Do nothing”] Yea!  That was easy.

[Problem doesn’t go away. Spins again: “Furrow brow and talk tough”] OK, that doesn’t sound so bad.  Where’s my teleprompter?

[Problem still doesn’t go away.  People complaining. Spins again: “Launch bombs”] Well, that’s the opposite approach of what I’ve aggressively preached about for the last decade, but whatever.  As long as I can get back to golfing, being entertained and watching the NCAA tournament.

[Repeat . . .]

1. From the Bumbling Genius, Relax, It’s OK, Obama Is A Democrat

If anyone is having difficulty reconciling the war-is-not-the-answer’s dream president with Obama’s war and his American bombs falling in Libya; don’t feel alone. The only thing I can come up with as to how this could be is that he is trustworthy to do such things because he is a Democrat because he is an intrinsically good person. So, being a Democrat, we can trust his bombs will never kill Libyan children with flying shrapnel; or make Muslims want to blow American infidels up indiscriminately. But even if such horrors do happen don’t worry, the media will make sure you don’t hear about it; and that’s the same as it not happening.

2. With Libya, the Left’s Anti-War Hypocrisy is Complete – the title says it all.

3. Fish Wrap’s Ross Douthat Finally Figures Out The Liberal Spin On Libya

Bush was just plain silly in not going to the Congress, getting a resolution, not going to the United Nations, getting resolution 1441 (after 16 other UN resolutions), not laying out the rationale for military action in Iraq in speeches over long months, including the State of the Union, and not putting a coalition of over 40 nations together, not to mention not giving Saddam numerous chances to work with the weapons inspectors.

4. And from samples of the false teacher department, we’ve got this from the Sojourners’ Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis: Nothing.

And we have this beautiful piece of self-parody by Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, Why I Can Support The Strikes Against Libya As A Christian: “The United Nations, not a U.S.-led coalition under cover of a UN mandate . . .”  Oh, well since it is led by the UN and not just under their mandate then that changes everything.  And you know Currie would have had the exact same views had it been President Bush in office.

Note to Liberals: Consistency — You’re doin’ it wrong.