A major inconsistency

I find it puzzling that pro-legalized abortionists are so quick to help people destroy their own children — and they even want taxpayer funding to make that happen — but they also expect people to pay taxes to support the children of others.

But if you not only ignore the obligation to provide support to your own child when you are the only one in a position to do so, how can you possibly expect / require people to help those who aren’t their children?

By the way, I’m all for helping widows, orphans and those who can’t help themselves.  I just prefer to do it with my own wallet instead of forcing the government to take it from you.  I have seen how many lives they have destroyed with the policies that inevitably result in generational poverty and broken families.

Play False Teacher Bingo with false teacher Chuck Currie!

Fisking the posts of  false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie and similar Democratic shills gets repetitive, so I thought I’d make a handy list of bingo-type items to make it more fun.  You better pay attention, though, because there will usually be a winner before you get past the first paragraph.

The politics-disguised-as-religion of false teacher Chuck and others is pretty predictable.  Here’s a sample from his latest post – Jon Huntsman’s Crazy Tweet.

1. Faux attempt at agreeability: Check

There is a lot you can disagree with GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman on.  After all, debate is what campaigns are all about.

Of course, Huntsman is from the Obama team and is as much of a true conservative as Chuck is a true Christian.  And Chuck usually prattles about civility before making vicious and unfounded attacks.

2. Straw man about Christians being anti-science: Check

But I appreciated his “crazy” tweet this week for two reasons:  he embraced science (while the rest of the GOP field seems to be afraid of science and the role it plays in society) and he demonstrated that there are issues on which Republicans and Democrats can and should find common ground.


Of course, he shouldn’t blindly trust scientists on global warming or anything else.  If Chuck knew about original sin he’d realize that everyone is capable of putting their interests over the truth.  Sort of how Chuck is a serial, unrepentant liar himself.

And of course, everyone believes in some form of evolution.  It is part of the Leftist game to act like we don’t realize that micro-evolution exists.  That is a real tip-off to whether your opponent is being disingenuous like Chuck and Huntsman.

And do Chuck and Huntsman trust the scientists worried about how global warming will tip of space aliens?  Now that seems crazy to me.  I keep thinking that must be fromThe Onion, but apparently not.

3. Pretend that Republicans only care about themselves and not the country, while slamming those who question Obama’s patriotism: Check.

 You’ll remember that the GOP’s Senate leader was asked after the 2010 election what his party’s #1 priority was:  beating President Obama in 2012, he replied.  He didn’t say fixing the economy or creating jobs.

Did Chuck miss where Obama’s economic counsel noted that he needed to do something about jobs so he could get re-elected but not because they should actually do something about jobs?

4. Ridiculous hyperbole:  Check.

The only goal the Republicans have is defeating President Obama and in the debate over the debt ceiling they proved they were willing to drive the country over a cliff to do so – no matter what happened to the American people.

Pointing out that spending 60+% over what you take in is bad for the health of the nation is not “driving the country over a cliff.”  Spending 60% more than what you take in is driving the country over a cliff — and saying it is all Jesus’ idea is just blasphemy on the part of the religious Left.

5. Repeat the “Tea Party downgrade” sound bite like a good little fake reverend political shill: Check

And thus we received the Tea Party downgrade of our credit rating as a nation.  All because of politics.

Oh, yes, because people like Chuck are never just about politics!  And the S&P documents were clear in saying that a $4 trillion reduction would have saving the rating.  And who had the $4 trillion reduction in the plan?  The Tea Party.  But Chuck is just reading from his script.

6. Pretend that the Republicans should pick the candidate that the Democrats and the mainstream media (a redundancy, I know) like best: Check.

Huntsman is running a campaign that seems to be based on the idea that the country is more important than any one election or political party.

This is like E.J. Dionne’s article this morning fawning over Mitt Romney and bashing Rick Perry.  Uh, isn’t Dionne a serious Liberal?  If he likes a Republican candidate that much shouldn’t I be a bit wary?  Same thing with Chuck pushing Huntsman.

But hey, letting the Left pick McCain in 2008 sure turned out well, didn’t it?

