Get a(n) (eternal) life

universe.jpgDo I believe in extraterrestrial life?  No, but I’m not dogmatic about it.  The Bible doesn’t explicitly say there is no life on other planets so I wouldn’t want to speak where it is silent.  But there is also no indication that I should be concerned about it.

But it is interesting that so many people who deny God’s existence spend so much time with the topic.  Multiply the very low odds that extraterrestrial life exists times the very low odds of us being able to discover it if it did exist times the odds that the life would be able to communicate with us and would not be hostile to us and could help us in some way and you get insanely low odds of making the search for extraterrestrial life a meaningful part of your worldview.

The #1 problem with humanity is sin, and a solution has already been provided.  Repent and trust and Jesus and your problem is solved for eternity.  Every other path will yield failure.

I think this classic “Get a life!” SNL skit hints at the escapism that seems to be part of the ET crowd.  William Shatner shows up just before the 3 minute mark.  The rant starts at the 4 minute mark.


How hard work and business ownership makes people conservative – that should be a “duh” title, but in our country today you actually have to explain it. 

Glenn on Christian Scientists – the religion, not the scientists

‘Eggsploitation’ documentary reveals infertility industry secrets – it is really creepy what they are doing to women, and with very little oversight. 

Obama spent 23 million taxpayer dollars to promote abortion in Kenya – your tax dollars at work.  I was sorry to hear that the Constitutional changes passed in Kenya, but was glad there was no violence afterwards. 

Failing Dems try to “F” the Tea Party movement

The Democrats failed efforts to disparage the movement have included:

  • Attempts to paint the Tea Party Movement as racist.

Ten Reasons Christianity is Far Superior to Any Other Religion – Good for Pastor Timothy, who got to present this on the radio!

In DC News, Truth Is a Firing Offense — “an ABC affiliate in DC hassuspended reporter Doug McKelway for telling the truth” that Obama had received the most donations from BP employees. 

Courtesy of Pastor Timothy, check out this preview.  Watch it and consider the facts about abortion, prison and more.  Do you seriously think Democrats have helped the black community?! 

The following is put together by some blacks who get the tyranny of liberalism/socialism and the Democratic party. They see that all those freebies from the government do not bring freedom to the people, but slavery and bondage. Watch the trailer, it’s worth it.

Classic video.  Just wish it included the attempted save where he pretends to have been playing a character from an episode that has some sort of evil Captain Kirk double.  (I’m not a Trek fan.  Not at all.  But Shatner was great on SNL.)


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