Care Net Walk for Life – April 16

Savings lives today . . . and for eternity

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston’s 7th Annual Walk for Life is a two-mile family-friendly walk in Matzke Park, adjacent to registration at the Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Click here to register or sponsor a walker – such as me!  The website makes it really easy to do either.  If you want to walk, all you have to do is fill out the form and then people can sponsor you directly from a link.  You don’t have to collect any money.  You can click buttons to post it on Facebook, Twitter and add it to your calendar.

It is a great way to get a little exercise, have some fun with a terrific group of people and help a ministry that provides many free resources to women and families in need:

  • Pregnancy Testing 
  • Peer Counseling: Women & Men
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Adoption Referrals
  • Post Abortion Counseling
  • Abstinence Education
  • Classes related to:
    • Pregnancy & Baby Care
    • Life Skills
    • Biblical Principles

These free services open the door to establish relationships and to share the gospel as we work with the Lord to meet spiritual & physical needs. As a result, we have seen many abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable women decide to carry their child to term after receiving counseling and seeing an ultrasound image of their baby.

Date and Time

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Registration 8:15 – 8:45am
Walk 9:00 – 10:30am


Metropolitan Baptist Church
13001 Jones Road
Houston, TX 77070


Walk for Life

Care Net Grand Opening!

Please stop by the grand opening of the Care Net Pregnancy Center of NW Houston on Monday, July 19 between 6-8 P.M.  It is located at 14530 Wunderlich Dr., Houston, TX  77069.  Phone – 281-444-8554.

You can come and go as you like.  There will be testimonies, tours and refreshments.

The staff did a great job in moving from the previous rental space into this purchased building.  I got a tour the other night when teaching the Biblical basis for the sanctity of life and other pro-life reasoning to new volunteers (another great group!).  The facility looks fantastic and will really be enjoyed by the clients.

Care Net does amazing things each day to help save lives now and for eternity.  If you care about helping women in need, saving the lives of the unborn or sharing the Gospel then please come learn more about this ministry and how it works.  We offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, adoption information, life skills classes, clothes, formula, diapers, post-abortion trauma counseling, and more — all for free.

I’ve been a volunteer, board member, etc. for many years and am glad to be re-joining the board next month.  I never get tired of seeing the life-changing impacts of this ministry.

Even if you never donate, volunteer or even pray for Care Net (though we’d appreciate any or all of those!), please know where your local crisis pregnancy center is so you can refer people there.  If that is all you do you’ll still be making a huge difference.

Come check out the new site and see what Care Net is all about!

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CareNet Pregnancy Center Banquet — Thurs. October 8


Saving lives today and for eternity

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston will hold their annual Fall Fundraiser, Dinner and Silent Auction on Thursday, October 8 at Tin Hall in Cypress, TX (14800 Huffmeister Rd, Cypress, TX 77429).  The Silent Auction starts at 6:00 and dinner starts at 7:30.

Please consider yourself to be invited.  Free barbeque from Valley Ranch!  Just RSVP to 281-477-8200 if you’d like to attend.  Tell ‘em I sent you.

Our speaker is Dr. John Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus of Houston’s First Baptist Church and a phenomenal presenter.

I’m the President of the Board this year and will be making some introductory comments.  I also teach classes to new volunteers on the biblical basis for the sanctity of life and pro-life reasoning.  I used to teach classes on Fatherhood  and counseled the guys who would come in with their wives / girlfriends.

This ministry does amazing things for women and families in need, all at no charge to the clients and with no government funding: Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, food, clothes, diapers, cribs, car seats, post-abortion trauma counseling, life skills training and more.  We also share the Gospel with anyone interested in hearing it.  God saves lives here physically and spiritually every week. 

You can donate to CareNet or learn more about us here.  We also have many volunteer opportunities available, so contact us if you’d like to learn more.  Please consider being a part of this ministry!

Psalm 139:13-14 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Even Dear Abby has limits. Sort of.

But she can’t explain them.  At all.