7. Work in the “hate”/ “homophobe” theme: Check

The Tea Party GOP might hate him for it and he might drop out before a single vote is cast but it will be to their lasting regret.

OK, that wasn’t Chuck’s typical abuse of the “hate” card, but most of his posts have it.  He typically plays the Liberal game of quoting some group that has classified another group as a “hate organization.”  How do they define hate?  Merely stating that homosexual behavior is a sin or that Islam is a false religion (so technically they think all authentic Christians — and Jesus, of course — are haters).  But Chuck & Co. never offer real evidence, they just quote the 3rd party as being authoritative.

And of course, those like Chuck are the real homophobes, as they are so scared of the LGBTQ lobby that they’ll deny their (alleged) God, holy book and common sense to please them.

8.Work in terms like extremist, radical right, etc. – preferably multiple times: Check

Huntsman is a conservative, no question about it, but he is a principled American first and a candidate like that could win a general election (maybe not against President Obama, who is also a principled man) but the GOP today doesn’t seem as interested in principle as they do extremism.

Chuck was lazy today, but he usually works in the “extremist” theme several times.

Seems to me that the extremists would be those who think that:

  • it is OK to crush and dismember innocent but unwanted human beings
  • marriage should be redefined to include men marrying men and women marrying women.
  • you should tell the government to take from neighbor A by force to “give” to neighbor B and call it charity on your part.
  • you can call yourself a  Christian reverend but teach that Jesus is not the only way to salvation, you can’t trust the Bible, and that Christians have as much to learn from Islam and other religions as they do from us.
  • it is good parenting to take 6 yr. old girls to gay pride parades.

9. Play the race card: Whoa — he forgot one of his favorites!  Maybe he’ll update the post later.  If you’ve seen Chuck at his blog or when he posts elsewhere, he has a little routine where as quickly as possible he makes some sort of KKK or other racist reference.  My favorite example of his race-baiting was when he didn’t realize that the pastor he was criticizing was black and and he accused him of being a racist.  Oops!

Here’s your list.  What am I missing?

1. Faux attempt at agreeability

2. Straw man about Christians being anti-science

3. Pretend that Republicans only care about themselves and not the country, while slamming those who question Obama’s patriotism

4. Ridiculous hyperbole

5. Repeat the “Tea Party downgrade” sound bite

6. Pretend that the Republicans should pick the candidate that the Democrats and the mainstream media (a redundancy, I know) like best

7. Work in the “hate” /”homophobe” theme

8. Work in terms like extremist, radical right, etc. – preferably multiple times

9. Work the race card

Who’s to blame?


Who did President Bush blame for 9/11, the dot-com meltdown, etc.?  No one.

Who has President Obama blamed for the country’s problems?

  1. Bush
  2. Tea Partiers
  3. Bush
  4. ATMs
  5. Decades of politicians (probably Republicans, of course — see below)
  6. Bad luck
  7. Bush

The above list has zero exaggerations.

He pretends to be taking accountability below, but read it carefully and see how it is just another dodge.

I recommend electing an adult in 2012.  See Obama To CNN: “The Buck Stops With Me” : Stop The ACLU:

“The mess has been bigger than a lot of people anticipated at the time,” Obama said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer from Peosta, Iowa. “We have made steady progress on these fronts but we’re not making progress fast enough. What I continue to believe is that ultimately the buck stops with me. I’m going to be accountable.”

Notice he did not say “I’m accountable.” What Mr. Obama was actually saying was that he’s not actually accountable for any of the issues that at the least, made no better, at worst, made a right big mess, but, that voters will hold him accountable. He trotted out the old Harry Truman line, and spun it around. Really

Throughout the interview, whether asked about the economy or next year’s campaign, the president struck a realist tone — conceding the scale of problems facing the country while insisting his administration is working diligently to fix them.

Obama said that even though Americans understand that the economy’s problems are “decades in the making,” voters are “impatient” to see more progress on the economy.

So, he just blamed everyone else for the financial decisions over the past few decades. He tended to also Blame Republicans and Bush throughout the rest of the interview, as well.

Obama has been criticized during his three-day Midwestern bus tour this week for not including new proposals to address the country’s unemployment problem. But in the CNN interview, he defended his administration’s work to coax Congress to act on infrastructure investments, free trade deals with South Korea and Panama, and payroll tax breaks for workers.

