Ultrasounds save lives


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Last week a woman came to Care Net Pregnancy Center.  She was planning to have an abortion but came to the center for some reason.  The counselor encouraged her to come back to have an ultrasound before she had the abortion.  She did.  She saw her unborn child, then changed her mind and chose life.

This happens a lot.

(That happened with a 30 yr. old ultrasound machine.  We just approved the purchase of a new 3-D machine which will be even more effective.  We have $10,000 left to pay, so if you want to be part of something big and make a donation towards it just click here!)

Care Net Pregnancy Center: Savings lives today and for eternity.

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Care Net Pregnancy Center dinner – you are invited!

Care Net Pregnancy Center helps save lives now and for eternity.  Come get some free BBQ,hear a great speaker and learn more about this effective ministry.


Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston invites you to attend our annual TEXAS-SIZED FALL FUNDRAISER & SILENT AUCTION on Thursday, October 7 from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at Tin Hall in Cypress, TX


The evening’s Keynote Speaker is Life International’s Kurt Dillinger.

Buffet Barbeque Dinner will be served from 6-7:30 p.m.

The Silent Auction closes at 7:15 p.m., Winning Bidders may pick up their items promptly at 9 p.m. at the end of the evening.

There is NO CHARGE to attend.

Please RSVP via e-mail (home@carenetnw.com) or call us at 281.444.8554

Care Net Grand Opening!

Please stop by the grand opening of the Care Net Pregnancy Center of NW Houston on Monday, July 19 between 6-8 P.M.  It is located at 14530 Wunderlich Dr., Houston, TX  77069.  Phone – 281-444-8554.

You can come and go as you like.  There will be testimonies, tours and refreshments.

The staff did a great job in moving from the previous rental space into this purchased building.  I got a tour the other night when teaching the Biblical basis for the sanctity of life and other pro-life reasoning to new volunteers (another great group!).  The facility looks fantastic and will really be enjoyed by the clients.

Care Net does amazing things each day to help save lives now and for eternity.  If you care about helping women in need, saving the lives of the unborn or sharing the Gospel then please come learn more about this ministry and how it works.  We offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, adoption information, life skills classes, clothes, formula, diapers, post-abortion trauma counseling, and more — all for free.

I’ve been a volunteer, board member, etc. for many years and am glad to be re-joining the board next month.  I never get tired of seeing the life-changing impacts of this ministry.

Even if you never donate, volunteer or even pray for Care Net (though we’d appreciate any or all of those!), please know where your local crisis pregnancy center is so you can refer people there.  If that is all you do you’ll still be making a huge difference.

Come check out the new site and see what Care Net is all about!

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Roundup of stuff the Old Media probably won’t tell you

Cash for Grades?

That controversial “cash for grades” fund raiser at a North Carolina middle school didn’t last too long.

After the scheme to award extra points on tests for $20 appeared in the Raleigh News & Observer, Wayne County district officials today killed the Rosewood Middle School fund raiser.

As easy as it is to mock this school district (what were they thinking?!), my daughters’ schools used to do the same thing, albeit with a middleman of sorts. They would get bonus points for bringing in various things such as supplies for the school. It wasn’t a direct cash payment, but my wallet couldn’t tell the difference.

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director given cold should at her church — how ironic that her pro-choice “church” doesn’t approve of her choice to quit PP and expose the truth about abortions.  Maybe those folks should participate in an abortion and watch it on the ultrasound. 

Chinese researchers find that abortion results in 17% increased risk of breast cancer — anyone seen any counterpoints to this?  I know the breast cancer link debate is controversial, with each side thinking it has trump-card studies. 

PZ Myers has such poor critical thinking skills when it comes to God and morality.  He rants at length as to why there is no such thing as true morality, but like most people positing that he can’t go a paragraph without a moral claim.  He definitely thinks intolerance is wrong.  I tend to agree, if one properly understands the classic definition of the word, but my claim would be consistent with my worldview while his is self-mockery.

Notice his outrage over Christians labeling homosexual behavior as a sin. Well, if there is no real morality saying it is sinful then there is also no real morality saying that it is wrong to call it a sin. He has 0.00 reasons to criticize the morality of Christians.  It is so ironic that they can’t see their hypocrisy.  What a delusional self-parody.  Methinks he doth protest too much.

Former Gay Youth Leader Re-Emerges to Tell His Dramatic Conversion Story — another one of those (allegedly) non-existent people.


Does Mormonism teach that Adam was God (or a God)? Yes, and here is some of the evidence.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

What really caused Michael Jackson to die? (Ray Comfort) — Good video at Christocentric

North Korea executes (more) Christians 

Human rights groups in South Korea say North Korea has stepped up executions of Christians, some of them in public.

The communist country, the world’s most closed society, views religion as a major threat….

…[J]ust owning a Bible in North Korea may be a cause for torture and disappearance.

From Stand to Resaon:

A new scanning technique  allows life-size models to be made of unborn babies allowing the mothers to see their child in a realistic way.

Very cool.  These make a huge difference to abortion vulnerable women.  I’m on the board of a CareNet Pregnancy Center and just this week was reminded of the importance of ultrasounds as well.

One of the volunteers described a woman who just visited the center with her newborn son.  She originally had an abortion scheduled but came to CareNet the day before that and got an ultrasound.  The technician couldn’t find the baby at first but gave it one last try and showed him to the mother.  Her reply was a common one: “I realized I couldn’t kill my baby.”

Ultrasounds save lives.

A challenge for ID bashers

Read Stephen C. Meyer’s new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (HarperOne). He lays out a massive evidentiary case. As a philosopher of science, he also explains what science is. If you really want to tell me there’s no positive scientific evidence that biological information coded in DNA reflects purposeful design, then go ahead and read Meyer’s book and report back to me your reasoned response.

Feel free to leave your comments there, not here.

Someone had to say it: OK, Enough! Cronkite Was NOT That Great .  Side note: I thought he was already dead, so it would have been more newsworthy to me if they had announced the previous day that he was still alive.

From one collection of cells to another

carenet-walk-05-55.jpgOne of the more desperate ways that pro-legalized abortionists try to  dismiss the humanity of the unborn is by saying that she is “just a collection of cells.”  At another blog an obviously well educated person kept making that claim to defend his pro-legalized abortion views and to posit that abortion is morally acceptable while capital punishment is not.  I pointed out to him that the hypothetical convicted murderer was a collection of cells as well. 

He went on to say:

Science does not say that the collection of cells called a foetus is a human, it might say it is living, but human no!

That is about as anti-science as you can get.  Science “might” say the unborn are living?!  Uh, if they aren’t living, why are those hearts beating?  Why are they growing?  Why is the abortion sought?

And science would most definitely conclude that the object in question is a human fetus, just as she will become a human baby, human toddler, etc. provided that she is permitted to live.

The post itself was the typical game of accusing pro-lifers of not caring about people after they are born.  As usual, that ignores that one may protest immoral acts without burdening himself with the responsibility to care for the victims for life (i.e., Do you have to be willing to marry a woman and adopt her kids before calling the police on an abusive husband / father?).  Also, it ignores that pro-lifers do plenty for women both before and after the children are born — and they do it with their own time and money.