I remember a column a few years back when Abby did some quick math and informed a girl that if she kept acquiring sexual partners at her current rate, then by the time she was 25 she will have had sex with 100 different men.  Abby thought that was too many, but was a little sheepish in saying so.  And I know why.

Now I think that most rational people would agree that 100 sex partners is too many for a lifetime, let alone a 25 year old. 

Unfortunately, while Abby knew that 100 was too high she didn’t elaborate on what the proper limit was.  Abby certainly wasn’t limiting it to 1 partner — only one of those crazy right wing domestic terrorist Bible thumping abstinence promoting Christian freaks would suggest that. 

But what is the proper limit?  Probably not 2, or 3.  Is it 90? 80? 50?

Hey Abby and other Planned Parenthood types who don’t think the ideal is just one: What is the limit, and why is that the limit?  If not 1, then why not 100? 

Here are a few reasons you should not use:

  • Diseases — everyone knows they go up dramatically as you add partners, but they increase a bunch when you go from 1 to 2 as well.  If 100 partners is bad because of the risk of disease, then so is 2.  And the risk doesn’t increase that much when you go from 99 to 100.
  • Emotional attachment — again, if 100 would impact your ability to attach emotionally then so will 2.
  • Pregnancy — having sex 1 time with 100 different people is no more likely to result in pregnancy than 100 times with 1 person.  And we know that if you just do what Planned Parenthood says then you are very, very unlikely to get pregnant, right?!

In short, you need to explain why there would be a specific limit other than 1.

Theological Liberals should also explain why breaking God’s laws for human sexuality is acceptable before marriage, and why if your partner breaks them before the marriage you can still trust that he/she will follow them afterwards. 

I’m sticking with a target of 1 per person per life — other than death of a spouse or a biblical divorce (e.g., abandonment or adultery by your spouse).  I’ve got a bunch of reasons for why that is the ideal — no risk of diseases, built-in male and female parents if you have kids (go figure, and what a convenience!), less stress, more confidence in your relationship, it is the loving thing to do for your spouse, obeying what God says, and so much more.


Another bad bit of reasoning by Dear Abby: She doesn’t recommend Crisis Pregnancy Centers because they “might” show pictures of abortions (I am not aware of centers which show pictures of abortions, but it may be possible.  CareNet pregnancy centers do not maintain any such images nor do they show them to clients).  And CPCs do a wide variety of amazing things to help women in their time of need. 

So Abby basically says that showing the picture of an abortion is so bad that because someone might do it you should ignore the great things they offer women, but the abortion itself is morally acceptable.  Everybody got that?


When you deny the obvious ideal of one man, one woman marriages for life and you ignore the scientific fact that life begins at conception, then you end up trying to support all sorts of bizarre and illogical ideas.  It must be exhausting propping up such a worldview.

Of course many people break these commands of God.  Jesus even noted that lust was akin to adultery, which pretty much convicts us all many times over.  The good news is that forgiveness is possible.  But in the mean time, what ideal are we aiming at?  The consequences are serious.  Countless ills of society can be traced to sexual sin and the breakdown of the family.  And people like Dear Abby are not helping.


Does Mormonism teach that Adam was God (or a God)? Yes, and here is some of the evidence.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

What really caused Michael Jackson to die? (Ray Comfort) — Good video at Christocentric

North Korea executes (more) Christians 

Human rights groups in South Korea say North Korea has stepped up executions of Christians, some of them in public.

The communist country, the world’s most closed society, views religion as a major threat….

…[J]ust owning a Bible in North Korea may be a cause for torture and disappearance.

From Stand to Resaon:

A new scanning technique  allows life-size models to be made of unborn babies allowing the mothers to see their child in a realistic way.

Very cool.  These make a huge difference to abortion vulnerable women.  I’m on the board of a CareNet Pregnancy Center and just this week was reminded of the importance of ultrasounds as well.

One of the volunteers described a woman who just visited the center with her newborn son.  She originally had an abortion scheduled but came to CareNet the day before that and got an ultrasound.  The technician couldn’t find the baby at first but gave it one last try and showed him to the mother.  Her reply was a common one: “I realized I couldn’t kill my baby.”