“The truth is everything we’ve done has been related to jobs, starting back with the Recovery Act,” Obama said.

True. They are related to jobs, mostly destroying them. What little progress was made created short term jobs (which is what “infrastructure investments” would do) at absurd costs to create.

How liars play the “hate group” card

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie shows you how in GOP 2012 Field Looks To Tea Party For Inspiration.  It is a simple two-step process:

1. Find a group that labels as a “hate group” any organization that teaches the truth of the Bible, namely that homosexual behavior is a sin.

2. Refer to that organization as a “hate group” as if they were akin to the KKK.

It is just that easy!   And just that dishonest!

Also, it helps to be a hypocrite like Chuck who criticizes Rick Perry for — eek! — hosting a prayer conference as an alleged “separation” issue.  See Hypocrisy: Houston Prayers Violate Church & State but Jim Wallis at the White House Does Not? and ask why Chuck didn’t have a problem with this:

In contrast, the Religious Left has applauded Sojourners chief Jim Wallis’ “Circle of Protection,” a Christians-only coalition that met with President Obama to defend welfare programs from Republican budget cutters. Supposedly the prayer summit, according to liberal critics like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, was “exclusive” and theocratic. But the White House summit, despite its specific political and partisan goal, was widely lauded.

Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis is as fake as Chuck, taking big $$ from atheist George Soros.  The National Council of (apostate) Churches also takes secular Leftist funds.  Somehow Chuck & Co. never point that out.

The faux-reverend Chuck is also a good little political hack, spouting all the talking points of the Left –”Tea Party downgrade” (because the problem definitely isn’t spending 70% more than we take in!), “extremist,” “increasing taxes” (aka coveting the wealth of others), “Religious right” (double eek!), etc.  He ghoulishly blamed Sarah Palin for allegedly violent speech before the Arizona bodies were cold yet has been not-so-strangely silent on the “Tea Partiers are terrorists” comments from Biden et al.  What a hypocrite.

I’m glad to see the new group CASE (Christians for A Sustainable Economy), which will help real Christians protect the poor from the likes of Currie, Obama, etc. who prefer to keep them enslaved.

You can blame theTEA Party for the credit rating downgrade as long as . . .

. . . you are ignorant of the facts or merely a tool of the real culprits.

First, Only the Tea Party Had a $4 Trillion Plan that would have prevented the downgrade.

Second, consider this reasoning by Right Klik: Debt Ceiling Up, Credit Rating Down, Tea Party Blamed.

Help me understand this sequence of events:

  1. Obama raised the debt ceiling.
  2. The Tea Party opposed Obama’s debt ceiling deal (68%/22%).
  3. Tea Party opponents loved it (57%/35%).
  4. S&P downgraded U.S. credit rating because Obama’s debt ceiling deal “falls short.”
  5. Tea Party opponents blame Tea Party for credit rating downgrade.
Times like this are excellent tests to see who forms fact-based views and who repeats party talking points.

Since California solved all their other problems, they had time for this

See California passes bill mandating pro-gay teaching in schools, no parent opt-out | LifeSiteNews.com. What a freak state.  The Democrats have run that state into the ground, and now this.  Just another reason to vote Republican.

A bill requiring public schools to teach the “historical contributions” of homosexual Americans was approved by the California legislature on Tuesday, July 5. The bill also prohibits any school material or instruction that reflects adversely on homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenderism, and prohibits parents from removing children from classes over offensive material.

Bill SB 48 was sponsored by openly homosexual state senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and passed in the Democrat-controlled Assembly by 49-25, with all Democrats voting for the bill and Republicans opposing it. The legislation passed the state Senate in April.

If signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, schools would have to introduce the homosexual curriculum after the bill becomes law in January.

“This bill will require California schools to present a more accurate and nuanced view of American history in our social science curriculum by recognizing the accomplishments of groups that are not often recognized,” said Assembly Speaker John Perez, the first openly homosexual speaker of the California Assembly.

Republican critics of the bill observed, however, that the measure has less to do with education than with homosexual indoctrination of school children.

