Non-home school kids and parents cheat, so national math competition bans home schoolers — Everyone got that?

Why do women flock to movies like Switch and Eat, Pray, Love? — interesting analysis by the Wintry Knight.

Why Is Ground Zero Mosque Connection to Sharia Law Push Being Ignored? — In the rush to be “tolerant,” the extreme Left (which includes the MSM) is missing some rather obvious evidence.  Then again, journalism died in 2008.

Top 10 gay marriage false ‘facts’ – excellent summary by Frank Turek.  This should be a must read, especially for Christians and “Christians” who support oxymoronic same-sex marriage.

Et tu, Elizabeth? The View’s Hasselbeck Joins Pro-Gay-’Marriage’ Sellouts — She’s entitled to her views, but she should quit pretending to be the token conservative – especially being a waffler on the pro-life issue.

Dan on religions and the Mosque situation – great read —

How can it be that so many who are ardent enemies of religion are siding with those who want to build a Mosque near Ground Zero? Considering also that those who are the most outspoken defenders of this Mosque are also ardent defenders of abortion and homosexuality, and that the future inhabitants of that Mosque, should they ever gain an upper hand, would have every homosexual stoned and whose anti-choice stance for women go well beyond the womb, makes it all the more strange. Further, why would Muslims, who look forward to the implementation of Sharia Law, a law that reduces women to chattel, kills homosexuals, and outlaws abortion, ever find itself so allied, both concerning this Mosque and elsewhere, with a political party built upon these three pillows? And in reverse, why would that same political party ally itself conversely?

. . .

By helping Islam better establish itself in America liberalism hopes to achieve two goals. One, it hopes to show Islam it means it no harm, that it hates Christianity just as much, and so earn Islam’s alliance and favor. Two, place Islam in a lower box next to the other religions and subject to the rich liberal elite and in so doing further marginalize Christianity as just one of many religions.

This applies to my family.  Many a time we’ve debated breaking in on Sunday in and firing up the fryers. 



2 thoughts on “Roundup

  1. Interesting read on Math Counts. I see their point, but it seems like there would be a better way to police it than just to ban homeschoolers. I wonder if the situation they used even really occurred. Any excuse………

    On Chick-Fil-A, we only have one in Michigan! :( WHenever I get a chance to get one while traveling I do though. Unparalleled chicken sandwich, not to mention waffle fries! (Hope my MD doesn’t read this!)

    And on gay marriage, I love #6. I have known people that have done this. Been straight, then gay, then straight again! People can make the choice to switch, and do!

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