Ultrasounds save lives.

A challenge for ID bashers

Read Stephen C. Meyer’s new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (HarperOne). He lays out a massive evidentiary case. As a philosopher of science, he also explains what science is. If you really want to tell me there’s no positive scientific evidence that biological information coded in DNA reflects purposeful design, then go ahead and read Meyer’s book and report back to me your reasoned response.

Feel free to leave your comments there, not here.

Someone had to say it: OK, Enough! Cronkite Was NOT That Great .  Side note: I thought he was already dead, so it would have been more newsworthy to me if they had announced the previous day that he was still alive.

Pro-lifers don’t care about kids after they are born?

baby1.jpgOne of the most common sound bites / jokes that pro-choicers make about pro-lifers is that we are infatuated with the fetus but don’t care about kids after they are born.   The message is that if we don’t adopt all unwanted children then we have no right to complain about abortion.  It is an important sound bite to be able to address, because it is very common and even pro-lifers I know are not only intimidated by it but they have used it themselves as a reason not to be more vocal about abortion.

The “Pro-lifers don’t care about kids after they are born” line is one of my favorite arguments to rebut.  I teach people how to do it in pro-life training sessions in a two step approach.  The tone of the conversation is important.  These arguments are powerful and quite effective if they are laid out in a calm, reasoned approach.  You probably won’t convert the rabid pro-choicers, but most of the middle-grounders will get the point. 

First, show that pointing out a moral wrong does not obligate you to take responsibility for the situation. 

If your neighbor is beating his wife, you call the police.  The police don’t say, “Hey, buddy, unless you are willing to marry her yourself then we aren’t going to stop him from beating her.”  You can use child or animal abuse as examples as well.  Most people get the point pretty quickly. 

You can also use the “trot out the toddler” approach promoted by Stand to Reason and ask if it would be acceptable to object to murdering a toddler even if you aren’t willing to adopt her.  Of course, the pro-choicer will always recognize the moral good to protest toddler-killing.  Then you can point out that killing innocent human beings is immoral and that the unborn are human beings.  So pointing out this moral wrong does not obligate us to do anything further.

Second, explain that while we aren’t morally obligated to help after the babies are born to be able to speak out against abortion, Christians do many things with their time and money anyway – orphanages, Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), food pantries, etc. 

When I’m teaching CPC volunteers I remind them of all that they and the center do: Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, food, clothes, diapers, life skill training, parenting training, post-abortion counseling and more – all for free!  And, of course, we share the Gospel with the clients if they are interested (Saving lives now and for eternity!).

The workers are mostly volunteers and the leaders make below-market wages because they believe in the cause.  Most centers receive no government funding, so all the money comes from donations.  There are far more Crisis Pregnancy Centers than there are abortion clinics. 

When I tell people about CPCs the typical reaction is, “I had no idea.”  Most people aren’t aware of all the good being done there.  In theory, CPCs are something pro-choicers could support as well.  After all, if women choose to keep their child this is a great way to help them.  But Planned Parenthood et al consider them public enemy #1 because we take away some of their business.

You can also ask pro-choicers what Planned Parenthood and the like do for hurting women once the babies are born.  It is a really, really short list.  Do they provide free post-abortion counseling? (Of course not, because who would need that, right?)  Do they give diapers, formula, etc.?  Hey, they don’t even give free abortions (though they would love for your tax dollars to fund some).  

Having said all that, I do think the church can and should be doing even more in the area of adoptions and support for ophans.  Not because having pro-life views requires that, but because it is the right thing to do regardless of whether abortion is legal or illegal.  Sponsoring a child from World Vision or a similar organization is a great way to start: For only $28 per month you can feed, clothe, educate and correspond with a needy child.

In summary, pointing out the moral evil of abortion does not obligate one to adopt all the babies.  But pro-lifers do help anyway.  A lot.  And they do it with their own time and money, not their neighbors’. 

Big hat tip: Stand to Reason pro-life training materials