More good pro-life news

More states defund Planned Parenthood!  See Breaking: New Hampshire to become fifth state to defund Planned Parenthood this year.

This is great news.  Hopefully it will be followed at the Federal level at some point.

Man, are they stupid. Here’s more proof.

Can you believe that anyone takes Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann seriously?

Oops, I meant Obama and Biden.

The problem isn’t Obama, it is media bias.  Did you see those clips played endlessly on the news or on SNL?  This video should be required viewing to be able to vote.  It exposes the viciousness and bias of the Leftist mainstream media.  Don’t be suckers.  Broaden your media horizons and get informed.  Vote based on real experience, what kind of judges candidates would select, etc.  Don’t let the media put up strawmen about who is smart and who isn’t.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Michele Bachmann continues to impress

While the Left is content to just call her names (“right-wing loon” seems to be a favorite, and they seem to think of it as a robust rebuttal of her positions), Michele Bachmann is making strides.  See Michele Bachmann Sets A Very High Bar at Right Online (emphasis added).

The whole speech felt like it was only a few minutes. It was funny, fascinating, informative, and powerful. She set the bar very, very high for other candidates.

Her tax lawyer background showed in her speech, as did her faith. She used a dollar bill, folding it to show how Barack Obama’s policies have devalued it 14% and how the federal government borrows 42% of every dollar spent. She had the audience join her so they too can show others.

She hit Obama on something few Republicans ever do — unemployment in the Hispanic and black communities, noting how his policies have hurt the very groups he pledged to help. She focused as well on youth unemployment. Black youth in this country face 40% unemployment this summer and Hispanic youth face over 20%. Astonishing.

Bachmann brought the crowd to its feet multiple times. She pledged that she would not fight until Obamacare is repealed. She tackled medicare reform too. She pointed out that while the Democrats are scaring old people about Republican reforms, the Democrats took $500 billion from Medicare to fund healthcare for the young. She says the GOP needs to start pointing out that Barack Obama intends to bankrupt medicare and force senior citizens into Obamacare.

The speech really was dazzling and not because of the zingers and one liners. It was an extremely substantive speech about how Obama’s policies are hurting the country.

Speaking of real loons, check out this lady.  She plays the ridiculous canard that Bible-believing Christians are opposed to gays loving each other.  Hey, go right ahead, lady.  Just don’t throw glitter on people who don’t support your right to a square circle (oops, I mean “same-sex marriage”).

Pro-lifers should be thrilled that Bachmann is running for President

In theory, real feminists should be thrilled that Michele Bachmann is running for President.   She has been successful in business and in politics and by all accounts is a terrific mother and extremely generous person. But the pro-choicers and the faux-lifers will hate her for this.  How dare she mention the Declaration of Independence?!   How dare she mention negative rights (i.e., the right to be protected from being destroyed just because you are unwanted)?!

Via Pro-Life Rep. Michele Bachmann Joins GOP Presidential Field | LifeNews.com:

During the debate, Bachmann defended her pro-life views and talked about the foster children she’s adopted.

“I am 100 percent pro-life. I’ve given birth to five babies, and I’ve taken 23 foster children into my home. I believe in the dignity of life from conception until natural death. I believe in the sanctity of human life,” Bachmann said.

“And I think the most eloquent words ever written were those in our Declaration of Independence that said it’s a creator who endowed us with inalienable rights given to us from God, not from government. And the beauty of that is that government cannot take those rights away. Only God can give, and only God can take,” she continued. “And the first of those rights is life. And I stand for that right. I stand for the right to life. The very few cases that deal with those exceptions are the very tiniest of fraction of cases, and yet they get all the attention. Where all of the firepower is and where the real battle is, is on the general — genuine issue of taking an innocent human life. I stand for life from conception until natural death.”

I love it when candidates speak clearly, especially on such an important topic.  She didn’t try to water things down.

And while the “pro-lifers don’t care about kids after they are born” canard is easy to refute, her track record of caring for so many foster children serves as a “prebuttal” to the pro-legalized abortionists.

I’m glad she is running, and I would love to see her win or at least get the VP nod.

Hat tip: Jill Stanek

Michele Bachman wins debate. Waiting for the Left to try and destroy her in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

Yeah, I’m re-using the 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 theme but it just seems to fit so well.  I like to use it when something is so utterly predictable.

See UK Telegraph pronounces Michele Bachmann the winner of the debate « Wintery Knight.  I’m hoping that when the Left tries to ridicule and destroy Bachman the way they did Sarah Palin that it backfires on them.  The 18-to-1 negative coverage worked to influence people to think Palin was stupid — even though the latest email analysis proved she was anything but, but hopefully the independent folks will catch on to what was really at work, namely the leftist theme that pro-life women are traitors and must be demolished.


Tonight, she relentlessly pushed her experience as a tax lawyer, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, a decision-maker not afraid to buck her own party on TARP and a leader of the charge against Obamacare – not to mention being a mother of five and foster mother of 23.

There is often a herd mentality at debates. But I’ve never seen such unanimity as there was this time. In the spin room afterwards, almost everyone flocked initially to Team Bachmann to hear what they had to say.  Their game plan has been simple: 1. Grab the headlines by announcing she was running for president. It was gimmicky but effective. All the wires led with this “news” – I use inverted commas because we all knew she was running and she still hasn’t set a date for the actual announcement. 2. Push details of her broad experience and policy know-how.

Here’s the debate transcript:

She had a great response on Libya, pointing out things the state-run media should have been all over the last couple months.

To learn more about Bachmann, check out these profile pieces:

You can also see videos of Michele Bachmann interviews from a previous post.

These are both worth reading to understand her background, policies and voting record.

Bachman would make a great President or VP, but the faux-feminists will try to annihilate her first.

Why do liberals agree with Ayn Rand?

No, not her economic views and insight into the problems of economic liberalism, but her pro-abortion views.  False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer-funded abortions but hypocritically mentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” in many of his posts, tries to put down the GOP for agreeing with Rand’s identification of our economic problems — see The GOP’s Love Affair With Ayn Rand.  But who really has the love affair with her godless worldview?

The irony of him agreeing with Rand on abortion is lost on a pro-abort like Chuck.  Legalized destruction of unwanted human beings is the opposite of social justice and about the love Jesus taught about, but it is the #1 goal of fake Christians like Currie and the un-believing liberals who agree with him.

This is a sample video by the deceptively named American Values Network.  They pretend to care about the Bible, but their real god is big government.  And even if they did care about the real Jesus, why aren’t the liberal ACLU-types criticizing them?  Oh, because the only oppose authentic Christianity and/or religious views they disagree with.

Friendly reminders: 1. Conservatives give more money and even blood than notoriously stingy Liberals.  2. Liberals fail at basic economics

A really bad weekend for Palin-haters

Update: Instead of finding evidence for her alleged stupidity, a writing analysis confirmed that she is anything but: Turns out she writes like most CEOs —  and at a higher level than a language expert who admits he wishes she would have come across as illiterate.  It was a huge backfire for the haters, but will they admit their years of mistakes?

Just a couple days ago Huffington Post followers and many other Palin-haters were practically in pants-wetting mode over the release of 24,000 pages of her emails. Oh, if only they had shown such passion for investigating the domestic terrorist connections and other issues with the Community Organizer they elected President!

So how many links does the HuffPo main page have on the emails as of this writing (June 12)? Precisely zero. Why is that? Probably because of this: Palin emails show engaged leader who sought VP nod.

There are no bombshells, no “gotcha” moments.

The emails of Sarah Palin — more than 24,000 pages of them released Friday by the state of Alaska from her first two years as governor — paint a picture of an image-conscious, driven leader, closely involved with the day-to-day duties of running the state and riding herd on the signature issues of her administration.

She angled for the vice presidential nomination months before John McCain picked her — and hinted at presidential aspirations.

Eek! A politician angling for a greater role? That’s never happened before.

The messages give a behind-the-scenes look at a politician who burst onto the national stage after serving as Wasilla mayor and less than two years as Alaska governor. They show a woman striving to balance work and home, fiercely protective of her family and highly sensitive to media coverage. She expressed a sometimes mothering side with aides but also was quick to demand answers or accountability.

Here’s a shocker: A politician who didn’t want to use state resources for political purposes. Yet people like Janeane Garafalo think that “rationale” people should support Anthony Weiner despite what he has done.

Palin’s scheduler sent her a note June 21, 2007, saying Gov. Mitt Romney — who was running for president — wanted to schedule a call to “catch up on things.” The aide said Mike Tibbles, her former chief of staff, said she probably wouldn’t be interested, and wondered how she should proceed.

“What is his number? Since it may be partisan, I should do this without state assistance. Thanks!” Palin replied.

. . .

Her supporters encouraged everyone to read the messages. “The emails detail a Governor hard at work,” said Tim Crawford, the treasurer of her political action committee, Sarah PAC, in a prepared statement.

Oh, and there were a bunch of death threats from her loving and tolerant critics.

Palin was the most popular governor in the country, she fought corruption in her own party, she took on oil company executives, she speaks plainly and isn’t an elitist, and more. Oh, and she was pro-life, having the audacity to bring a Down Syndrome child into the world. So the Palin-haters decided that she must be destroyed. The mainstream media was literally 18-to-1 negative on her. Unless you consume a balance of conservative and liberal media it is highly unlikely that you would think favorably of her.

Hillbuzz on Herman Cain

In Another reason to like Herman Cain I noted how I appreciated his simply stated, biblically accurate views on homosexual behavior when CBS tried one of their tiresome “gotcha” questions:

In an interview on CBS News:

“I believe homosexuality is a sin because I’m a Bible-believing Christian, I believe it’s a sin. But I know that some people make that choice. That’s their choice.”

Of course, the mainstream media and the far Left will hate him for that.  But note that Cain (and every Christian I know) aren’t trying to get in the middle of the lives of gays.  We take a live-and-let-live approach, only getting involved when the lobby tries to redefine marriage or teach 5 yr. olds how “normal” transgenderism is and how you don’t really know if you are a boy or a girl.

But that’s why Hillbuzz is my favorite blog run by gay guys (OK, it is the only one I follow, but still . . .).  They are well aware of how dangerous the Left is and, despite being gay, they don’t follow the party line.  See  Media Manipulation (And Eeyore Breeding) Alert: Herman Cain on Homosexuality | Hillbuzz.  I encourage you to read the whole link, but especially the bolded parts below.  While the media and false teachers* will tell you what haters Christians are, there are many reasonable people who have learned who the truly vicious haters are.

I don’t believe Herman Cain is bigoted against gay people (certainly not in the same way that the LSM is bigoted against Christians.) As Kevin DuJan has said many times, as a Gay man, he has faced far more abuse and discrimination from Leftists (who want him to die a painful death) than he ever has from Christians (who, at worst, have threatened to pray for him). [Emphasis added]

Now, why would Lamestream Dinosaur Democrat Media Outlet CBS News want to put a soggy black raincloud of doom over the head of Herman Cain? Why would CBS want Republican and libertarian voters to dismiss this self-made man, who won the first GOP primary in South Carolina, has a track record of turning around failing businesses (and who, P.S., is black)? Why would the LSM want to use social issues to drive a wedge between libertarians and religious conservatives?

If you’ve been following along at home, the answer is “Because the LSM and Democrats (redundancy alert) believe Herman Cain can beat Obama.”

Herman Cain’s religious beliefs are shared by millions of Americans on the “religious Right.” (They aren’t shared by me, as it happens, but more on that in a moment.) I believe this news story was designed to drive a wedge between this segment of the Anti-Obama Coalition and libertarian-leaning GOP voters like myself.

And before Kevin DuJan taught us all about Eeyorism, I would have fallen for it.

If Herman Cain’s religious beliefs bother you, I’d like you to take a deep breath, and give the issue more thought than the LSM wants you to. I expect my take on this will be extremely controversial. But I’m going to go out on a limb and treat Hillbuzz readers like thoughtful, intelligent adults, unlike the LSM. (I realize this is a risky thing to attempt on the Internet. But I think the Buzzverse can handle it.)

. . .

Tell me again what Herman Cain’s personal religious beliefs have to do with unemployment, the plummeting value of the dollar, the unending corruption in Washington, the flight of capital out of the country, $4 gas, the ban on offshore drilling, or selective enforcement of Federal election law by Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

The answer is, as a libertarian, Herman Cain’s personal religious beliefs are immaterial, and of no concern to me, because the First Amendment and Federal law prevent him from inflicting them on me. [Emphasis in original]

Our Founding Fathers were geniuses. They created a public system that would allow for a diversity of private opinions. The Constitution and Bill of Rights protect non-religious people like me from the tyranny of a religious majority. The First Amendment prevents any candidate from inflicting his or her personal beliefs on me.

Remember, the LSM is totally and completely in the tank for Obama. You must evaluate all anti-GOP political coverage in that context.

Recognize this CBS news story for what it is…yet another transparent attempt by the LSM to divide the Anti-Obama Coalition and pick our candidate for us!  [Emphasis in original]

How many more times are conservatives and libertarians going to fall for this?

I’m so glad they see through what the MSM is doing here.

I don’t hate gays.  I’ve known a bunch and still do.  We get along great.  I have their long-term best interests at heart.  I seek to share the Gospel with them, if they are interested.  That’s love, not hate.

*False teachers include people like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.

Uh oh, a double dog dare!

I got this challenge on Facebook from a life-long friend.  He has a great sense of humor and thick skin, but sadly suffers from a debilitating case of Liberalism. Out of kindness, I gave him two chances to withdraw the dare, but he persisted (they are a stubborn lot!).

Neil, I dare you to post this on your blog. No, I double dog dare you. Zombies Walk The Halls Of Congress : NPR.

The article highlighted Democrats and Republicans who stayed in Congress after scandals.  I wonder why NPR didn’t go after examples like this more aggressively?  I mean, sweet Maxine is still there.  They could shine a bigger light on this one:

Other survivors? There’s Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). During the fiscal meltdown, she arranged a meeting with the Treasury Department for a bank her husband owned stock in.

The article forgot to note that Republicans are more likely to resign and more likely to be pressured to resign from their party.  Then again, you can only be a hypocrite if you have standards to begin with.  Witness Chris Matthews’ claim that the real problem with Weiner is that “backwards” religious people disagree with his behavior — meaning that “progressive” people think there was nothing really wrong with a Congressman exposing himself to bribes and ridicule  in sending R- and X-rated pictures of himself to strangers and then lying to friends and enemies alike in a pathetic cover-up attempt.  His real crime was getting caught.  Hey, at least Matthews clearly reveals his “morality.”

Also note that the NPR article “forgot” to mention Bill Clinton staying in office after abusing his authority with an intern, exposing himself to the possibility of blackmail, trying to destroy her life (and he would have succeeded if not for the infamous dress) and lying under oath.  Yet while Nixon became synonymous with deception and scandal, Clinton’s punishment is making $100,000 per speech and having a wife who is Secretary of State.

Back to the dare: My friend’s premise was that I’d never post something from NPR that showed that they were balanced.  But the grand irony is if they were truly unbiased then he could send me their links all day, every day.  But as it is he found a token piece that was balanced and was so shocked and thrilled that he launched into his double dog dare without realizing that he was proving my point, not his.  

Whether NPR is biased or not (and of course they are wildly biased, or my extreme Liberal friend wouldn’t be such a loyal fan), they shouldn’t get government funding.

There you go, my friend.  Hope you’re happy!

Off the charts Palin Derangement Syndrome

See Explosive e-mail revelation: Palin, staff were excited when McCain named her to the ticket « Hot Air.  The Left is going predictably nuts over the release of Sarah Palin’s emails.

A few questions: Why didn’t they expend this energy researching the Community Organizer they elected President — especially his known ties to domestic terrorists?  Maybe we wouldn’t such a moral and economic failure leading the country.

Would they marshal their resources in the same way to pour through the emails of Liberal politicians — say, hypothetically, Anthony Weiner?  Are they mad at Weiner because he got caught, or because he’s a super-creep who has no marketable skills outside of being a Congressman? (Meditate on that: This guy governs you but isn’t fit for any other employment.)

Do they realize how much power they give Palin by doing this?  (Oops!  I’ve said too much!)